California State University Fullerton Review (51)

University: California State University Fullerton

City: Fullerton

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: computer science

Study type: semester abroad

California State University Fullerton Review (51)

From the very beginning of my studies I was very interested in a semester abroad. In the course of my studies, I then completed my semester abroad in California, USA at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). See existingcountries for Thompson Rivers University Review.


The fall semester at CSUF started in mid-August, so I arrived a week before and got my first impressions of the campus and the area. My actual flight time was about 11 hours from Cologne to Los Angeles. When I arrived, the temperature was between 30-40°C. I took the shuttle from LAX airport to my flat in Fullerton, where my university was located. Directly on the way I was from the city of Los Angeles fascinated, she offered so much. In the following week, the orientation week took place at the university, where all new students were warmly welcomed and I got to know the campus, first impressions of university life and new friends. Everything organizational took place there and I was helped with the enrollment and all the necessary formalities.

The lectures started on Monday and the first invitation to a student party was not long in coming. About my flat share: I had already started looking for an apartment in Germany, but it wasn’t easy to find a clean apartment that was close enough to the campus. The connection to the supermarket and downtown Fullerton was also ideal. After about a month I had found my flat share and clarified all the formalities in advance by e-mail, so I was able to move in straight away. In my shared flat I lived with three other students who were my age.

Eat and drink

The food costs in California are average and, in my opinion, pretty much correspond to German prices. Again, alcoholic beverages in bars/pubs are very high. They are also high in supermarkets, but a lot cheaper than in a bar. Canteen prices are also high on campus, but the positive thing is that the canteen offers a lot of choice. There is also a wide range of well-known fast food chains right on campus.


The infrastructure in Southern California is well connected to the city of Los Angeles. The best connection is by train, there you can travel cheaply with the student discount. In addition, cheap trips with an Uber offer, this happens via a corresponding app, for which a permanent internet connection is required. In the neighboring countries, on the other hand, the public transport infrastructure is very limited.

Leisure and entertainment

The city of Fullerton itself has a small downtown, which is always a good place for a spontaneous evening, especially because it is easily accessible from the campus. For more party, nightlife and action and fun, the city of Los Angeles offers everything you can imagine. The distance by car is about 30-45 minutes drive. One should always note that the traffic volume is sometimes very high.

Downtown is great for partying, shopping and eating out. Besides, the most beautiful events are in Hollywood, there you can’t miss hiking to Hollywood Sign, Walk of Fame and also Universal Studio, which is a huge adventure.

In addition, the connections to various beaches are very amusing, mainly because the weather is beautiful in summer, but also in winter. So it is always a good idea to go to the beach. Fullerton’s southern beaches are: Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach and Long Beach. Of these, I liked Laguna Beach best because this beach has a certain flair. The perfect party beach is Huntington Beach. The beaches are approximately 30 minutes drive from Fullerton. The western beaches are Venice Beach and Santa Monica. These are about 45 – 60 minutes away by car and are definitely worth one or more visits.


The university has a large sports complex. She has a football team, a baseball team, a basketball team and many more. It’s great fun to be there and watch the point games. You can take part in amateur teams and do sports yourself, and you can also go to the gym at any time.


I studied at Auckland California State University, Fullerton. It is a relatively young university with around 40,000 students. She has a large and good library. It offers a lot of space for learning. Among other things, the university has the Titan Student Union, which is a building that also offers leisure activities, but also space for learning. You can also feel comfortable there and meet other students. In addition, you can make new acquaintances quickly, especially during the orientation week, where every new student looks for friends and acquaintances. But also during the lecture period and directly on campus, it is an ideal place to meet new friends.


Every student abroad dreams of traveling the country during their semester abroad. California in particular is ideal for this. Los Angeles, with Hollywood, Downtown and various beaches, is immediately nearby. Don’t forget San Francisco and Yosemite National Park either. The area there is simply breathtaking. Las Vegas is a little further away, but also easy to reach on a weekend trip. The city fascinated me with its nightlife, it offers a magnificent, colorful city at night and the greatest nightlife of my life, and gambling in casinos is not neglected. A little further away is the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Nature in Arizona and the Grand Canyon are unique in themselvesand should definitely be visited. I combined the Grand Canyon with a trip to Las Vegas, which is ideal. You can stay cheaply in hostels or more expensive hotels with more comfort. If you look around carefully, you can find cheap accommodation.


According to my recommendation, I can recommend a semester abroad in Southern California, right next to Los Angeles. It was the best semester and the greatest experience of my life. Because I was able to make many new acquaintances and discover a new culture up close, the semester was unique and I will always remember it. You will also become aware of a new university life. It is also a good way to improve your English language skills.

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