Liechtenstein Holidays, Events, Climate and Sightseeing

Liechtenstein: Holidays

Date Holiday
January 1 New Year
January 6 Epiphany
February 02 Candlemas
March 4 Shrove Tuesday
19th March St. Joseph’s Day
March April Easter
May 1 Labor Day
May 29 Ascension of Christ
May June Pentecost
June 09 Corpus Christi
15th of August Assumption Day and at the same time the country’s national holiday
September 8 Mary bir
November 1 All Saints Day
December 8 Mary Conception
25 December Christmas
December 26 St. Stephen’s Day
December 31 New Year’s Eve

Source: Countryaah – Liechtenstein Holidays

Liechtenstein: climate

There are major differences in temperatures and the amount of precipitation between the Rhine Valley and the mountainous part of Liechtenstein. In the higher altitudes there is almost twice as much precipitation. The winters are of course also colder there. Due to the foehn, the climate in Liechtenstein can be described as mild overall. The summers are not too hot and the winters are not too cold.

Travel times

The ideas of what is meant by a particularly favorable travel climate depend on a number of factors. Pure cultural travelers certainly see the climate differently than people who, for example, want to spend a hiking or winter sports holiday in Liechtenstein. The state of health or age can also play an important role.


  • Presents the way that LS stands for the nation of Liechtenstein as a two-letter acronym.

Interesting buildings

The Landtag

The new Landtag of the state in Vaduz was planned by the architectural office of Prof. Hansjörg Göritz. It has been in the center of the capital since 2008. The building was built entirely from light clinker brick with a very steep roof.

The building is deliberately reminiscent of a tent or a kind of ancient hut. The southern part of the building is directly connected to the State Museum. the architect called it the “High House” as opposed to the “Big House” – the government building. There is a larger space between the parliament and the seat of government.

Vaduz Castle

The originally medieval building from the 12th century was expanded in the 16th and 17th centuries and is now the residence of the royal family.

Gutenberg Castle Gutenberg

Castle from the 13th century in Balzers

Biedermann House

The Biedermann House in Schellenberg


Landesmuseum Vaduz

This museum for cultural history, regional studies and natural history is located in three buildings in a mixture of new buildings with historical structures. It adjoins the Liechtenstein State Parliament, inaugurated in 2008.

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Here you can find works from the Liechtenstein State Art Collection, which mainly represent the art of the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as paintings from the private collection of the Prince of Liechtenstein.

Walser local history museum

Walser local history museum in Triesenberg

Opera and theater

Ruins, archaeological site

Roman excavations

Roman excavations near Eschen-Nendeln and Schaan

Ruins of Schellenberg Castle

Ruins of Schellenberg Castle from the 13th century


Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein (UFL)

Triesen is home to the “Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein (UFL)”, which is officially recognized nationally and internationally. The University of the Principality was founded in autumn 2000 as a private foundation under Liechtenstein law. The university is based in the municipality of Triesen, south of Vaduz.

The university currently has the departments “Scientific Medicine” and “Law”. There are currently less than 100 students studying here

Dorfstrasse 24

FL-9495 Triesen

Tel +423 – 392 40 10

Email: [email protected]

Chapels and churches

Chapel of St. Maria for Consolation

The chapel is located in Schaan

Chapels of St. Mamerten and Maria

The chapels are in Triesen

St. Joseph Chapel

This chapel is located in Planken

Parish church of Mauren

Here you can see the beautiful late Gothic Pietà

Parish church of Bendern

The building dates from 1280

Natural beauties

Vogelparadies Birka

This wonderful nature reserve is home to rare birds from all parts of the world. In addition to parakeets, parrots and peacock species, there are also amazons and young birds. Rare plants and amphibians can also be seen.

The Rhine

The Rhine forms the entire border of the Principality with Switzerland and has a length of 1,230 km from its source in Switzerland to its mouth in the Netherlands.

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