BQ Aquaris X 5 Plus, Analysis: a Middle Range More Than Balanced

Spanish manufacturer BQ carries, for a time, a pretty good career in terms of midrange terminals, especially since they began to abandon processors MediaTek thrown back a number of prospective buyers. The most recent company terminal is the BQ Aquaris X 5 Plus, a terminal with a nearly perfect balance.
One of the points most valued people from BQ terminals is its software, Android pure with the exception of a couple of applications of the Spanish firm that it will not worsen the experience. As we will demonstrate in this analysis, we will see many more virtues than defects, and it has cost me to get you hit this Aquaris X 5 Plus.

A medium-range in almost all of its specifications

In this case we find a compact Terminal in terms of screen size, perfect for those who don’t want a phablet. In the vast majority of aspects to see that, at the level of specifications, It is able to compete face to face with the competition, and all this at a reasonable price.
Starting price€279,90

BQ Aquaris X 5 Plus, specifications
Physical dimensions 145 x 70 x 7.7 mm145 gr.
Screen 5 inch
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, 441 ppp
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 652OCTA-core 1.8 GHz
Graphics processor Adreno 510
RAM 2/3 GB
Memory 16/32 GB + microSD up to 256 GB
Version Android 6.0.1 Lollipop
Connectivity LTE, NFC, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g / / ac (dual band – 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz), WiFi Direct GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO4.1 BluetoothFM radioDual-SIM
Cameras Rear: 16 MP with Aperture f/2.0, autofocus with detection of phase, flash LED dual-tone, HDR, and 4K video, shooting in RAWFront: 8 MP, f/2.0 aperture, 1. 080p
Battery 3200 mAh, Li-Ion battery
Access to Google Play Yes, series

This smartphone not lacks virtually from nothing, at the price of €279,90 you have a mobile phone with one more than decent hardware, features that they are standardizing as a fingerprint reader, a battery and a few cameras that, on paper, paint quite well for the price of the terminal.
If we start to mess with the heart of this Aquaris X 5 Plus, we find ourselves with the Snapdragon 652, an octa – core that it moves to a maximum of 1.8 GHz frequency and having big architecture. LITTLE. This processor is joined by you 2 GB RAM at this point it may seem fair, but there is a version with 3 GB of RAM for the most demanding.
In terms of storage, we have a Basic version of 16 GB (for some it will be short) and another 32 GB for a future, I hope, very close. However, all forms have a slot for up to 256 GB microSD cards to expand the storage.
Turning now to the screen, we have a content size of 5 inch with FullHD resolution. In BQ boast of the qualities of this screen, then 620 nits will reach its maximum brightness. The technology is IPS with Quantum Color + to make it more colorful and is protected by a Dinorex Crystal instead of the typical Gorilla Glass.
In terms of connectivity we won’t miss anything, as we have NFC, FM Radio, LTE, Dual-SIM, fingerprint reader on your back, GPS GLONASS and GALILEO support for a future that is expected to be very close. Ultimately, practically has everything, has no complaints in this regard.
The BQ Aquaris X 5 Plus is a very complete terminal of mid-range, can perhaps be blamed that its most basic version goes something fair of RAM and storage, but it is not alarming and is compensated by other characteristics
We are in the photo section with a 16 MP rear camera (Sony IMX298 sensor) with Aperture f/2.0, flash dual-tone, auto-focus detection phase and 4K video recording. In addition, this camera You can shoot photos in RAW format. Before we have a Chamber of 8 MP (IMX218) with Aperture f/2.0 and video to 1. 080p.
On battery, at least on paper, it will not loose with their 3200 mAh, which, taking into account its contained size screen, can give more than decent results. Later we’ll explain how has finally been this generous battery performance.
I think that the only drawbacks we can you get at the hardware level, and getting very picky, it is your RAM and storage at the most basic version, and not even something that should concern us. Everything else, at least on paper, is the height of competition seeing the starting price that has.

Analysis of the BQ Aquaris X 5 Plus video

A practical design and very comfortable

We are not going to deceive, Aquaris X 5 Plus does not fit into this relatively-segment of the range average premium due to its back of plastic. Now thanks to plastic on the back have a convenient terminal on weight refers, and nothing is an ugly mobile.
The edges surrounding the screen are not exactly compact, but in the case of the bottom edge is very forgivable because there the capacitive buttons are housed. The sides are in the Middle, and maybe at the top could have been trimmed a bit that space (very little, I would say), but has no edges of the size of the Sony Xperia.
The terminal itself It is very convenient to grab and carry. Although note that the back is plastic, is not of poor quality for nothing, it allows to grab it firmly thanks to its metal edges and that curious “effect 2. 5 d” that others place on the screen, but that BQ has put it back. In short, it is very practical and comfortable for every day.
Let’s do a review of how things are located. On the front we are your 5 inch screen under which we have to dominate their 3 capacitive buttons, and over the loudspeaker, sensors, LED notifications, camera, etc. This front is ligerisimamente sunk the edging (to avoid scratches to give it mouth acabjo, guess).
The design of the BQ Aquaris X 5 Plus is not the most elegant, but is very practical and convenient for day to day. Perhaps your power button is too centered, but you just for get used to it, all the buttons have a practically perfect tour.
On the back we see, in the upper left corner, its dual-tone LED flash camera, fingerprint sensor, the logo centered Bq and below the typical information that is certified to European and, therefore, is a legal product. As I said, the material is good quality plastic, quite solid and very slippery.
At the top we see a cancellation microphone and 3.5 mm mini-jack. Below we have the microUSB connector, microphone to the left of the connector, and on the right speaker. The left part is dedicated to the nano-SIM tray, while the right has the tray for the microSD, the volume buttons and very focused, on ignition.
In relation to the volume and power buttons, it should be noted that they are perfectly integrated, It does not present any slack, protrude enough to distinguish them without problems and they have a perfect tour. They are not too soft or too hard to use them daily.
In the design section, BQ has opted to be more practical than stylish, but without neglecting the visual aspect. Their frames, even if they are not too small, nor us can complaint, although it It is higher than the LG G2 (5.2 inch screen), but in general is so comfortable for every day that you won’t have problems.

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One more than worthy display for every day, even in outdoor

First of all, we have to remember that it is a 5 inch with FullHD resolution IPS screen with the help of Quantum Color + to improve the intensity of the colors. If we talk about a mobile phone less than €300, this is a positive fact, an acceptable size for many and one resolution more than enough.
This screen viewing angles are great, as in any good quality screen, it just loses shine as we are watching it more from the side, not to say that it does not lose anything. The touch response is quite good and fast, There are no inaccuracies in detecting our hints.
It is noteworthy that the screen has an anti-fingerprint coating that, by the way, works swimmingly, after two weeks and peak usage, the screen does not reflect any my footprints. Outdoor visibility is pretty good thanks, above all, to its peak 620 nits brightness, making that you can view content in full summer season on the street.
Finally, while the maximum brightness is more than decent, minimum brightness is perhaps somewhat low, but if you’re looking at the screen in the dark, it is better that damage to eyes for having a too high minimum brightness. It is not anything alarming, since in interiors that don’t have too much light will see everything without problems.

Performance and autonomy above the average

With a processor Snapdragon 652 and 2 GB of RAM It will be very hard to find a bad performance of the phone. Yes it is true that for the most demanding 2 GB RAM will remain short and is very easy to see terminals of mid-range with 3 GB of RAM today, but already I can tell that it does not decline virtually nothing.
With the GPU Adreno 510 in the realm of video games, at least in theory, it should not have problems of fluidity in almost none, and that those who are moderately demanding them move without just disheveled. Being a phone less than €300, a hardware thus allows the user to breathe.
And during the time that I have used it, in practice it is as expected, moves smoothly by web pages, by the different applications that you install and, of course, by video games. I’ve crushed it with 8 asphalt, AVP Evolution and Vector 2 and it has accomplished without complications. The heating of the terminal is normal, nothing that you should scare you.

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Riding one 3200 mAh battery in a 5 inch screen terminal, the result should be more than decent, and is having a capacity that we can consider above average, especially if speak of terminals of this size. At rest and notice that it spends enough little thanks, mostly, to Doze mode.
A detail that I want to mention is that does not include power adapter (trying to minimize the impact on the environment), as well as brings not headphones. Therefore, the times that I’ve updated load not have enjoyed fast-charging didn’t have an adapter that is compatible with this technology.
I have come to have an autonomy of two whole days with a total of more than 4 hours of screen When I was limited to manage social networks, emails, chat and limited to half an hour (more or less) game with any of the above titles more above, which I think something quite good.
It is possible (and perhaps not very difficult) reach even to the 5 hours of screen, According to the user profile and, above all, depending not only of use to be you but of how you manage the different connections (data, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth…). All this, coupled to Doze mode, can make you get an autonomy over the average.
Another detail that we do not want to leave out is that if well the screen brightness to maximum has good visibility outdoors, the brightness to 50% or less is somewhat low, something that no doubt It will positively affect the battery’s terminal, especially taking into account that it is the screen which spend more battery.

Benchmarks BQ Aquaris X 5 Plus(Snapdragon 652)
3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited: 17.820
Geekbench 3 Single-Core: 1.407 pointsMulti-Core: 4,463 points
AnTuTu 63.193 points
EPIC Citadel Ultra High Quality: 54.5 FPS
Vellamo Chrome Browser: 4.531 pointsMetal:2. 086 pointsMulticore: 2,203 points
Quadrant 31.218 points

Good day and night camera

In terms of specifications BQ, at least in theory, has not spared in putting interesting things. At the rear we find ourselves with a Sony 16 MP and f/2.0 aperture sensor IMX298, to which must be added a auto-focus with phase detection, shooting in RAW format, Flash LED dual-tone and 6 lenses Largan.
To the front we find ourselves with the IMX218 (also from Sony) of 8 MP sensor with Aperture f/2.0. On this occasion we not find a front flash for those selfies in fading light. The experience in this case is enough, although I’m not make me selfies.
As for the main camera (that if land use), we have some impeccable photos for a terminal of almost €280, with a decent dynamic range, approach very agile and fast. The quality of the images, without any doubt, will leave satisfied all those looking for a decent camera.
When it comes to capture images of objects very close, if this is fairly small even when close enough, the approach can play you a trick from time to time focusing on the bottom and leaving the blurred object. However, when you can focus on it and photograph it successfully, the quality is good.
Night photos have a decent quality, without getting too much noise in the images. Your camera opening f/2.0 facilitates the entry of light in the darkness and, although the details of the image are not showing the mobile high-end, We will not have photos that we can qualify as bad.
If you find yourself in the situation where you want to photograph does not receive enough light, dual-tone LED flash does a good job not burning too much photos, and its power is sufficient to allow you to get away a little bit and the flash to illuminate properly.
As for the interface of the camera is pretty simple and intuitive. So much so that the vast majority of the options most commonly used you have it close at hand and, in the worst cases, to double-tap. You can get very easy access to manual mode, to any scene, video mode mode, panorama, etc..

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Android pure with a couple of details

How could it be otherwise, in this Aquaris X 5 Plus we are with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow without customization layer Some below. This section will not have to say too that it is of Pure Android that BQ is already using some generations, only changes the wallpaper and some other custom application.
The only pre-installed application from manufacturer is BQ Plus, While the camera and photo gallery are custom manufacturer style. In the section on adjustments, on the other hand, only find, as a variation of pure Android, the option of programming power.
Another custom part is, in the screen menu, the possibility to add the navigation bar and decide the capacitive buttons backlight time (disabled, 8 seconds or whenever the screen is switched on). Beyond these small details there is no variation from which we can find in Android stock.
With this in mind, the 16 GB that brings the terminal that we are analysing, we left free 10.6 GB that, in addition, that space can be extended with microSD card if us falls short. In short, is a terminal with Anroid stock with a pair of custom things, which guarantees you a high degree of fluency.
A detail that we consider interesting is that while was given the phone at the end of July, it already came from factory with the August security fix, the latest available currently.

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BQ Aquaris X 5 Plus, the perception of Engadget

During the time that I’ve been using it, It has been quite difficult to make stick to this terminal, and it is that the few things that can accuse him of is are compensated by their virtues. It is a medium-range capable of running almost any application without flinching and has a range above the average.
It is true that it is not the most beautiful and elegant market terminal and that you can accuse him of that at this stage a mid-range has 16 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM, but in these two weeks that I have used it It has proven to be a practical phone to carry in your pocket and has power to spare for any application that you want to use.
Ultimately, by less than €300 have a very balanced, mobile with a fingerprint sensor that functions with some rapidity, a sound quite decent with an application of appropriate music (Play Music doesn’t convince me). While storage and RAM can be worse the terminal, I think that the best thing is its more than good autonomy.
Probably, if you are looking for to spend “little” money in a mobile and are looking for a decent camera and a good battery with pure Android, BQ Aquaris X 5 Plus can easily become one of your candidates. With all this in mind, here are our ratings.

In favour

  • Screen with good visibility outdoors
  • Decent camera in all conditions
  • Autonomy


  • The power button is perhaps too focused
  • Storage and RAM something fair in these times