California State University Fullerton Review (34)

University: California State University Fullerton

City: Fullerton

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

California State University Fullerton Review (34)

Early on I took care of the organization of the semester abroad at the University of Fullerton. After I submitted the application to MicroEdu, it only took me 14 days to get the confirmation and lots of other information. See existingcountries for University of California Irvine Review.


Before the semester abroad begins, you will receive a list in which you can enter 10 desired subjects. You should definitely edit them thoroughly! If you’re lucky, you’ll get your 4 courses and you’ll be automatically enrolled in the courses. You will find out during the first week of university. Unfortunately I only got one course from the list and had to crash the other courses… That was a lot of work! You have two weeks to crash the course. I can recommend the website as a tip. The professors who are particularly well rated there are of course also very popular and it is difficult to get into the courses. But don’t give up, at some point you’ll get courses. I actually wanted to do marking courses.. but didn’t get any in the end and I’m very happy about that, because you often have to do homework there, etc. It is best if you get the syllabus. It says exactly how much work the subject involves. My courses were
ISDS 309 Introduction to Programming
(C# programming language, group project, quiz, final)
not easy, especially if you have no experience with programming, teacher very helpful
ECON 310 Microeconomics – Kazi Ahmed
(2 midterms, regular homework, final (only last chapter) )
At the beginning, this class seems difficult and complex, but a relatively easy subject, which you can complete with an A
FIN 320 Financial Management 1 – Jason Gurtovoy
Very difficult and complex class. Online homework and quizzes every week, plus 3 midterms and final. A lot of work and not recommended
FIN 331 Working Capital Management
Effort for this class is very low, since the homework is solved together in the class. 2 Midterms and Final about the last chapters. Very simple subject.
KNES 112 A Beginning Surfing
Highly recommended, costs around $300 for the extra credit but well worth it! Surf every Friday at Huntington Beach. Surfboards can be rented from the uni for $50.

At the beginning of the semester I accepted the offer to stay with a host family for a few nights. This helped me a lot. You have the choice between 3 days and 2 weeks, I chose 4 days. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find an apartment in those four days and stayed with the family for a week longer. Of course that depends on the family. Mine was very helpful, drove me to the university etc. In the meantime, I and my boyfriend have been looking for an apartment. I have found that it is very expensive. For a studio in the Apartments Homestead we should pay $1400 including washing, internet, water etc. The other apartments weren’t really cheaper either and some of them were already fully booked (beginning of August). I then found a family on who accepted me and my boyfriend. It couldn’t have been better for us, as we were able to get to know real American life. We spoke a lot of English and took some trips with the family. So if you want to party every weekend an apartment complex is ideal, if you want to see a lot of America, learn about the culture and speak English I would definitely recommend a family. And it’s very difficult to make friends with Americans, since you usually only meet Germans in the apartments and the Americans have already built up their circle of friends at the university.

We stayed in Placentia, a very small town but ideally situated between Brea (very nice!) and Fullerton. We could still cycle to the university, but the subway, McDonalds and the bank were right outside the door. It is best not to live too far from the university, as the parking ticket is very expensive and it often takes a long time by car due to the traffic.


Enjoy the time before and after your studies to explore America, during the semester you can basically only use the weekends and at the end they are loaded with studying and other tasks. So come as early as possible and if you can, stay over Christmas/New Year’s Eve. Nothing works here without a car, the decision to rent or buy one is up to you. But if you fly back home before Christmas, it will be difficult to sell the car quickly.

The food is terrible here. There is fast food on every corner and the healthy things from the supermarket are very expensive! So, be careful not to gain too much weight. Very American and recommended: In & Out Burger, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Panda Express, Jamba Juice, Barbeque Lucills, Yoghurtland, Popeyes, Pieology Pizza
And what is very important: Come with old clothes etc. Shopping in the outlets is highly recommended. For example, I leave all my old clothes, towels, etc. here and fill the suitcase with my shopping successes;-) In my opinion, the outlets in Camarillo, Desert Hills and San Diego (almost Mexico) are the best. There, as a student or ADAC member, you can get a coupon book for free, which is sometimes really worth it. So before you go shopping, get the information about the shopping center and pick up the book.

All in all

The university is not easy and it is a lot of effort, but because of the traveling in between and of course before and after the semester, it is incredibly nice. And the location of the university is perfect. Trips to San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas are not a trip around the world and it’s not far to the beach either;-)

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