California State University Fullerton Review (1)

University: California State University Fullerton

City: Fullerton

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

California State University Fullerton Review (1)

Hello folks,

I was at CSUF in the last semester (fall 2016) and can absolutely recommend it to you!


I got in touch with MicroEdu at the end of 2015 and quickly decided on CSUF. Why? The university has a very good reputation for its business area, the tuition fees are also ok compared to other universities and the CSUF also has a great location in beautiful California. So I submitted my application very early. College Contact’s help in organizing the semester abroad was really awesome!After receiving the confirmation, you received a comprehensive information brochure, which answered many questions and, above all, listed every important step. So you couldn’t forget anything important! A little tip: start organizing early enough. Take care of a language test ( DAAD certificate ), a credit card, international health insurance and, above all, foreign BAföG in good time. See jibin123 for Study Abroad In California State University Los Angeles.

Accommodation search

I arrived with my girlfriend about two weeks before the lectures started to have enough time to look for an apartment. We used the list provided to us by MicroEdu. We noticed relatively quickly that there were no more apartments available in most of the complexes. Luckily we still have an apartment found, but I recommend that you take care of an apartment before your arrival to be really sure. Since our apartment was not furnished, we had to buy some of our furniture. In any case, try to get into the Facebook group “Roommate Database”, because apartments are often advertised there or furniture is sold. In the end we were able to sell some of our furniture there again. We also took part in the “Furniture giveaway” from the evangelical church. That was just great! We got great furniture and other household items as gifts, which really saved some money.

The rent for our apartment with utilities was about $800 per person (without food) and we walked about 15 minutes to our building in the university. Most apartments also have a pool and small gym. You can definitely feel comfortable and at home and, above all, enjoy the beautiful weather and sun every day.


The CSUF campus is really beautiful and, above all, very large. There are many opportunities and places to withdraw, learn or meet up with friends. The campus is really like you know it from the American films. Studying at CSUF is definitely different than in Germany. In Germany, a huge exam usually awaits us at the end. At CSUF, there is often homework, or term papers, to be completed on a weekly basis. Oral participation is also included in the final grade a. I had a total of four courses and in each course I wrote a total of 2-3 exams throughout the semester. This has a great advantage, since not everything depends on an exam grade. Of course, this type of study involves more work than in Germany. You are constantly challenged, which in my opinion brings much more. Much more sticks in your head and you simply learn more. If you work hard and get everything done during the week, there is definitely enough time at the weekend to travel.

It is also very important to the professors that the students get a good job after their studies. There are many guest speakers from well-known companies who give tips on how to apply, award internships, etc. You are required to continue your education and there are many role-playing games to be prepared for starting your career. This is of course a great opportunity for students from California. The professors are all very nice and helpful. It was great to follow the professors and documents were also made available in the online forum.

Overall I was very happy with my choice of course. I can definitely recommend the Entertainment Business and Team Leadership Skills courses.

Local life

California really is an absolute dream. Be sure to plan enough time (and money) to discover and travel around California. It’s really worth it, nature is very diverse and there is a lot to see. The people in California are also very nice, helpful and open-minded. Fullerton is also a beautiful city. It is super central and makes it possible to travel and go on excursions within a very short time and alongside your studies:

  • about 1.5 – 2 hours to San Diego
  • about 30 minutes to Los Angeles
  • about 30 minutes to the beaches
  • about 3 hours to Vegas
  • about 15 minutes to Disneyland

Of course it is super practical to have a car, because you are flexible and save a lot of time. You can’t get that far by bus or train. My girlfriend and I didn’t buy a car. We usually rented a car over the weekend and always shared the costs + the cheap fuel with all passengers. That was very cheap for everyone.


If you decide to do a semester abroad, make it a really great and unforgettable life experience. I think the CSUF in California is a perfect place for this and I wish you a nice time at the CSUF. I’m available for questions and tips.

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