California State University Fullerton Review (56)

University: California State University Fullerton

City: Fullerton

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: economics

Study type: semester abroad

California State University Fullerton Review (56)


The preparation of the semester is relatively complex, but not very difficult. MicroEdu is really here to help and advise. As a little tip: Don’t forget your foreign health insurance, the one from the university is not enough, I can recommend the LVM here. I wouldn’t book a return flight either, because something often comes up during the semester, so that you might spontaneously plan a trip at the end of the semester. See ehuacom for VUW Study Abroad.

Applying for a visa was not a problem either. Of course it is a bit annoying to have to drive to the embassy, ​​but once there you can get through quite quickly.


Finding an apartment requires a bit of luck or money. Whether on campus or in the surrounding apartments, everything is not really ideal. I stayed in the homestead apartments, the condition of which was okay. But be careful with the contracts, etc., they try to pull you off where they can. Read everything carefully! Otherwise just look for something somewhere nearby, a bike is also worth its weight in gold to get to the university.


The campus is very nice and there is a lot to see and do. There are also some places to eat, but believe me, at some point you won’t be able to see Panda Express and Co. anymore. So maybe you can cook for yourself and take food with you in a Tupperware box. Or have a care package sent to you from home.

Location of the university and studying:

Actually, the location of the university is not bad, but I strongly recommend buying or renting a car. It’s really worth it. Los Angeles itself isn’t really pretty, and neither is Fullerton. You should be aware of that. But if you go towards the sea, the view is of course bomb.

However, I would go to another university with the knowledge I have today, e.g. B. Monterey. It’s even more expensive from life, but really much nicer. There are also far fewer German fellow students there. It was really frightening, you could hear more people speaking German than English. I found that a bit annoying at times, but of course you can’t blame anyone for studying there. But you can take that into account when planning.


I did four courses. In general, one can say that the level is significantly lower than in Germany. That’s great, of course, because you have plenty of time to travel.

  • ECON335: A large group course, relatively easy, classic economics. Not really conveyed in an interesting way. The module consists of ten tests (almost all of the solutions can be found on the internet), two exams and a small term paper. Everything is possible, an easy B, but the fun factor is unfortunately not very high.
  • Sales401: Here I had with Prof. Cooper. Also a relatively easy course, nice woman, but the grades are not always completely understandable. Nevertheless recommendable.
  • MKTG442: This course is led by Prof. Medina. At the beginning a very promising sounding course, but a big disappointment. The course consists almost entirely of guest lecturers from some salespeople. Prof. Medina doesn’t really have a clue, the course doesn’t reveal a common thread at all. Everything is very mixed up, also thematically very confused. You can take it for a B, but you really don’t learn anything here, at most how you shouldn’t approach it as a “Prof.”.
  • MKTG445: The only course or professor that really impressed me. Prof. Hernadez is a really nice and competent man. He tells many stories from his professional life. His career is really very impressive. However, this course is also the most complex, with a 15-page term paper. But everything is within the realm of possibility.


My predecessors have already mentioned a few things here. I’ve been to NY, Washington DC, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston, of course the entire west coast – from San Diego to Los Angeles (really not pretty, very different from what you imagine), Monterey, San Francisco), Las Vegas. .. I can really recommend everything here, just find a travel buddy for the time, get a car and go.


At the end you can say: do it! In summary, it is really very important to get a car. I don’t think the choice of university is that important. Furthermore, bring money with you, it’s all very expensive. It was definitely an exciting time. You got to know the country and people in a completely new way.

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