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As one of the world top MBA programs that offer one year degree of Master of Business Administration, Instituto de Empresa IE Business School delivers its courses through classroom in a full-time base. This page provides major areas of study, financial information and physical location of Instituto de Empresa IE Business School – Madrid, Spain. Also, you will find school official website, email address, and contact phone number of Instituto de Empresa IE Business School.

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MBA, Part Time (1 year)

Program Detail

Program Name MBA, Part Time
Program Overview
Areas of Study
  • Accounting
  • Communications
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Strategy
  • Other: Behavioral and Social Science, Humanities, Law
Joint Degree Offered No
Delivery Format Blended / Hybrid
GMAT Score Average: 680
Tuition & Fees Total Program: EUR 43.200
Financial Aid Availability Financial aid available, contact school for more information
Start Dates &
Application Deadlines
Start Date Application Date

This program accepts rolling admissions.

Program Size
Work Experience Average:5 years
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MBA in Digital Business

Do you want to raise your economic knowledge to expert level? Do you not only want to be familiar with management issues, but also understand and have a say in digital progress? An MBA Digital Business provides the necessary knowledge so that you can lead your company into the digital age. You can find out what you need to bring with you for an MBA degree in Digital Business and what course content you will encounter in our detailed article.

Digitization does not stop at economically active companies. Skillful managers who are familiar with digital issues are sought regardless of the industry. How do you transform corporate management into digital structures? How do you create the conditions for effective marketing on the Internet? The MBA Digital Business has the answer to these and other questions. First, it conveys basic knowledge of business, digitization and IT in order to combine these elements later as a holistic concept.

The MBA course is aimed primarily at experienced professionals. Several years of professional experience are often required to start a degree. In some exceptions, however, an MBA without work experience is possible. With an MBA, many prospective students hope to gain a leadership position. However, it cannot be said generally whether one earns more salary from an MBA. However, in the vast majority of cases it is true that MBA graduates hold a leadership position in the management of a company.

Different reasons motivate working Bachelor graduates to decide to study again. First and foremost, prospective students want to acquire advanced business and management skills. An MBA course is structured with this aspect in mind, so the students encounter a lot of content in these areas. A view of a higher salary promise many of the advanced professional qualifications thanks to studies.

Another good reason for an MBA are various specialization options within the scope of the course. The focus of the MBA Digital Business is clearly on the application of digital strategies and resources in management or business. Thanks to the specialization, graduates become experts in their field. The need for specialists in the digital field continues unabated, especially in the course of digitization.


There are generally two basic requirements for an MBA. Firstly, this is a first university degree. Many universities prefer a first university degree in an economics subject. Many universities also require several years of professional experience. In individual cases, an exception to these rules can be made. For example, if you have worked for many years and want to continue your education, you can, in special cases, complete an MBA part-time without a first degree. Some universities also require knowledge of foreign languages because some or all of the content of their degree programs is in English.


An MBA course costs a lot of money in most cases, of which the MBA Digital Business is no exception. For a better overview, we have researched a few sample study costs from various universities. With good funding, cost-intensive studies can also be undertaken. Since you also offer added value for your employer with an MBA, employer financing is not so unreasonable. Or did you already know that tuition fees can be deducted from tax ?

However, the pure study costs often include costs for learning materials or travel and travel expenses. If you choose an MBA Digital Business, you have to include it. As with a normal Master’s degree, you can consider funding your studies with a scholarship. Either part or all of the tuition costs can be saved.

Examples cost MBA digital business

University Degree program Total cost
Management Center Innsbruck Digital Business MBA Online 18,900 euros
Ingolstadt University of Technology MBA Digital Business Management 19,110 euros
SME academy MBA Digital Business & Innovation 8,800 euros
East Bavarian Technical University Amberg-Weiden MBA Digital Business Management 3,558 euros

Course content

An MBA Digital Business mainly aims to impart expert knowledge from business and management. In this regard, students acquire specialist knowledge from areas such as financial management or corporate management. With regard to the focus on digital business, a lot of content from IT and IT is taught, the focus is on digitization. What are databases and how are they used for digital corporate management? What digital business models are there? Are there digital guidelines for entrepreneurs? You will find an answer to these and other questions in the Digital Business course. For an overview of the course content, we have listed possible modules for an MBA in Digital Business.

Possible modules economy & management

  • Strategic corporate management
  • Accounting
  • HR management
  • Controlling
  • Innovation management
  • marketing

Possible modules digitization & IT

  • Data management & data evaluation
  • Internet of Things
  • digital business models
  • Data management
  • IT security
  • Trends & developments in digitization

In the MBA course, both areas are taught separately from each other in order to refresh content and to create basic knowledge. As the course of study progresses, the content mixes more and more to convey a holistic concept of digital business.

Duration and expiry

The MBA Digital Business relies on an excellent mix of theoretical knowledge transfer and its application in practice. Depending on the type of study, students have between 3 and 5 semesters of standard study time. Towards the end of the course, the students write a master’s thesis; after passing the course successfully, they have attained the academic degree of the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Before you start your MBA, you have to choose one of the many types of study, for example part-time or distance learning. With an MBA distance learning course, you are flexible in terms of time and location, but you have to acquire the entire course content yourself. The part-time MBA attendance course is defined by regular face-to-face events and a direct exchange with the lecturers. Are you more interested in part-time studies?

Career and salary

With an MBA Digital Business, career opportunities are good: Independent managers are sought, capable managers who are familiar with the topics of digitization. Regardless of whether it’s industry, business or public administration, almost every company wants to benefit from digital progress in order to remain modern and competitive. Depending on your personal and professional interests, you can forge a management career and lead your company into the digital age.

Graduates of an MBA in Digital Business hold management positions in a wide variety of industries. We have researched a few possible career fields for you:

Possible career fields

  • Big data management
  • Business consulting
  • Digitization officer
  • Quality management
  • Data protection & data law
  • Project management


If you have a management position in a company, you usually get a good income. Roughly estimated, this is between 4,000 and 9,000 euros gross per month. However, this guideline ultimately says little, because an actual salary is made up of many factors. For example, whether you already have valuable professional experience or which academic degree you bring with you. The MBA Digital Business is an academic university degree at master’s level, which also has a positive effect on their salary. Of course, some negotiation skills are not wrong with a salary negotiation.

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