D1C Android Nokia Is Seen in Golden Color and Wearing a Fingerprint Reader

If there is a manufacturer that We all expect that it rise again from the ashes, that is Nokia. The Finnish manufacturer disappeared virtually engorged by the mobile division of a Microsoft that already seems to be throwing in the towel against your competition, and although his return will not be as expected, as it will yield its terminals manufacturing to a third party, many are waiting for you with open arms.
The Nordic company has already confirmed his return to the hand of Android market for the second half of 2017 and now, ending in 2016, has been leaked alleged design of one of the models that we have been hearing. Nokia D1C, a name that we assume interim, He has posed for cameras letting us see what will take for the press. It will come with a Gold version and will have fingerprint reader.
According to the leaked images and information that had been gradually coming to the media before, it seems that this D1C Nokia would have two versions. A normal, probably with body plastic and metal frame, and a Premium version that could count on a full metal body. Little would differ in appearance, it seems, except perhaps for a golden color that would be exclusive of the premium version.

A Nokia very Windows Phone, but with Android

In the images we see a sober terminal, with a rear that already are used after the latest models of the line Lumia, and which would have a fingerprint reader integrated into the front. Right on the button Home of which we do not know if you touch or if work pressure, the classic click that for now keep manufacturers such as Samsung.
What specifications do believe to know about Nokia D1C? Because, remember, everything is filtered information and there is no official confirmation of any kind. The D1C Nokia would have a FullHD resolution IPS screen and with a diagonal for the moment unknown. For the processor, Snapdragon 430 eight-core 1, 5 GHz.
For the memories we would have 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage that we could expand with a microSD of up to 128 GB. 13 and 8 Megapixels formed the team of cameras and also come with LTE, 4.1 Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi. Date of arrival would be to Nougat as Android version and the fingerprint reader could be mounted only in the Premium version.

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As usual, we recommend not take these specifications to the letter as there is nothing confirmed by the manufacturer. For now we will wait to go having more information about a device whose release is still far away, provided that they comply the information that was in the month of April/May in the market. What is true is that desire to Nokia there is, either in the way that is.