Astor Perfectstay Gel Shine Nail Polish "Cheeky Chic"

In my dm darlings box in June was also included one of the new Astor PerfectStay Gel Shine nail polish. In the meantime, I have already collected three Astor paints through the action at dm , where you got a nail polish for free when buying a Lipcolor Butter. The pretty 302 “Cheeky Chic” I had even just before the arrival of the dm Lieblinge box in the shop closer and still thought that the color but also would be very good.

Color: Bright, bright strawberry red with shiny finish, without glitter or shimmer
Product promise: Perfect nails, up to 10 days color, gel Shine effect, easy application
Content / Price: 12ml for 4,85 €
Order and opacity: I really could not cope with the brush and the consistency and in the end I had to remove some flaws. The opacity I found mediocre, I have sometimes even painted three layers, because with two thin layers the nail white was still somewhat visible. The finish is high gloss, which I like very much. I wear a topcoat in the photos. I did not use a base coat and I was afraid that I would regret this intense color. Fortunately, there was no discoloration on the nails.
Shelf life: If a shelf life of up to 10 days is promoted, I also expect an exceptionally good shelf life. Unfortunately, I had the first day the first small splinterings on one or two nails.Also some tipwear came in the next days, but fortunately not quite so badly, so I carried the nail varnish a total of 6 days on the nails. Okay, here was also admitted some laziness in the game and it was then also really high time. Since with me nail polish but generally rather long and I have used a topcoat, I would have hoped but a little more of the durability.
My Conclusion
I like the beautiful color and high gloss finish of the Astor Perfect Gel Shine nail polish “Cheeky Chic”. Unfortunately, I found the opacity rather mediocre and the durability-especially against the background, that with a durability of up to 10 days is advertised – rather disappointing. I had the first smaller splinters the next day. Therefore, I take two suns off and give the nail polish two out of four possible suns and thus a “go so”. The color is very nice, but you will find similar paints, which are qualitatively comparable or better.