Arkansas Geography and Famous Natives

Arkansas geography

The topography of Arkansas varies rather substantially from northwest to southeast.

The Ozark Plateau extends through parts of Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma, and on into Arkansas. This area of ​​low mountains, hills and deep valleys is heavily forested and is marked by many small rivers and streams.

South of the Ozarks, the Arkansas River and its namesake valley cut a dramatic path through the state. This valley gives way to the Ouachita Mountains where Log Mountain, the state’s highest point is located.

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Hot Springs are found in the eastern ridges and valleys of the Ouachita Mountains, including the aptly named and world famous Hot Springs area. In the far north, Mammoth Spring, Arkansas’ largest spring and National Natural Landmark, flows nine million gallons of water hourly, which forms a picturesque 10-acre lake.

On the edges of the Ozarks and Ouachitas, lowland and prairie forests give way to the almost flat landscape of the Mississippi Delta region, which covers the eastern and far-south regions of the state.

The most important river in Arkansas is the Mississippi; it rises in northwestern Minnesota, then flows south into the Gulf of Mexico, just below the city of New Orleans. It is a significant transportation artery, and when combined with its major tributaries (the Missouri and Ohio rivers ) it becomes the third largest river system in the world at (2,339 miles) (3,765 km) in length.

Other famous rivers include the Arkansas, the Black. Ouachita, Red, St. Francis and White. Significant lakes include Beaver, Bull Shoals, Millwood and Ouachita.

Arkansas Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Actress Joey Lauren Adams
  • Actress Julie Adams
  • Christopher “Chris” Allen singer, songwriter
  • Luther Allison musician
  • GM (Broncho Billy) Anderson actor
  • Artist Katherine Tharp Altweiter


  • Civil rights activist Daisy Bates
  • Wesley Cook “Wes” Bentley actor
  • Lisa Blunt actress, producer
  • Frank Bonner actor
  • Gretha Boston Singer
  • Actress Beth Brickell
  • Directed by James Bridges
  • Elton Britt yodeler, singer
  • Lou Brock baseball player
  • Written by Helen Gurley Brown, magazine editor
  • Jim Ed Brown singer
  • Paul “Bear” Bryant football coach
  • Bob Burns comedian


  • Glen Campbell singer, songwriter
  • Johnny Cash singer
  • Cleaver Eldridge activist, author
  • William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton President of the United States
  • Actress Gail Davis
  • Jay Hannah “Dizzy” Dean baseball player
  • Dillard’s Department Stores by founder William T. Dillard
  • Jimmy Driftwood musician, songwriter
  • Folk singer Emma Dusenberry


  • Melvin Endsley songwriter
  • Model Danielle Evans
  • Barbara Fairchild singer, songwriter
  • Orval Faubus politician
  • John Gould Fletcher author
  • Norris Goff actor
  • Songwriter Randy Goodrum
  • Fred Graham news journalist, author
  • Al Green singer
  • John Grisham author


  • Donald Harington author
  • Actress Tess Harper
  • Ronnie Hawkins musician, singer
  • Seine Brooks Politician
  • Helm Levon musician, singer
  • Barbara Hendricks opera singer
  • Written by Joan Hess
  • Al Hibbler singer
  • Songwriter Wayland Holyfield
  • Arthur Hunnicutt actor
  • B. Hunt Entrepreneur
  • Tory Hunter baseball player


  • John H. Johnson publisher
  • Douglas K. Jones author
  • Architect Fay Jones
  • Parnelly Jones auto racer
  • Louis Jordan musician
  • George Kell baseball player
  • Alana Ladd actor
  • Chester Lock actor
  • Lawrence Luckinbill actor


  • Mark Martin racer
  • Douglas MacArthur Five Star Common Armies
  • John L. McClellan politician
  • Skeets McDonald singer, songwriter
  • Darren McFadden football player
  • Wilber Mills politician
  • Basketball player Sidney Moncrief
  • Patsy Montana singer
  • Wallace “Wally” Wade Moon baseball player
  • Justin Moore singer, songwriter
  • Ben Murphy actor


  • George Newburn actor
  • Joe Nichols singer
  • Stephanie “Stevie” Nicks singer, songwriter
  • Walter Norris pianist
  • T. Oslin singer, songwriter
  • Freeman Harrison Ownes cinematographer, inventor


  • Scotty Pippen basketball player
  • Art Porter, Musician
  • Art Porter, Musician Sr.
  • Charles Portis author
  • Dick Powell actor, director, producer
  • Florence Beatrice Price symphonic composer
  • David Hampton Pryor politician


  • Collin Ray singer
  • Charlie Rich musician, songwriter
  • Brooks Robinson baseball player
  • Joseph T. Robinson politician
  • Pharoah Sanders musician
  • Actress Mary Steenbergen
  • Steve Stevens television host, musician
  • Edward Durell Stone architect
  • Barry Switzer football coach, author


  • Basketball player Riza “Goose” Tatuma
  • Harry Thomason director, producer
  • Billy Bob Thornton actor
  • Thomas “Tommy” Tuberville American football coach
  • Texas Tyler Singer
  • John H. Tyson entrepreneur


  • Sam Walton entrepreneur, wal-mart founder
  • William Warfield singer
  • Doyle Wilburn singer
  • Teddy Wilburn singer
  • Gene Williams Television Host
  • Kevin Williams footballer
  • Founder of Kemmons Wilson Holiday Inns
  • Vann Woodward historian, author

Arkansas Geography

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