California State University Fullerton Review (46)

University: California State University Fullerton

City: Fullerton

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: English / American Studies

Study type: semester abroad

California State University Fullerton Review (46)

I took part in the “Fall Semester” in 2010 and am very satisfied with the university, the environment, actually everything and I can only recommend everyone to complete a semester there. Right from the start I wanted to go to California and not to the East Coast or the middle of the US. Because CSUF was the most suitable for my courses, I decided to go there. See existingcountries for Boston University Review 2.


The preparation is very exhausting and time-consuming, albeit necessary. There are many documents to fill out regarding accommodation, university, financing and also to travel to the American Embassy in Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin. (First of all, as a tip: only take the documents with you to the embassy appointment, no mobile phone etc. or there will be problems at the entrance!) However, the preparation time goes by quickly and with the help of MicroEdu all questions can be answered in the best possible way.

The university is very nice – has an extensive campus, “Titansstore”, as well as many opportunities to buy something nutritious in the immediate vicinity. In the huge Titanstore you will find a possibility to buy books, which are required at the beginning of the semester. The lower part is then for general articles, which basically serve the purpose of equipping the students with all sorts of Titans things (such as Titans beer glasses, Titans toothbrushes, Titans magnets, Titans shot glasses, Titans ties,… everything that is special in everyday life important is. …). But there are also more useful items such as t-shirts, sweaters, etc.. At the back end of the shop there is an “Apple Store”, which offers both electronic devices and accessories, as well as writing implements, backpacks,….
The buildings on campus are all very new, modern and well equipped. There are large conference halls as well as small adjoining rooms. Due to the latest technology, the best possible means are available for every course of study to obtain optimal performance. There are numerous sports fields in the upper area of ​​the campus, mostly for the university teams, but also for private use. The “Rec Center” was also very useful – a huge sports complex where you can work out with a huge range of sports from basketball, badminton, indoor volleyball to climbing, pumping on fitness machines, squash, yoga etc.
What impressed me the most about the whole “university” package with students etc. is that everyone there can identify with their university. There are no outsiders when it comes to the Titans and everyone is proud to study here. In addition, the home games against other university teams in basketball, soccer, volleyball,… are always very well attended and a good opportunity to get out between learning.

The accommodation:

I stayed in the “University Village” and was very happy, even if the price is not cheap. However, you will also be well looked after and there are perfect opportunities to meet new people and experience the “real” college life. Attached, the Resident Advisers organize many events in the middle of the week, which can also be used to make contact and are often fun. If questions arise during the stay, the Resident Advisers are always available for answers and also help with the integration of foreign students to the Americans.


Free time can be used in many ways. It makes sense to plan small tours with the roommates as well as with other German students abroad and to go to Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco etc. over holidays or weekends. The beautiful beaches of Newport, Huntington, Malibu, Laguna, … are very close and easily accessible by buying or renting a car. Unfortunately, in the small town of Fullerton, there isn’t that much to see as the downtown area is relatively small. However, there is also a club in the immediate vicinity of the university and otherwise there is also a lot of partying in the University Village;). Fortunately, the weather in California is mostly sunny, making it ideal for all sorts of excursions.


The cost of the stay is very high, at least 10,000. In addition, there are costs for trips, books, etc., which are not low either. Due to the fact that food is already offered in the accommodation, fortunately you only have to take care of the catering to a limited extent.


Even if the semester abroad was expensive, it was worth every penny and I would go there again in a heartbeat. It has been an unforgettable time and it was a great experience where I made many new friends.

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