Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HKUST Business School

As one of the world top MBA programs that offer one year degree of Master of Business Administration, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HKUST Business School delivers its courses through classroom in a full-time base. This page provides major areas of study, financial information and physical location of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HKUST Business School – Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong. Also, you will find school official website, email address, and contact phone number of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HKUST Business School.

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MBA, Full Time (1 year)

Program Detail

Program Name MBA, Full Time
Program Overview Located in Hong Kong, HKUST MBA is ranked Asia no. 1 and among the world’s top ten by Financial Times. We are also the only MBA in Asia ranked in all the top 4 global MBA rankings (Forbes, BusinessWeek, Economist and Financial Times), and one
Areas of Study
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
Joint Degree Offered No
Delivery Format Classroom
GMAT Score Average: 610 – 730
Tuition & Fees Total Program: HKD 545,000
Financial Aid Availability Financial aid available, contact school for more information
Start Dates &
Application Deadlines
Start Date Application Date
8/3/2015 11/13/2014
Upcoming Events
Program Size Class Size: 109
Work Experience Average: 6 Years
Employment Information 95% of graduates are offered employment by 3 months after graduation
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MBA in Technology Management

New innovations emerge every day that make processes even more efficient, save costs and further accelerate processes. In order not to be left behind, producers and service providers have to remain technically up to date and ensure the economic planning and implementation of new technologies. For this purpose, the technology manager from the interface area of ​​economics and technology is used. We provide you with all information about the corresponding MBA Technology Management.

If a company wants to remain competitive, it must constantly work on optimizing itself – and this is only possible if it is always technically up to date. New technologies have to be identified and recognized as useful. This is followed by strategic planning as to how these can best and most economically be integrated into the ongoing value creation processes and thus contribute to process optimization.

All of these tasks are the responsibility of technology managers: they combine interdisciplinary knowledge from the fields of technology (the focus here is primarily on engineering) and business administration. An MBA degree in technology management is therefore suitable for anyone who is enthusiastic about technology and its practical application and at the same time has interests in business studies.

The MBA degree in Technology Management is divided into two different areas at many universities. Since MBA courses primarily want to promote the management skills and entrepreneurial skills of the students, the participants learn first of all more general business knowledge and management skills. Modules such as corporate strategy, marketing management, finance and accounting or leadership are on the schedule here.

In order to prepare them optimally for a managerial ability in the technology industry, the second part of the MBA courses primarily convey specialized technology management content, such as Transformation of the Energy Sector, Innovation Management, Bringing Technology to the Market, Technology Roadmapping, Current Challenges or trends in technology management.

As you can see, the module names have almost exclusively English names. This is mainly due to the fact that a large part of the MBA courses in the field of technology management have an international focus. That is why they are often taught partly or even entirely in English. In addition, many courses offer the completion of a foreign module in which students can gain international experience and improve their language skills.

Technology management has a strong engineering connection; Accordingly, there are many other related MBA offers in this area, which have specialized accordingly. These include, for example, “Engineering Management” or “International Industrial Management”. Since the terms “technology management” and “innovation management” are usually not clearly delineated from each other, there are also many innovation management MBAs that have comparable content and open similar career paths.

Study forms and course

The vast majority of MBA courses in technology management are designed to be part-time.

Wichtig: Part-time MBA courses can vary widely in structure and process. For example, a large part relies on a combination of self-study and face- to- face events at the university or institute. For example, the seminars at the European School of Management and Technology are organized as block events with a duration of six to 13 days, which take place at intervals of several weeks. Others, such as the Northern Institute of Technology Management, offer classes in the evenings, weekends, and holidays. In this variant, the standard period of study is four semesters.

Another option, however, is an MBA distance learning course without regular face-to-face events, such as that offered by the Open University. In this variant, students have online access to the teaching materials and can exchange ideas with lecturers and fellow students via Internet platforms. This variant offers students the greatest flexibility in terms of space and time, as they can decide for themselves when and where to acquire the course content. The duration of study is also flexible here: distance learning takes at least 2.5 and a maximum of seven years.

Regardless of the type of study and the organization of the study, all MBA courses are completed with the preparation of the master’s thesis.


To get a place in an MBA in technology management, you have to meet certain requirements. The qualifications in demand usually include a first university degree (at least a bachelor’s degree) and a certain level of professional experience. Depending on the university, one to five years will be required here. Appropriate language skills ( e.g. via a TOEFL certificate) must also be demonstrated at universities that hold part or all of the teaching in English.

Additional requirements may also apply. For example, in order to get a place at the European School of Management and Technology, applicants must have a personal interview.


An MBA course is always associated with relatively high costs and is therefore a major investment in yourself.

Examples of tuition fees

  • Northern Institute of Technology Management: 19,000 euros
  • RWTH Aachen: 32,000 euros
  • ESMT: 57,500 euros

By the way, we also created an entire chapter on financing MBA.


If you want to position yourself a little broader, an MBA General Management is always the right choice. A Master of Business Administration with a little more focus on engineering is engineering management.

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