Florida Geography and Famous Natives

Florida geography

The Florida Peninsula is a diverse collection of islands, swamps, springs, swamps, and hundreds of small lakes, rivers, and bodies of water.

The earth is divided into four main regions; Gulf Coast/Atlantic Ocean coastal plains, highlands (hilly region) of the north and northwest, swampy Everglades of the far south, and the Florida Keys. Coastal plains usually consist of a plain fronted by barrier islands, sandy beaches, coral reefs, and sandbars. The low rolling countryside of the highland area extends across the Florida Panhandle. Here, the state’s highest point, Britton Hill, rises to 345 feet.

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The Marshy Marshes (averaging approximately 8 feet above sea level) are the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. This sheltered area is lined with countless bays, channels and small lakes, and includes thousands of tiny islands. It is officially designated as an International Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site and a Wetland of International Importance.

The Florida Keys are an archipelago of approximately 1,700 islands, extending southwest from the southeast tip of the Florida Peninsula, on the uninhabited Dry Tortugas in the Gulf of Mexico. Its largest inland body of water is Lake Okeechobee, a very shallow lake (only 20 feet deep) that drains into the Florida Everglades. Significant rivers include the Apalachicola, Caloosahatchee, Indian, Kissimmee, St. Johns and Suwannee.

Florida Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


Julian Cannonball Adderley jazz saxophonist

Musical group Allman Brothers Band

Founder Wallace Amos Famous Amos Cookies

John Anderson musician

Chicken Atkins Basketball Player


Gary W. S. Bonds singer, songwriter

Singer Pat Buna

Alan Stevenson Boyd politician

Wayne Brady comedian

Napoleon Bonaparte Broward politician

Politician Connie Brown

Ballerina Fernando Bujonbesa

Delta Breaks Down Actress


Singer Jo Ann Campbell

Actress Diana Canova

Judy Canova actress, comedian

Steve “Lefty” Carlton baseball player

Vince Carter basketball player

Laughton Politician Chiles

Founder Jacqueline Cochran (American of Anglo-Saxon origin and Protestant faith)

Leveranues Coles football player

Leroy Collins politician

Merian K. Cooper screenwriter, producer

Football player Duante Culpepper


Billy Daniels singer, actor

Clint Allen Daniels singer

Jim Davis politician

Darryl Dawkins basketball player

Tramar Dillard “Flo Rida” singer, songwriter

Keyon Dooling Basketball Player

Singer Howie Doro

Actress Faye Dunaway

David Duvall golfer


Gloria Estefan singer (born in Cuba)

Faith singer Rene Evans, songwriter

Chris Evert tennis player


Actor Stepin Fetchit


Robert Gant actor

Donald “Don” Garlits “father” of drag racing

Dwight Gooden baseball player

Bob Graham politician


TV actor Darrell Hammond

Politician Katherine Harris

Basketball player Udonis Haslem

Bob Hayes track and field athlete, football player

Actress Wanda Hendrix

Carl Hiaasen journalist, author

Actress Cheryl Hines

Spessard Dutch politician

Lauren Hutton model, actress


Michael Irwin football player


Colonel General Daniel “Kid” James

Chad Johnson football player

  1. Composer Rosamond Johnson, singer

James Weldon Johnson author, educator

Larry Wayne “Chipper” Jones baseball player

Roy Jones Jr boxer


  • Actress Catherine Keener
  • Stetson Kennedy author, civil rights activist


  • Singer Francis Langford
  • Ray Lewis football player
  • Al Lopez baseball player


  • Keeper Madison actress
  • Raoul Malo singer, songwriter
  • Bob Martinez politician
  • Tino Martinez baseball player
  • Mark McCumber golfer
  • Willis McGahey footballer

Florida geography

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