Flat Rate Scholarships in the USA for International Students

The higher education landscape in the USA has been shaped by commerce for decades. There are a very large number of scholarships and for many American students they are the only way to finance their studies. Unfortunately, the majority of the scholarships are only open to national students.

Nonetheless, quite a few US universities offer scholarships that are aimed exclusively at international students. These are often so-called flat-rate scholarships in the US for international students. However, their awareness abroad is usually limited. This in turn has a positive effect on the real chances of receiving such a scholarship.

Issues with US performance-based scholarships

When applying for purely performance-based scholarships, international applicants compete with US applicants and often fall behind. This is not least due to the frequently existing language barrier: In the academic admission tests such as the SAT or the ACT, international applicants for a university place do worse than native speakers.

In addition, the amount of the scholarship is usually too low to really relieve international applicants financially.

In addition, there are also scholarships that are aimed exclusively at international applicants and are also awarded independently of academic or sporting achievements: the flat-rate scholarships in the USA for international students.

Universities with flat-rate scholarships in the US for international students

Flat-rate scholarships are awarded primarily by universities and colleges that specifically want to increase the proportion of international students. In this way, they not only promote cultural and ethnic diversity on campus, but also improve their position in the university rankings at the same time. The rankings are very influential in the USA, a country located in North America according to itypetravel. The reputation of the individual university stands or falls with the placement.

Thousands of students are drawn to the internationally known top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UCLA or UC Berkeley. Due to its popularity, countless students from abroad also apply. The coastal universities are also extremely popular. With this strong rush, the universities only consider a fraction of the international applicants. Very few are lucky enough to receive an additional scholarship, if any are available at all.

What many applicants do not realize is that there are thousands of universities in the USA. Many of these institutions are accredited, have excellent facilities and offer a high-quality learning and research environment. They are less known to international students mainly because they are located in the less popular states such as Ohio, Michigan or Maine.

But it is precisely those universities that often spontaneously, depending on the current situation and depending on the number of people, award different flat-rate scholarships in the USA for international applicants.

U.S. Flat Rate Scholarship Amount

Because the granting of scholarships is independent of academic or sporting achievements as well as of the choice of course, they are called “lump-sum scholarships”. The universities are primarily concerned with attracting international students with the scholarships in order to ensure more diversity and thus increase their reputation.

The amount of flat-rate scholarships for international students thus depends to a certain extent on the urgency with which universities in the USA wish to attract international applicants. Generally speaking, the scholarships are substantial: they usually cover half of all costs incurred for tuition fees, accommodation and meals. With such a scholarship, a year of study is financially viable for German applicants. The expenses are then roughly comparable with German conditions.

Funding period of the flat-rate scholarships

Flat rate scholarships in the US for international students are generally related to a full degree. This means that they are valid for the entire standard period of study up to the Bachelor or Master degree. However, the scholarship holders must regularly provide evidence of the relevant achievements in order to continue receiving the scholarship.

Chances of a US Flat-Rate Scholarship

The following applies to flat-rate scholarships: first come, first served. All applicants have the same opportunities because performance does not count here. So in order to get hold of one of the flat-rate scholarships in the USA for international students, you have to apply as early as possible and at the same time meet the requirements for the course for which you want to enroll.

Find the right flat-rate scholarship

The private organization Internationaldoorway arranges flat-rate scholarships from US universities in Germany and lists the possible universities and specific scholarships on its website.

Flat Rate Scholarships in the USA for International Students

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