Better Light, Lower Costs: Axro Warehouse Lights Now With Maxos LED

AXRO has used consistently and extensively on LED: the Hamburg-based company, which operates a classic shipping and warehouse with two adjacent office space within the framework of its logistics concept, was able to significantly increase not only the quality of the light, but also its energy consumption dramatically reduce.
The previous lighting in the Hall was about 20 years old and consisted primarily of skylights with 58 w fluorescent lamps. The lights were suspended beneath the concrete beams, according to hetongdiy.
With a ceiling height of nearly nine meters and a shelf height of up to seven metres resulted in positioning of product ranges in the top rows of high shelves again damage the light bands and early failures of lamps. Malfunctions due to the lamp change were the result. The refurbishment of the lighting system this should be excluded in the future.
Primary objective was to improve the lighting level and to achieve a maximum reduction of energy costs. This leads to substantial savings and a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The extensive renovation of the lighting system as a climate protection measure has been rewarded through funding of the Hanseatic City. The concept, the lighting design, as well as the complete LED lighting solution come from Philips.
The large-area lighting or the shelf-related lighting are energy intensive from House. Here is therefore particularly attention to energy efficiency and, if necessary, optimized. Maxos LED is a highly efficient solution, with significantly reduced energy consumption not only, but also ergonomic lighting quality at workplaces can be increased with a luminous efficiency of up to 117 lumens per watt. Not least because the decision in favour of this innovative system was also at the AXRO.
The light carrier and easy-to-install combines modern LEDs with high-efficiency optics. Versions with narrow beam optics were used for the Regal corridors, in contrast, wide-angle optics were elected for the picking area and the roads in the camp. The installation of the lighting solution in the storage shed directly on the ceiling between the concrete beams was to protect against damage.
The modern lighting control systems OccuSwitch DALI and Dynalite sets new standards in terms of sustainability. The lighting can be adjusted anywhere präsenz – and daylight-dependent. Since the cost and environmental impact of lighting in the operating result, which offers further possibilities to save energy here.
The two Commons offices were equipped with LED-PowerBalance. This highly efficient Einlegeleuchten for system ceilings are a simple but sustainable lighting solution for general lighting and because their screen capability ideal for Office lighting. In the area of ramps robust moisture-proof luminaires Pacific LED provide reliable light, while the LED outdoor lighting luma ensure uniform, glare-free and low-maintenance illumination in the courtyard.
Impressive eco balance
The refurbishment of the Hall lighting AXRO could significantly improve its ecological footprint. The high energy efficiency of the Maxos LED allows energy savings of up to 67 percent when compared to the old fluorescent lamps. The power is reduced from originally about 27,000 on only about 8,900 Watts. The lighting control system allows additional power savings of up to 37 percent. It results from the optimized power-on times and ideal adaptation of the lighting level as a function of the natural daylight. The necessary adjustment of the lighting system, automatic system performance.
Employees also benefit from the new lighting system. The significantly better quality of light with a colour rendering index CRI > 80 and the higher illumination of up to 500 lux, despite the greater height of the luminaires, ensures very good seeing conditions. This creates not least an extra safety.
The maximum total saving of new lights – LED lighting solution including the lighting control – amounted to nearly 1,030 euros a month. The CO2 emission has been reduced compared to the old lighting system by almost 80 percent to a minimum. Steffen Genz, project manager at AXRO GmbH, is pleased: “in our warehouse we hold more than 6,000 products from the range of consumables. Since efficiency is needed all around even when the lighting. Convinced we have opted for LEDs and Maxos LED gives an extremely energy-efficient, flexible lighting solution.”
The AXRO GmbH was founded in 1990 as a specialist distributor in the still young market for Office communication. Since then the medium-sized company offers successful professional industry solutions around brand equipment, consumables such as ink and toner, and OEM replacement parts. Some 6,000 original article can be delivered immediately from stock.Worldwide export to 50 countries accounts for about 45 percent of sales.