California State University Fullerton Review (48)

University: California State University Fullerton

City: Fullerton

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

California State University Fullerton Review (48)

Getting there

After I had sent off all the application documents, three weeks later I got the acceptance from the university. After that I was able to make the appointment at the consulate, the “interview” there was already over after two questions and you will then be informed directly whether you will receive the visa. After the appointment I had to wait six weeks for my passport as the post office had ‘lost’ my passport, so make the appointment early rather than late. After arrival I took a shuttle to Fullerton, you can also use Uber for about $70. See existingcountries for Riga Stradins University Review.


Before my departure, I teamed up with another German via the MicroEdu Facebook group to look for an apartment in advance. We chose a 2bedroom/1bathroom apartment in the Homesteads. You can also sign monthly contracts there, so you don’t have to worry about finding a new tenant. The apartment and the facility are in a clean condition and the staff are always friendly.

We searched for two more roommates on the Facebook pages “CSUF roommates needed database” and “Cal State, Fullerton (CSUF) Housing, Sublets & Roommates”, so that we ended up being three German exchange students and one American.

Considering that none of us had known each other before, living together went smoothly. We received our furnishings from IKEA and via a church’s “furniture giveaway”.


To get from A to B, the three of us rented a car from Standard Auto by Chicho (812 Williamson Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832). There you can get the all-round carefree package for a fair price. We also drove a lot of Uber, especially in the big cities it makes more sense to drive than to look for a parking space.

Fullerton is the perfect base for travel, but don’t underestimate the distances. Because of traffic, trips to the beach, LA, or Venice often take double the time.

In addition to all the “standard” destinations, we also did a road trip through Arizona, Colorado, Utah… to Vancouver, which was one of the absolute highlights of our stay.

Through our American roommate, we had the chance to get to know American culture better and, for example, to celebrate Christmas with his family.


On campus there is a food court with restaurants, various food trucks, Carls Junior, Starbucks etc. There is also a gym ($120 per semester), bowling alleys, pool tables… I had to go to the business complex where all my courses took place my apartment walk from about 25 minutes.

I had to crash all my on-site courses, but that’s not so wild at all. I got the signature from every professor without any problems, but then you have to go to the respective department, as they allocate the places. There are only a few remaining places in the management area, so you also need a little luck. Make sure to make friends with Americans in the courses just to speak more English.

ECON 462 Natural Resource Economics with Prof. Livy

3x Exam 80%, Writing assignment 10%, 5x Homework 10%

  • small course (15 students)
  • Prof. always very well prepared
  • fair grading

I can only recommend the course to everyone.

FIN 331 Working Capital Management and Computer Applications with Prof. Jiang

3x exam 85%, homework 15%

  • very nice professor
  • She only reads VL slides
  • Exercises are similar to the exams

I would definitely choose the course again.

MGMT 246 Business and Ist legal Environment with Prof. Smith

4x exams 90%, 5x quizzes 10%

  • funny professor
  • Content of the VL very boring (basic course)

I would not choose the course again.

ECON 412 Labor Economics with Prof. Gil

3x exam 70%, 10% home work, 20% writing assignment

  • the professor loves his job and his subject
  • very competent and nice
  • challenging

I would not choose the course again.

At my home university, some professors are rather critical of a semester abroad in the US (I don’t know why), so every course is rigorously reviewed and many are rejected. Therefore, start getting the confirmations early, as the whole process takes a long time.


  • Flight 580€
  • Tuition fees 4800€
  • Insurance: Uni 660€, Hanse Merkur 240€

Unfortunately, you have to take out university health insurance, which costs money but doesn’t add any real value. That’s why I also took out one with Hanse Merkur, which is significantly cheaper and provides more security.

  • Apartment $515 + $50 (internet, electricity, water)

I spent a total of €15,000 in five months.


Have fun with your semester abroad, it will definitely be one of the best decisions of your life.

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