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Since the DBS is not a partner university of my home university, I had to submit an application to the study commission for permission to spend a semester abroad as a “free mover”. Thanks to the help of your website, a private, free placement organization, I received the support I needed to organize my semester abroad. After a short phone call, I was sent all the necessary application documents. After I had compiled and filled out all of the documents, I forwarded them to your website. The agency then checked my documents for completeness and sent them directly to DBS. Your website was always available to answer any questions and were always very friendly and helpful, which speeded up the process a lot.

Finding suitable accommodation for the semester in Dublin is not easy, as DBS does not provide its own student residence. It is not recommended to look for private accommodation from Germany, as the housing market is very fast moving and pictures often do not correspond to reality. A good starting point is to first quarter in a hostel for a few days and thus look for an apartment on site. In this way you can get an exact picture of the housing market. A stay in the hostel is also ideal for meeting new people.

There are numerous sites on the internet that contain apartment listings. Amongst other things:

  • DAFT.ie
  • Let.ie
  • Rent.ie
  • Myhome.ie
  • Property.ie

When looking for an apartment, it must be noted that many apartments are only rented for a minimum of one year or that students are excluded from the start. In addition, many landlords require a monthly rent as a deposit and possibly a deposit for the additional costs.

Dublin is divided into north and south by the River Liffey. All even postcodes are found in the south and all odd postcodes in the north, with the center being Dublin 2. It is advisable to look for an apartment in the center or close to the center (Dublin 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8), as the DBS campus is located in Dublin 2. The closer you live to the center, the more expensive the apartments are, but you can save a lot of time and the expensive ticket for the bus (approx. € 100 for 30 days) or the Luas (approx. € 66 for 30 days) and either Get from A to B quickly on foot or with a Dublin bike (approx. € 20 for one year).

In the end I decided to share a flat in Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6 and paid € 425 plus utilities per month for a room. It should be noted that the Irish standard of living cannot be compared with the German and that some compromises have to be made.

Studied at the DBS

Before the beginning of the actual semester, DBS offered a free English course for 2 or 3 weeks. Since I was and am very satisfied with my level in English after several international and work experiences, I decided against it. In retrospect, I learned from my fellow students that the level and content of the language course were very low and that mainly Germans took part.

The semester at DBS started with an introductory week for all exchange students. Here we were given general information about Dublin, studying at DBS, possible excursions and some dates. However, there was no precise information for the timetable compilation, as the master’s courses were partially completely restructured and the course title and number of ECTS credits were changed. Since I was told before the beginning of the semester to choose 10 different courses in order to be flexible when choosing a course, the disappointment was all the greater when I discovered that none of my previously chosen courses had come together. When asked, I was told that the digital marketing master’s course could not be completed due to insufficient demand. Check educationvv to see more reviews from current students.

After looking at various courses, I decided on:

  • Integrated Marketing Communications in a Digital Age (4 x 60min per week, 10 ECTS credits each)
    • Individual essay (50%): 2500 words on one of the following topics: “How can social media be used to gain a competitive advantage in political campaigns?” or “How effective is consumers’ engagement with brands on social media?”
  • Group Report (15%) and Group Presentation (35%): Development of a marketing communication campaign for a product of your choice
  • Strategies for HR – Managing Resourcing Strategy (4 x 60min per week, 10 ECTS credits each)
    • Group Report (50%, 3500 words) and Group Presentation (50%): Analysis of two case studies
  • Theory of Cloud Computing (4 x 60min per week, 10 ECTS credits each)
    • Group Report (50%, 4000 words) and Group Presentation (50%): Selection of a given topic in the area of ​​cloud computing

In general, the level of master’s courses is definitely lower than in Germany. However, you are always busy with the many housework. However, if you want to learn a lot and have high standards, I don’t necessarily recommend DBS.

With regard to the supervision of the foreign students, the DBS is fine. At first everything was pretty chaotic, which has improved over the course of the semester. I rate various organized events and excursions for foreign students as positive.

University life is very diverse, because there are various societys such as radio, kayak, gymnastics or dancing that you can join at the beginning of the semester.

Everyday life and free time

In general, I find the Irish to be very sociable, open and friendly. You get into conversation with strangers pretty quickly and this makes it easy to make new contacts. In the evenings you often meet in one of the numerous pubs. It’s easy to get to know new people here. Alternatively, you can meet many nice Irish people or exchange students from all over the world in the societies offered by the university.

In terms of culture, Dublin has a lot to offer for young and old. From museums (e.g. National Museum, Irish Museum of Modern Art) to churches (e.g. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral) to parks (e.g. Dublin Zoo in Phoenix Park, St. Stephen’s Green , Botanical Garden) there is a lot to explore. For beer and whiskey lovers, a trip to the popular Guinness Storehouse or the Jameson Distillery is worthwhile.

A tour of Ireland is also highly recommended. If you rent a car, you can plan your route flexibly. Special highlights include the impressive cliffs of the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren area, the beautiful panoramic Ring of Kerry and Dingle Island. Connemara with its high moors is also worth seeing.


In summary, I really enjoyed the semester abroad at DBS. In particular, I have taken the friendly, open-minded Irish into my heart. However, if you have high expectations of the education system, you should perhaps try one of the state universities, such as UCD or DCU. A trip to Ireland is definitely worth it.

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