London Travel Guide

London – a city you can’t get bored of. London lives 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This British destination classic offers interesting things to do time and time again.

According to Abbreviation Finder, London is a true classic of city destinations, pampering the tourist with world-famous attractions as well as events and activities.

The British capital, London, is an urban destination that offers something for everyone. Whatever your interests, there is an almost limitless amount of things to do, as the city pampers lustful shoppers, football fans and music figures alike. It is also possible for the active holidaymaker to spend a successful holiday in the big city.


Let London seduce

London’s most famous attractions, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street and, of course, Tower Bridge and the London Eye are popular destinations for almost all tourists. The destinations are within walking distance of each other, making it easy to get around during the first day of travel, leaving time for other activities in the program for the rest of the day.

The hectic atmosphere of a big city is reflected in certain parts of London, as Oxford Street, for example, is crowded with people almost regardless of the time of day. Those looking for a peaceful atmosphere should head outside the city center.

There are numerous small neighborhoods in London with their own small centers with services. If you want a unique atmosphere and local color, you should book accommodation in quiet parts of London, which have not yet been discovered by large numbers of tourists.

Buckingham Palace is one of London’s most famous places to visit

Buckingham Palace is one of London’s most famous places to visit.

When to London?

London is a year-round travel destination, but the actual tourist season takes place in the summer. During the summer, unfortunately, congestion, such as queues at destinations, is huge. Autumn and spring are quieter, but still varied travel time. Queues can also be avoided by purchasing admission tickets in advance.

The weather may change in an instant, so a traveler planning a trip to London should be prepared for unexpected weather changes by also packing waterproof equipment. Although known as a rainy city, London also pampers tourists on warm sunny days. London is a great summer destination, but spring starts very early in the city from a Finnish point of view, so it is also a great destination for the beginning of the year, for example.

Spend a successful city break in London

The city of millions is primarily a city destination and is full of opportunities. Great restaurants, good hotels, an atmospheric pub culture, an endless selection of museums, great shopping and beautiful parks offer things to do for the traveler.

In addition to traditional city holiday entertainment, London also offers options. For example, day trips to nature and beach resorts in nearby London bring variety to a city break.

London is an expensive travel destination, in addition to which changes in exchange rates between the pound sterling and the euro also have a significant impact on a tourist’s wallet. Accommodation in London in particular is even expensive, as finding good and cheap accommodation in the city is very difficult.

Although London is basically an expensive destination, you can also make a successful budget holiday there . There are plenty of hostels in the city, as well as inexpensive restaurants, to which the pounds reserved for the trip do not diminish in an instant.

Be polite

A tourist in London is fluent in English, and even if the language skills are not dizzying, it is worth opening your mouth and speaking boldly – as long as you remember the words of compliment. The courtesy of British culture quickly opens up to the tourist as well.

Courtesy also involves dropping, which is recommended in London. In many restaurants, a 15 percent service charge is automatically added to the total amount of the bill, but in places where it is not added, it is recommended to leave a 10 to 15 percent tip. Taxi drivers also expect 10 to 15 percent uptime.

London is largely a safe destination, but the city is worth keeping its assets especially for pickpockets and scammers .


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