Connecticut Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Connecticut

The jagged, and rocky coastline of Connecticut’s Atlantic Ocean is a remnant of the last Ice Age. It is a mixture of bays, inlets, tiny islands, estuaries and a few sandy beaches.

From the narrow coastal lowlands, the land rises into the central hills and low mountains of the north.

Eastern Connecticut (central and north) is hilly, heavily forested, and criss-crossed by narrow river valleys.

In the west, the Appalachians stretch north through the state on into western Massachusetts. The Berkshires (hills or mountains) and the narrow Taconic Sierra are the dominant landforms. Mt. Frissell, the state’s highest point, at 2,380 feet.

The state is analyzed by the Connecticut River and the surrounding Central Plains. At 407 miles (655 km) it is the longest river in the New England states. There are dozens of additional rivers within Connecticut. Housatonic, Farmington and Thames are the most significant. Numerous small lakes and ponds are found in Connecticut, with the largest being Candlewood Lake, one of the largest man-made lakes in the US.

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Connecticut Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Dean Acheson politician
  • Ethan Allen American revolutionary leader
  • Actress Lauren Ambrose
  • Benedict Arnold V general continental army, traitor
  • Moses Austin developer of the lead industry


  • Roger Sherman Baldwin politician
  • Joel Barlow poet, politician
  • T. Barnum ‘s showman, founder of the ringling brothers, barnum & bailey circus
  • Actor Ed Begley
  • Richard Belzer actor
  • Scott Berg biographer, Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Chris Berman sportscaster
  • Henry Alfred Bishop railroad executive, politician
  • General Revolutionary War by Daniel Bissell
  • Michael Bolton singer, songwriter
  • Ernest Borgnine actor
  • Actor Jesse Bradford
  • Jonathan Brandis actor
  • Actress Alex Breckenridge
  • Actress Amy Brenneman
  • Brooke Brodack video producer
  • John Brown abolitionist
  • Daniel Burbank astronaut
  • Actor Gary Berghoff
  • Aaron Burr Sr. educator
  • Scott Burrell basketball player
  • George W. Bush former American President
  • Written by Candace Bushnell


  • Marcus Camby basketball player
  • Walter Camp sportswriter, football coach
  • Al Capp cartoonist
  • Singer Karen Carpenter
  • Richard Carpenter musician
  • Chris Carrabba singer
  • Orlow Chapman politician
  • Chris Clark hockey player
  • Actress Glenn Close
  • Jadon Codrington boxer
  • Samuel Colt inventor, industrialist, arms founder foal fire company
  • Politician Joe Courtney
  • Bob Crane actor


  • Paul Dano actor
  • Rosa Deloro politician
  • Brian Dennehy actor
  • Christopher Dodd politician
  • Chris Drery hockey player
  • Dominic Dunn journalist, author
  • John Gregory Dunn author, screenwriter


  • Jonathan Edwards pastor, theologian
  • Oliver Ellsworth politician
  • Anna Eshu politician
  • Actress Linda Evans


  • Opera singer Eileen Farrell
  • Inventor John Fitch, bronzesmith
  • Dwight Freeney football player


  • William Gillette actor, playwright
  • Ryan Gomes basketball player
  • Charles Goodyear inventor vulcanized rubber
  • Porter J. Goss politician
  • Ella T. Grasso first female governor of Connecticut
  • Galushi politician Grow


  • Nathan Hale America’s first spy, official in the American Revolutionary War
  • Robert N. Hall inventor
  • Dorothy Hamill Olympic medalist (born in Illinois)
  • Anttaj Hawthorne footballer

Geography of Connecticut

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