California State University Chico Review (2)

University: California State University Chico

City: Chico

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: psychology

Study type: semester abroad

California State University Chico Review (2)

General information about Chico:

Chico is super friendly and open to international students. Many excursions and events are organized by the American Culture Institute. I was at Club International Neighbors where I met people from all over the world, their culture and food. We’ve also done trips around the country, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas together. In Chico, you not only get to know Americans better, you can also make friends with Japanese, Arabs, Indians and South Americans. Adventurous Outings is unique and should definitely be used. This is a team of outdoor fans working for Chico students plan several outdoor activities each weekend. You can get to know the beautiful area of ​​Northern California relatively cheaply. I’ve been on five trips and can warmly recommend all of them: American Wildwater Rafting, Tomales Sea Kayaking, Lassen Backpacking. Don’t miss Yosemite NP! You can of course plan this on your own. Chico has a beautiful Bidwell Park where I jogged and biked a lot. Especially in autumn, the trees shine brightly. While it may seem a bit far, Upper Bidwell is a little over an hour’s bike ride and there are waterholes to cool off in. See mcat-test-centers for Estonia higher education.

In terms of output, there isn’t that much, but enough to offer. I went to Crazy Horse every Wednesday night. Drinks for a dollar attract many students, but I was drawn to the swing dancing and country music. There is simply no such thing in DE. If you like karaoke, you can sing your heart out at ”The Bear” on Monday nights. Chico is a small town, but I just liked that. This way you get to know Americans faster. But you have to be prepared to meet a lot of Germans. I always managed to speak English with everyone, so it didn’t bother me too much.


Upon arriving in San Francisco on US Airways, I hopped on the train to Chico that I had previously booked through Amtrak. I can recommend this because the flights to Chico are often delayed and expensive. I started my first days in Chico as a couchsurfer. I was very lucky to find a couch in the house with very nice people who helped me a lot at the beginning. I looked for a flat share there, which worked out very quickly for me. Don’t forget that you definitely need a bike. This is easy to find on Craigslist.


The stay was totally worth it because of my university courses! I got into almost all of my desired courses and then decided on ” Cross Culture Psychology ”, ” Advanced Developmental ” and ” Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling ”. I liked the first course best. If you are interested in ” Marriage and Family Counseling ”, you are definitely in good hands in Chico. I really got to know my culture and myself during my studies. It was really exciting!

And finally:

A little tip: the Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco is free and awesome!

Be happy, because the effort is always worth it!!! I would do it the same way again!

I hope my report will inspire psychology students too!

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