California State University Long Beach Review (1)

University: California State University Long Beach

City: California

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Business administration, computer science

Study type: semester abroad


At the beginning I didn’t think that it would be so much effort to travel to another country to study. But this effort was worth it. After you have clarified all the formalities with the university, embassy and home university and, above all, you have survived the course selection relatively unscathed, you can start planning. Personally, I found my future roommates through Facebook and Studivz. It was very important to me to arrive there and have a roof over my head right away. But I also met a lot of people who did it differently.
In general, don’t let the bureaucracy put you off because studying in California is definitely worth it. Some things should also be clear to you, namely that such a semester is rather an expensive affair! Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Bfö or scholarships abroad, but roommates of mine had somehow received this. Check toppharmacyschools to learn information about University of Freiburg Germany.

At MicroEdu the people have always been very nice and helpful! In my opinion, Long Beach State University is a good university by American standards, but it is very difficult to compare it with European universities. I’m studying at a university of applied sciences and had no problems finding a connection there. The editors are nice and if you don’t understand something they are happy to explain it to you. The fellow students are always surprised when someone from Europe sits in their class with them. The courses were interesting and good! One should not underestimate these lectures. A lot is required, especially homework, projects, quizzes and exams (2-3) depending on the course. But don’t worry, it’s not that wild.


Housing and living is relatively expensive, depending on where. I used to live in Orange County, which starts a little south of Long Beach. It was a great area, but it came at a price. In general, I advise against living on campus!! Extremely small dorms and quite overpriced! However, you get to know people quickly, but everything has advantages and disadvantages.
We had a connection to the bus, which was nice, because you can travel for free with your student ID. is a good address if you already know people and need somewhere to live.
Public transport is almost non-existent. Long Beach – LA approx. 40 minutes, with the metro you can travel to Hollywood in up to 1 hour. The last one leaves at 1 a.m. and the first at 5 a.m.
A car is a must if you want to get around and is also recommended. But you should know your way around because everyone is trying to make some money quickly, including the car dealers.
There are supermarkets like sand on the sea, just everywhere and 5 next to each other. Groceries are fairly cheap to buy depending on what you want. There is a German bakery in Torrance, but it is not cheap. From time to time it’s good to eat a real brown bread.


As previously mentioned, a car is an advantage. Because the rental cars are extremely expensive under 25.
Flights, on the other hand, are cheap. With a bit of luck, you can fly cheaply to New York, Miami or Cancun with Jet Blue. San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Monterey, Santa Barbara are just some of the places to check out. Hotels for backpackers are cheap and otherwise camping!
Our vacation went to Cabo San Luca/Mexico for spring break! It was great to witness this and a good experience. Not that cheap, but it was definitely worth it.


Yes, good old money. All in all, it was definitely worth it. You should be aware that if you get involved in it, you should be able to afford it. ‘Cause being over there and only going to half the parties isn’t good.
I was there for 6 months and expected about $1000 per month, which was sometimes exceeded, but well, you only live once. Otherwise, I can only say that it would certainly have been cheaper, especially with living, but I didn’t want to put up with the stress of looking for something on site.


Surfing in the USA! So if you go to California then you have to surf. Actually everything happens on the beach. Beach volleyball, soccer, surfing, or just taking a beach cruiser along the beach. There are many ways to spend your free time.
In the evening you can also make a beach fire and hang out with your friends and just enjoy the good time.

I recommend everyone to do a semester abroad because it is the best time ever. The costs are high, but you don’t often get the chance to visit and get to know a country for such a long time in your life.

California State University Long Beach Review (1)

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