Kentucky Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Kentucky

The Cumberland (or Appalachian) Plateau dominates the eastern third of Kentucky. It is a heavily forested area of ​​hills and mountains, and contains the state’s highest point, Black Mt., at 4,139 feet.

The (North-central) Bluegrass region is a series of rolling hills and grasslands. It gets its colorful name from bluegrass, a common name for lawn and pasture grass in parts of the eastern United States.

Northwestern Kentucky is a rolling land bordered by the Ohio River. It is often referred to as the Western Coalfield due to the large coal deposits in the area.

The state’s southwestern corner includes the Mississippi River flood plain and the lowest elevations in the state. This area, purchased from the Chickasaw Indians in 1818, is called the Jackson Purchase, and is named for Andrew Jackson. Mammoth Cave (Central) area, the longest cave system in the world, with 365 miles explored to date. The “Land Between the Lakes” recreation area, bordered by Lake of the Lake and Kentucky Barkley, is a hilly, forested area of ​​approximately 170,000 acres. The state’s waterways are dominated by the major Ohio River, forming its entire northern border, and by the Cumberland and Tennessee river systems and their many offshoot lakes.
Other notable rivers include the Green, Lick, Kentucky, and Mississippi.

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Kentucky bend. covers a land area of ​​17.5 sq. miles. It was created due to a change in the course of the Mississippi River (it flowed backwards) after the New Madrid Earthquakes in 1811 and 1812.

Kentucky Famous Natives


John Adair leadership developer, author

David Akers footballer

Sean Alexander footballer

Muhammad Ali boxer

James Lane Allen author

Derek Anderson basketball player

Sherman Armstrong jockey, coach

Written by Harriett Simpson Arnow


Photographer Karen Ballard

Albin William Barkley Vice President of the United States

Judge Roy Bean, “law west of the Pecos”, “hangin’ judge”

Actor Ned Beatty

Adrian Belew musician

Wendell Berry author, poet

James Best actor

Stephen Bishop’s slave, Mammoth Cave explorer, tour guide

Written by Stephanie Bond

Nathan Boone tour guide, militia official, politician

James Bowie pioneer, soldier

Louis D. Brandeis Justice of the United States Supreme Court

John C. Breckinridge US Vice President

Leader Madeline McDowell Breckinridge women’s suffrage

Foster Brooks actor

John Mason Brown drama critic, author

John I. Brown Jr. politician

  1. Earl Brown actor

Written by William Wells Brown

Tod Browning actor, director, screenwriter

John Buford, Jr. Civil War Union Cavalry Officer

Laura Bell Bundy actress

Jim Banning baseball player, politician

Chris Burke baseball player

Magician Lance Burton


Kit Carson tour guide, soldier, frontiersman

Psychic Edgar Cayce

Written by Henry M. Caudilla

Jockey Steve Coten

Albert Benjamin “Lucky” Chandler politician, baseball commissioner

Ray Chapman baseball player

Rex Chapman basketball player

Stephen Curtis Chapman musician

Jerry Claiborne American football coach

Clark Champion Politician

Anna Mac Clark WAC, first black officer in command of the white unit

Cassius Marcellus Clay abolitionist, editor

Cassius Marselles Clay Jr. “Mohammed Ali” boxer, social activist

Henry Clay statesman (born in VA)

George Clooney actor

Nicholas Clooney television journalist

Singer Rosemary Clooney

Irwin S. Cobb author, humorist, columnist

Floyd Collins cave explorer (provocation and death widely reported)

Martha Lane Collins first female governor of Kentucky

Earl Combs baseball player

John Conley singer

William Conrad actor

John Sherman Cooper politician, ambassador

Tim Kucha football player

Dave Cowens basketball player, coach

Joe Crison journalist

J.D. Crowe singer, banjo player

William J. Crowe, Jr. US naval admiral, diplomat

Billy Ray Cyrus singer, songwriter


President Jefferson Davis unites the states into a confederation of America during the Civil War

Skeeter Davis singer

Actress Kassie DePaiva, singer

Actor Johnny Depp

Daughters of co-founder Mary Deshi of the American Revolution

Singer Jackie Deshannon

  1. A. Diddla college basketball coach

Actress Irene Dunn

Frank Duveneck artist


Bob Edwards radio host

Don Everly musician

Actress Farah Fat

John Fetterman journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner

Larry Flynt publisher

Fontaine Fox cartoonist, illustrator

John Fox Jr. author

Heather French Miss America 2000

Joe Fulks basketball player


Tyson Gay, running medalist

Actress Rebecca Gayheart

Singer Crystal Gale

Singer Troy Lee Gentry

James Lamont “Shelter” Gillespie composer, lyricist

Written by Joey Goebel

Written by Sue Grafton

Darrell Griffith basketball player

David “DW” Griffith film producer

Robert H. Grubbs chemist, Nobel laureate


  • Tom T. Hall singer, songwriter
  • Evangelist Mordecai Ham
  • Lionel Hampton musician
  • Written by Elizabeth Hardwick
  • Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan
  • Larnell Harris singer, songwriter
  • Nicky Hayden motorcycle racer
  • Company of Duncan Hines founder Duncan Hines
  • B. Holmes golfer
  • Joseph Holt US Postmaster General Attorney General
  • Telma Hopkins singer
  • Paul Hornang footballer
  • Silas House author
  • Allan Houston basektball player
  • Joshua Ryan Hutcherson actor


  • Richard Mentor Johnson Vice President of the United States
  • John “Casey” Jones railroad engineer (born in MO)
  • Louis Marshall “Grandpa” Jones singer, banjo player

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