California State University Fullerton Review (53)

University: California State University Fullerton

City: Fullerton

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Business administration, mechanical engineering

Study type: semester abroad

California State University Fullerton Review (53)

A difficult decision lay in the selection of a federal state for the semester abroad. I chose the state of California because of the good weather and the many leisure opportunities near the beach. The Pacific Ocean is very cold and there is a shark threat all along the west coast. This information will come as a shock to some, but I only saw dolphins during my stay. The waves and sandy beaches offer a suitable opportunity to adapt to and try out the surfing culture. In addition, the state of California has a lot to offer and the travel options are extensive. So I was able to visit San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and many other beautiful cities and nature parks during the long weekends. See existingcountries for Brock University Review.

I also recommend everyone who decides to go to California to look at the formation and development of the state. Even if the history of its origin is less than 200 years old.
After I decided on a state in the United States, I chose a university. Through information from the Internet and by narrowing down the required courses, two universities were available to choose from after a short time.

In the end, I chose California State University Fullerton. The university is one of the “cheaper” in California and is one of the best universities for finance. Furthermore, a DAAD test is required, which is offered free of charge at German universities. With the support of MicroEdu, the application process was greatly simplified and an employee was always available free of charge if there were any open questions. For the application, the CSU Fullerton charges almost $100 for administration fees, even if the application is rejected, the money is denied.

After receiving an offer, I immediately applied for one of the rare places in Fullerton University Village and after a short time received an offer for an apartment. But if the rooms are occupied, you can also get one on site. One possibility is the Homestead, which is less than ten minutes away from the university and is mostly populated with German exchange students and American families.
With the confirmation by the CSU Fullerton, information about the further procedure and an I-20 form were sent. The I-20 document is required to apply for an F-1 visa in the United States. It is a preliminary document that is sent to the university with a confirmation.

You can apply for a visa in Germany and in all countries with an American embassy. Because of my internship abroad, I had to apply for my visa at the consulate in Shanghai. The procedure is comparable to the German one. You contact the consulate, set an appointment and pay the high fees for the appointment and the visa. During the interview, a short conversation will be held in English.

I was able to book a plane ticket online with ease and look forward to studying abroad.

Information about the city and university

Fullerton is located in Greater Los Angeles, in Orange County near New Port. It lies between the beautiful cities and can reach many beautiful beaches quickly and easily by car. Fullerton Down-town (DTF) offers a variety of bars on the weekends. This means that you attend about 4 lectures on average and can organize your timetable relatively freely. I can only recommend buying a car to be able to really move around in America due to the long distances. With the student ID you have the opportunity to travel by bus in Orange County for free, but the bus times are irregular. There are also many shopping facilities such as the Brea Mal.

CSU Fullerton is a well-resourced university on a large campus. There are recreational opportunities for everyone. In the newly built gym you can relax after sunbathing. Unfortunately, you have to pay an extra $25 for the gym. But that is quite profitable, because you will find a super modern training center there. A well-developed library is free for students

I lived in University Village. This “dormitory” cannot be compared with the dormitories that we know of. There are individual residential units ranging from deluxe, single apartments to a four-person flat share. There is also a pool and a cafeteria. The food there is Mexican and students are offered two meals a day Monday through Friday. Kitchens are also integrated in the flat shares if you want to cook for yourself. You meet a large number of German and Korean students there. But there are also many Americans living there. The student age here is much lower than in Germany and is 19 years, as it is in University Village.

The town of Fullerton “DTF” as we call it is small and surrounded by many bars. New Port Beach and Beverly Hill offer a little variety with interesting clubs at the weekend.
study and life

When I started my studies, I had to choose my course, which turned out to be much more difficult than planned. The tuition fees include 12 credit points, which means that you can take 4 courses with 3 credits each. You will be asked to choose 10 courses one month before the start of your studies. Due to the large number of applicants for the respective courses, it can happen that some courses are full and entry is no longer possible, and American students are given preference. So I had the problem that two of my desired courses were full. So I had to “crash” different lectures in the first two weeks of study and try to get into the courses. The International Office helps in the search for open and interesting courses in order to place the exchange students in possible courses with satisfaction. Equipped with a sheet and a list of open courses, the course crashing begins. You try to get a signature from the professor, which opens the door to the desired subject.

Fellow students in the courses were always willing to help and were always available to answer my questions. As in Germany, meetings were arranged during project work and emails were used to keep everyone up to date.

Studying in the USA is more complex than in Germany. Due to the permanent homework, presentations or group work, the effort required for a good grade should not be underestimated. I would also recommend everyone to buy the books for the respective subject, even if they are very expensive. Prices vary from $100 to $150. Since most of the content of the lectures is taken from the books, they are a great help, especially with regard to the exams. A good alternative to get a cheap book with the same content is the internet (international version). These versions are usually priced at a third of the original. However, the exams are easier on the subject than in Germany. In the US, most exams are answered by multiple choice,

Furthermore, I was able to learn a lot about the cultural way of life in California by participating in American Friend. The program is offered by the CSU Fullerton for the exchange students. In this program, participants will be randomly assigned an American Person. Most of them are families in the vicinity around Fullerton. After a few days, your family will contact you by email or phone and invite you to dinner.
First contacts are made with local families and experiences are exchanged, which can be very helpful. The exchange of experiences is based on both sides. This opportunity allowed me to experience traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving.

In order to be a little more flexible in the design and not have to spend every cent three times, it is worth applying for a BAföG abroad in addition to the scholarship.

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