It Bet Nokia Android Pure or Create Your Own Layer of Customization?

Still they are missing several months until we see the revival of Nokia Android product, but now everyone can go giving welcome because there is no turning back. New rumors or leaks about the future device is the Finnish manufacturer are week week-Yes, no.
Tours given by Geekbench, have leaked their specifications which could be, and even some very early rendering of the device has been, but nothing is known yet about its software beyond that will bring Android, and possibly bring Nougat (if you bring Marshmallow will be left a little behind).
Will it come with pure Android as Motorola did in his revival of the hand of Google? Will it bring a layer of light or heavy customization? These are questions that many who look beyond the hardware of the device will be doing these days, and during the next few weeks. Fortunately or unfortunately, all I can say is mere speculation (and how much fun that is dreaming…)

Android customization layer or stock?

There are reasons to doubt because, if we do a bit of memory, perhaps remember the tablet Nokia N1 of the Finnish manufacturer, even smartphones X family. Yes, those mobile low-end whose success was null and that had a software which was With a touch of Windows Phone Android (I like to call it ‘Androws’, call me rebel if you want).
The case is that in addition to the built-in software on those devices, we also remember to the still-present Z Launcher, an effort by Nokia to provide a different other launcher at the time promised to learn from our everyday. But given that the last update was in April and it’s a beta, perhaps We can almost rule out Z Launcher as a component of the new Nokia.
But This does not mean that there may not be a possible layer of customization, Android allows many possibilities to differentiate its software of others, and given the trend of manufacturers to lighten your ROMs, Nokia could do a light coat from a home.
However, a measure that would save them money at the time that would leave satisfied many buyers potential would be the opt for pure Android with very little bloatware (or none). That would ensure, in addition, an excellent fluidity with hardware that doesn’t have to necessarily be ‘top’, and even allow some agility in support.

How close is the collaboration of Google with Nokia?

HMD, the Finnish company that is responsible for the design of the devices (the Assembly is run by Foxconn), She is very involved with Nokia in its attempt to return to the fields of battle, and Reuters said that Nokia was working closely with Google to create the operating system of the mobile future.
But that part be working closely with Google was removed from the original source, Reuters, perhaps by not having well interpreted the statements of Arto Nummela, CEO of HMD and former sales manager and Nokia product. That is, that we can assume that Google is working with Nokia to the same degree that does with other manufacturers.
With this in mind, It is likely that Google may provide to Nokia operating system (hopefully that it is Nougat), and the latter could modify it, just give a couple of strokes or install it on their devices as it comes. Anyway, does not seem to exist a privileged treatment, even though in the case of the legendary Nokia.
Now the debate is open, is it the software of the future Nokia very different to what is pure Android? Are they limited to install it as is to save costs and streamline possible software support? Do not hesitate to give your opinion about this case.