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Application process:

The application process went smoothly and flawlessly through your website. When, after extensive research on the Internet and various experience reports, I was clear about which university or which country it should be, I was relieved in the application process with the help of your website. I was only given all the documents that I should complete and send to them, everything else took its course from that point on.

The first big and really difficult step in or before Dublin is looking for an apartment. Good and inexpensive apartments in Dublin are more than rare. For this you should apply for a student residence early, as these are fully booked very early. However, if you prefer to live in your own apartment, I recommend allowing enough time for the search. I personally rented a hostel from home for a week and looked at a few properties on www.daft.ie shortly before leaving, which I was then able to visit on site. It makes no sense to pay rents from home or to rent objects permanently, because you really buy a pig in a poke, because everything always looks a little different in pictures. The prices to be paid for apartments in Dublin

In addition, you shouldn’t be too demanding when it comes to the standard of living in the apartments, as this is significantly below the German standard. Compared to apartments in Munich, which are not cheap, but are of a much higher standard, you can start pondering in Dublin. However, you get used to everything and after one or two weeks at the latest everything is perceived as normal.


The Dublin Business School is divided into several buildings, but they are all in the city center and can be reached quickly. The facilities range from new and modern to very old and technically not up to date. Check anycountyprivateschools to see more reviews from current students.


I chose the subjects “Business Information Systems and Applications”, “Business Management”, “European Enterprise Development” and “Strategic Management”. The quality and degree of difficulty of the above-mentioned subjects are very different, as they are thrown together from different courses. At the DBS it is possible to choose several modules from different courses, which I found very flexible. On the whole, however, one can say that the level of difficulty is significantly lower than in Germany, so that no one really has to worry about failing.

There are no exams for those students who are only at DBS for one semester, but there are so-called assignments that keep you on your toes throughout the semester. For this I recommend not to start too late, because the pressure to submit at the end of the semester can spoil the fun a bit.


There are plenty of leisure activities in Dublin. Since DBS students can enjoy more free time compared to Trinity College students, I will explain some good nightlife options below.

You can find pubs on almost every corner of the city. Since I’m a big soccer fan, I got a few good tips from the locals, such as the “Woolshed”, where you can watch almost all soccer games, from the Bundesliga to the Champions League and the cup. For those who like to go to clubs, I recommend “Diceys”, “D2”, “the palace” and everything that happens on “Hardcourt Street”. Is cheap and super good.

Cost of living:

The cost of living in Dublin is just as expensive than in Germany. Of course there is Lidl and Aldi and Tesco, which in my opinion is not very different from the German one. However, if you want to buy beer, spirits and the like, you will quickly see an almost outrageously expensive range of prices.

If you add up rent, groceries, bus, and going out per month, you should plan between 1000 and 1500 euros, depending on how much you are partying and how expensive the apartment is.


All in all, you can say that the semester abroad in Dublin was one of my best decisions. Not because the college is the best I have ever seen, but because life in Dublin is simply awesome. So if you attach great importance to a great education, you should perhaps apply to the Trinity. But if you place more value on an eventful time with lots of parties, new friends and little stress, the DBS is the right place for you and will experience an unforgettable time.

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