Illinois Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Illinois

From the shoreline of Lake Michigan, inland for 8-10 miles, the land is great.

From the Chicago suburbs moving west toward the Iowa border, the land gradually rises into a hilly region in the far northwest. The state’s highest point, Charles Mund, at 1,235 ft., is located there.

The southern two-thirds of the state is rolled farmland, commonly referred to as America ‘s Corn Belt. This wide and fertile range of land (hilly in some areas) cuts into the states of Iowa, Indiana and Missouri. Shawnee Hills region (a narrow strip of land

listen)) continues southern Illinois from Elizabethtown to the Missouri border. Approximately 40 miles wide and 70 miles long, this rolling woodland rises to almost 1,000 feet.

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The state’s most important river – the Mississippi – forms it’s entire western border. Other famous rivers include the Illinois, Kaskaskia, Ohio and Wabash.

Major lakes, in addition to Lake Michigan, include Carlisle, Rip, Shelbyville and Upper Peoria.

Illinois Famous Natives


Physicist James Cronin, Nobel laureate

Henry Crown industrialist, philanthropist

John Cusack actor

Richard J. Daley politician

Richard M. Daley politician

Henry Darger author, artist

Justin W. Dart Jr. activist for disabled

Miles Davis musician, jazz bandleader, composer

Bruce Dern actor

Alfred B. Dick founder ab member company

Everett McKinley Dirksen politician

The Walt Disney Co-Founder Walt Disney Company

Edward Adelbert Doisy biochemist, Nobel laureate

John Dos Passos author

Bruce Douglas basketball player

Richard Drichos fund manager, philanthropist

Michael Clarke Duncan actor

Finlay Peter Dunn author, humorist


Dennis Farina actor

James T. Farrell author

Ferris wheel inventor George Ferris

Harrison Ford actor

Robert “Bob” Foss choreographer, director

Dennis Frantz actor

Betty Friedan feminist, activist, author

Physicist Joseph I. Friedman, Nobel laureate


Donald Gallaer actor

Jeff Garlin actor

Actress Jennie Garth

Actress Jami Gertz

Arthur Goldberg lawyer, U.S. Secretary of Labor

Benny Goodman musician, jazz bandleader

Priest Andrew Greely, sociologist, journalist, author

Comedian Kathy Griffin

John Gunther journalist, author


George Halas football player, coach

George E. Hale solar astronomer

Speed ​​skater Dorothy Hamill, Olympic medalist

Daryl Hannah actress

Lawyer for John Marshall Harlan II

Carter politician Henry Harrison Jr.

Dennis Hastert politician

Donny Hathaway musician

Bob Havens musician

Sean Hayes actor

Hugh Hefner publisher

Ernest Hemingway author, journalist

Actress Marilu Henner

Charlton Heston actor

James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok gunfighter, Boy Scout

Tad Hilgenbrink actor

William Holden actor

Robert W. Holley biochemist, Nobel laureate

Henry Horner politician

Actress Jennifer Hudson

Rock Hudson actor

Wayne Huizenga sports team owner

Actress Bonnie Hunt

Henry Hyde politician


Burl Ives actor, singer

Henry Johnson musician

James Jones author

Quincy Jones composer

Robert “R” Kelly singer, songwriter

Caren Kemner Olympic medalist, volleyball player

Walter Kerr critic, lyricist, director

Singer Chucky Kahn

Henry Kolker actor, director

Harvey Korman actor

Raymond A. Kroc restaurateur

Gina Krupa musician


Julia Lathrop social reformer

Barbara Lehman author, illustrator

Ramsey Lewis composer, pianist

Abraham Lincoln President of the United States (born in KY)

Robert Todd Lincoln politician

Nicholas Vachel poet Lindsey

Robert Livingston actor

United Union Army John Alexander Logan, politician


  • Bernie Mac actor
  • Archibald MacLeish poet, Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Michael Madsen actor
  • Actress Virginia Madsen
  • Carl Malden actor
  • John Malkovich actor
  • David Mamet playwright, author
  • James Robert Mann politician
  • Actor Joe Mantegna
  • Economist Harry Markowitz, Nobel laureate
  • Homer Z. Martin inventor
  • Actress Marley Matlin
  • Frederick Louis Maytag founder maytag company
  • Stanley Masor inventor
  • Actress Jenny McCarthy
  • Founder Mark McCormack International Management Group (img)
  • Robert R. McCormick Owner Chicago Tribune
  • Donovan McNabb football player
  • George J. Meckerle founder of the state farm insurance co.
  • Actress Laurie Metcalfe
  • Robert H. Michel politician

Chicago, IL

Founded in 1833, Chicago is the largest city in Illinois; the authentic home of American blues and contemporary comedy and a first-class nightlife scene.

As America’s railroads moved west, Chicago quickly became the transportation hub for the entire Midwest. For decades, Chicago Stockyards has handled the largest herd of cattle and pigs in the United States.

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the US and home to many iconic sights and sounds. Its scenic skyline along the Lake Michigan shoreline is one of the most memorable sites in all of North America.

The city contains many world class museums, miles of beaches and an excellent park system. Dedicated sports fanatics for the Chicago Bears, Bulls, Cubs and Whitesox fill their stadiums for every game throughout the year.

With live theater and shopping venues that rival those found in London, New York and Los Angeles, millions of visitors a year find plenty to do in the wonderful city of Chicago.

  • The world’s first skyscraper, the Home Insurance Building, was built in Chicago in 1885 using steel frame construction.
  • Over one third of its population is concentrated in the lakefront areas along Lake Michigan.
  • The annual Taste of Chicago is the largest food festival in the world.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Known as one of the finest art museums in the world, the Art Institute of Chicago houses the third largest permanent collection in the US.

With more than 260,000 works of art and artifacts, the Art Institute collects, displays and preserves items from every culture and historical period.

With exhibitions of African and Amerindian art, European painting and sculpture, impressionist and post-impressionist paintings, Japanese prints and much more, the Art Institute of Chicago offers exceptional works to inspire every taste in art.

Lincoln Park
Zoo The Lincoln Park Zoo is America’s most historic and wonderful zoo facility. Lincoln is also one of the country’s last remaining free-entry zoos.

Founded in 1868, it now contains a rich variety of animals, including endangered gorillas and chimpanzees, African species and North American wildlife.

A pioneer and leader in animal care, conservation and management, this model of modern zoo operation is a source of pride for the city of Chicago. Lincoln Park attracts over 3 million visitors annually from local Illinois cities and communities across the country and the globe.

Buddy Guy Legends
On the Chicago blues scene, Buddy Guy Legends is right at the top. Since its opening in 1989, Buddy Guy has built and maintained its reputation as the nation’s finest blues club.

World renowned artists have performed on its stages including Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones and ZZ Top. Buddy Guy is the Crowned King of Chicago electric blues and has a 50 year musical career.

Legends is the place in Chicago to experience authentic Blues seven nights a week, eating mouth-watering Cajun Negro cuisine surrounded by an eclectic wealth of blues memorabilia.

What New Orleans, Louisiana to the southern blues scene, Chicago brings to the windy northern plains of the American heartland.

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