California State University Fullerton Review (55)

University: California State University Fullerton

City: Fullerton

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: industrial engineering

Study type: semester abroad

California State University Fullerton Review (55)

My experience report about the best four months of my life (so far):


Since the CSUF is not a partner university of the Nordakademie, I went to the CSUF as a so-called freemover and alone, which means I had to organize most of it myself. Luckily there is MicroEdu, who was always there to give me friendly advice and support. A big thank you at this point! See ehuacom for UOC Study Abroad.


Courses could be selected in advance from a catalogue. However, only short descriptions were available here, which are not sufficient as a description for a learning agreement for my university. Fortunately, MicroEdu has collected syllabi (long descriptions) for some courses over the last few years, which they will make available to you on request. In order to finally get into the courses you wanted, there was class crashing, but that has already been described in great detail in many reports.

Global Marketing at Mahdi Ebrahimi

This course counts as Industrial Goods Marketing and I rate it as not difficult but a bit tedious. We had to write three short assignments in groups and a market analysis as well as a midterm and a final exam, which were the most difficult in the course.

Personal finance management at Jeff Parsons

A boring course, but not difficult at all and easy. Small assignments, easy group work, midterm and final exam.

Multicultural Marketing with Katrin Harich

A really great course! I would like to say that this course has been the most rewarding in my life so far as we really learned a lot about cultures and marketing. There were many guest speakers and discussions that made the lectures exciting. The group work was a bit time-consuming, but since there were no other assignments, it was manageable.

Managerial Accounting at Randy Hoffman

The course itself is not difficult, but very, very complex. Almost every day quizzes and assignments to get your credits. Incredibly tedious, so I would definitely not take it again. Also, it wasn’t counted towards me.


I lived in University Village, an apartment complex occupied by students. I would choose to stay there again and again, although overall it was dirty and outdated. The price is reasonable compared to the alternatives and it is very practical that there is no need to look for a replacement tenant. Meals are included there from Monday to Friday and I just loved the food !! No shopping, no cooking, no washing up, just eat whatever you want with your friends and it was actually always good and varied.

In addition, parties and actions are organized by the administration, where you can take part. Incidentally, printing is also included, which has proven to be very useful.

Campus life

Campus life isn’t too spectacular as most students commute and don’t live nearby. Only the international students throw a party every now and then. Every Wednesday, on the other hand, everyone celebrates in a local pub/sports bar “Rems”, as there was a $5 pitcher beer until 12 noon.


I’ve traveled a lot and was out somewhere in California /Oregon/Nevada and Arizona almost every weekend. On site, like many other international students, I rented a car from the Mexican Chicho and shared it with 3 other Germans. And that’s exactly how I would do it again and again, because it made the semester abroad very pleasant. Also, I took a trip to Hawaii with three friends during Thanksgiving week, when everyone is off, that was really cool too!


I had roughly the following costs, but be sure to note that they are up-to-date and the exchange rate:

  • Flight 800€
  • Tuition fees 5250€
  • Insurance CSUF 778$ ~ 680€
  • Insurance DE 200€
  • Visa 335€
  • Costs for proof of language proficiency ( TOEFL, but only DAAD is required) €235
  • Books $210 ~ €169
  • Accommodation (incl. meals Mon-Fri) 5×1029$ ~ 4250€
  • Car for 4 months 800$ ~ 650€

I spent a total of almost €19,000, which means I spent around €6,500 on travel, other meals and events.


Yes, it is really very expensive. Nobody can dispute that! But for me personally it was worth the money! I pretty much had the best four months of my life in California, learning English and making friends. I would do it exactly the same way over and over again! Don’t choose any other university or country, because I really felt at home there. If the opportunity arises, I will fly there again immediately.

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