California State University Chico Review (11)

University: California State University Chico

City: Chico

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

California State University Chico Review (11)

I decided relatively early on to do a semester abroad in the USA and, after a long search, found the right university in northern California. After a lot of research, it became clear to me that a semester in America is associated with high costs, so I realized early on that I would need financial help. The research for my semester abroad led me to the MicroEdu website again and again, and also on the recommendation of my university, I decided to organize my semester through MicroEdu. Since there are unfortunately no programs like ERASMUS for the USA, the PROMOS scholarship was an incredibly important support for me to make my dream of studying in the USA come true. These scholarships are awarded at most German universities. See toppharmacyschools for vocational training in Japan.

By simply searching with various filters on the MicroEdu homepage, I quickly found a suitable university for me. The California State University Chico is located in northern California and is characterized above all by the really beautiful campus and the good support of the students. The rather time-consuming organization of a semester in America became manageable and feasible with the help of the always friendly and helpful staff at MicroEdu. You had all the information and help you needed.

California State University Chico:

Chico State gave all exchange students a very warm welcome and there were great programs, including a buddy program, where an American student who was previously abroad takes care of you and explores the city with you or takes you to various events takes in the city. Another program was the International Friendship Program, which connects you with university staff and this friend then does various things with you based on your interests. It gave me the opportunity to look into an American family life and I often met up with my girlfriend. In general, one can say positively that Americansare really warm and friendly. Whether on the way home, at the supermarket checkout, on the plane or at the table next to you.

There were also plenty of events for exchange students with a wide range of offerings. The university has its own fitness studio, the Wildcat Recruiting Center, and a very great campus, which also invites you to go for a walk. The sports center also has a large swimming pool, a climbing wall and a wide range of courses.

The American students are always friendly and open-minded and were very interested in other cultures or in talking to you in general. I have often had positive interpersonal moments and experiences that I do not know from Germany. The many discussions, the different perspectives and challenges were a particularly valuable experience for me, which I also miss very much back in Germany. The lessons are more comparable to schools here and you are “taken by the hand”more than in Germany. The lecturers were very interested towards exchange students, everyone was very helpful and forgiving. MicroEdu helped me with the choice of subjects and I could call back at any time if I had any questions. The degree of difficulty of the courses varies depending on the “division” and also varies from course to course.


Compared to the rest of California, Chico was relatively cheap in terms of living costs, although it is still a lot more expensive than in Germany. These costs should not be underestimated under any circumstances. Groceries alone are extremely expensive. The university has a canteen and two small cafés, as well as a large Wildcat Store where you can buy almost anything.


Downtown Chico isn’t very big, but there are plenty of small restaurants, cafes, breakfast spots, and boutiques. The capital of California, Sacramento, is about 1.5 hours away and weekend trips to San Francisco or Yosemite National Parkhave not been a problem thanks to the cheap rental car booking. I liked San Francisco and Santa Cruz best, so I often went back there. Chico is in a very good position to travel, which made travel even more attractive.

The semester abroad was one of the best decisions I made and I can only recommend it to everyone. For me, California was the most diverse and interesting place I have ever gotten to know. The university also organized excursions around Chico for the exchange students and the local contact persons were always very anxious to help and to solve problems quickly if necessary.


I can recommend everyone to definitely move into an American student flat share in order to get in contact with the Americans and to stay there. My roommates have also integrated me into their circle of friends and families. Here, too, one was always warmly welcomed. My flatmates’ flights to Germany are already booked and I can honestly say that the intercultural exchange worked for me and will continue to do so.


I particularly liked Chico because of the warmth, the cosiness of the city and the centrality of the campus in the middle of the city. There is no public transport in Chico, as there is in Germany, but the university has its own buses and linesthat are used. I have made many international contacts and also met many American friends who I would no longer want to be without.

With MicroEdu it was no problem at all to go to America without a partner university and you don’t have to be afraid that you wo n’t be able to cope with the bureaucratic flood. Despite everything, it still takes a lot of effort to complete a semester in the USA. However, this is in no relation to the many experiences that one experiences. There are a lot of students in Chico and you’re always in contact with a lot of young people. There are a few bars for partying and these are always well attended.

Despite the many tests and quizzes at the university, I was still able to do a lot in my free time and take part in many events at the university. However, one should not underestimate the scope of the university. Unlike the German system, there are many individual exams, presentations, group work and tests that are continuously distributed throughout the semester. When I think back to my time in Chico, I can only recommend everyone to do a semester abroad in the USA.

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