California State University Fullerton Review (19)

University: California State University Fullerton

City: Fullerton

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: logistics management

Study type: semester abroad

California State University Fullerton Review (19)

Preparation & application:

My preparations started around January, exactly one year before the start of my semester abroad. Since I really wanted to go to California, I had several local universities to choose from. However, the choice quickly fell on the CSUF, as it is one of the cheaper universities and is very well located, as you can start many short trips from there. See iamaccepted for University of Birmingham Study Abroad.

The planning and organization was complex, but very feasible, thanks to the help of MicroEdu and the CSUF itself, who are always happy to help you quickly.


The CSUF has a large, very beautiful campus where you can not only study, but also spend your free time very well. There are three Starbucks alone and a ton of food options. The campus also offers the so-called Student Union, where there are several bowling alleys, pool tables and places to stay. The gym on campus is also highly recommended. For $25 a month you can take part in many courses there and train on two floors on a wide variety of equipment in order to work off the many delicious burgers again.

There are also a lot of small events on campus, there is free food or small performances, there is always something going on somewhere. One of the funniest experiences was the undie run, where many students walked around campus in their underwear to celebrate the end of the semester.


To choose the courses, you can send a wish list to the CSUF before the start, on which you indicate 10 courses. You will then find out on site whether you can get none, one or several desired courses directly. This is followed by class crashing. You have two weeks to go to courses and ask the lecturer if you can participate.

You can see online whether the courses still have vacancies or whether they have already closed. Due to the class crashing at the beginning, I was able to plan my courses so that they only fell on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In any case, try to get into your desired courses in the first two weeks. Many lecturers have no problem taking on more students, even if their courses are officially full and according to the homepage.

FIN 310 – Personal Financial Management: This course is about how to set up your own financial plan, not a very interesting course, but with little effort. There are two intermediate exams, so-called midterms, and a final exam, the final. However, the questions are uploaded online beforehand and you can take your notes with you to the exam. At the end you also have to draw up a financial plan for a family of four.

BUAD 410 – Starting and Managing your own business: This course is about starting your own business. You will learn how to set up a business plan and get a lot of interesting impressions from “guest speakers” who will report on their experiences from many different industries and give valuable tips. The exam at the end is the creation of your own business plan with your team.

MKTG 370 – Consumer Behavior: This class was my favorite class. Although I don’t study marketing, it was exciting to get an insight into how consumers behave and how their buying behavior can be influenced. A midterm and a final were written here. All multiple choice.

MGMT 339 – Managing Operations: The course is interesting and well structured, definitely a good choice for anyone interested in logistics, or like me studying logistics. Two midterms and a final (multiple choice) were written here.

Fullerton, Vicinity and Travel:

Fullerton is a small and relatively quiet place. However, Fullerton Downtown offers the possibility to have a drink or party in bars and clubs in the evening. In the immediate vicinity, the Anaheim Packing District is definitely recommended for eating out. The Circle in Orange and the Downtown Disney District, right in front of Disneyland Resort, are also recommended. Disneyland itself is said to be a bit older and getting on in years and is therefore very expensive. Here you can rather look at the Universal Studios in LA, which are definitely worth a visit.

Los Angeles is very easy to get to from Fullerton, with sights like the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Sign. Santa Monica and Venice Beach are really great too. The best way is to rent a bike and ride along the beach. San Diego and San Francisco as well as Las Vegas and the surrounding national parks are definitely worth a trip. The beaches are also easy to reach and each one is different but beautiful. I liked Laguna Beach best. To experience Spring Break, Mexico is highly recommended. We were there with a large group and had a once in a lifetime party weekend in Rosarito at Papas & Beer.

General tips:

  • It’s best to use the Uber or Lyft apps, they’ll get you from A to B cheaply and you don’t need cash, as the journey is debited directly via the app and your credit card. You can even split the price among the passengers in the app.
  • A car is recommended as there is very little to be reached on foot. It is best to share the car with 2-3 people. Our car was from Sixt, which is very expensive if you are under 25. A well-known car rental company in Fullerton is “Chico”. He rents out older cars, but for a good price.
  • You can shop well at Aldi, as Aldi offers significantly cheaper prices than other supermarkets.
  • You have to be at least 21 to go partying. The IDs are always checked, but sometimes more and sometimes less attentively.
  • In America, the party night usually starts earlier, as the clubs “already” close at 2 a.m.


For me, CSUF was the perfect choice. I had an unforgettable time where I met a lot of new people, saw great cities and places and gained a lot of experiences. Time flies because there are so many new things to experience, so enjoy every minute.

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