Easter in the USA

Does the “Easter Bunny” also exist in the USA? Some of those who want to emigrate and dream of a life in the USA are sure to ask that. You can take a deep breath: Easter is one of the official US holidays. Find out more about the beautiful Easter customs of the Americans!

This is how Americans celebrate Easter

According to acronymmonster, the American Easter is very similar to the German in many ways. Many churches hold special services on Easter Sunday. The Easter bunny and the Easter egg hunt play a big role, especially for children. They get sweets and brightly painted Easter eggs from the Easter bunny, which their parents secretly hid in the house or in the garden beforehand.

When all the Easter eggs have been collected, the “Easter Egg Roll”, which is widespread in the USA, begins, in which the children all roll an egg down from a hill at the same time in the hope that their own egg will reach the bottom first and win the game.

The Easter meal in the USA

Easter ham is traditionally served. This is a hearty bone ham that is cooked in the oven and then refined with a spicy marinade. The Americans like to use a honey-mustard marinade. The side dishes are mostly potatoes and vegetables. Alternatively, the tender Easter Lamb is a very popular dish at Easter.

Easter Party at the White House: Easter Egg Roll

The already mentioned Easter Egg Roll doesn’t stop at the White House either! Under US President Rutherford B. Hayes, the first Easter party was held in front of the White House in 1878. Despite some interruptions in this tradition, the incumbent US President has been inviting everyone to the most famous Easter Egg Roll on the large lawn of the White House on Easter Monday – a great Easter event for all families with children!

In addition to the Easter Egg Roll, there are numerous other family activities, delicious food and music. The White House garden is practically transformed into a playground with painting and handicraft stands and sometimes you can even listen to exciting stories from the president. The tickets for this event are free and will be raffled off via an online lottery.

The spectacular Easter parades

Another US Easter tradition is the cheerful and colorful Easter parades, with each city having its own customs. Probably the largest and most famous “Easter Parade” takes place on Fifth Avenue in New York City. It starts at 10 a.m. and lasts until late afternoon.

There is a hustle and bustle along the street with Americans celebrating. They often dress up in colorful traditional costumes and hats adorned with flowers and move through the city next to the brass bands and colorful Easter floats. Visitors dressed up as Easter bunnies are also not uncommon! The New York Easter spectacle is similar to the Carnival in Cologne.

In addition to the big Easter parade, for example, numerous stages are also being set up around St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where many party-goers gather and celebrate the day together.

Interesting facts about Easter

  • Easter is the most popular church day of the year.
  • After Halloween, Easter is the holiday when most of the sweets are consumed.
  • In the United States, 12 of the 50 states recognize Good Friday as a public holiday.
  • Over 500,000 eggs were hidden in the world’s largest Easter egg hunt, held in Winter Haven, Florida in 2007.
  • The idea that the Easter bunny gives away sweets and eggs is said to have originated in Germany in the Middle Ages.
  • There are 35 possible dates for Easter – the cycle repeats once every 5.7 million years.

Easter in the USA

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