Louisiana Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Louisiana

The sea level salt marsh stretches along much of Louisiana’s ever-changing Gulf of Mexico coastline, and inland for up to 25 miles in some spots. From there, the land rises gently into a wide coastal plain (or prairie) with a few rolling hills to the east and west.

From central Louisiana to its northern border with Arkansas, Louisiana’s landscape rises very slowly to its highest point (Mount Driskill), standing at a mere 535 feet above sea level.

The Mississippi River Delta is literally covered in silt deposited by the Mississippi River as it slows down and enters the Gulf of Mexico. This process is all the time and is slowly expanding the land of Louisiana further into the Gulf. Subsequently, the salt marshes created provide a fertile breeding ground for crab, fish and shrimp.

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In addition to the massive Mississippi River system, other notable rivers include the Atchafalaya, Ouachita, Pearl, Red and Sabine. Size lakes include Charles, Grand, Pontchartrain, Sabine and White, and Toledo’s Bend Reservoir.

Louisiana Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


Charles Clinton “CC” musician. Adcock

Follow singer Adkins, songwriter

Phil Anselmo singer, songwriter

Louis Armstrong musician, singer

Evelyn Ashford Olympic champion


Actor Vernel Bagneris

Danny Barker musician

Dave Bartholomew producer, arranger, songwriter

General Allied Army P. G. T. Beauregard, author, inventor

Musician Sidney Becheta

Arthur P. Bedow photographer

fashion designer Jeffrey Bina

Photographer E. J. Bellocca

Artist Willy Birch

William “Buckskin Bill” Black entertainer

Politician Kathleen Blanco

Baseball player Vidy Blue

Marie Corinne Morrison Claiborne “Lindy” Boggs politician

Poet Arne W. Bontemps, member of the Harlem Renaissance

James Booker musician, singer

Jockey Calvin Borel

John Ed Bradley writer, author

Football player Terry Bradshaw

Civil rights leader Ruby Bridges (born in MS)

Poppy by Brite

Leon “Kix” Brooks singer, songwriter (Brooks & Dunn)

Mark Broussard singer, songwriter

Tom “Red” Brown musician

James Lee Burke writer (TX born)


George Washington cable writer

Boxer Tony Cansoneri

Truman Capote writer

Lindsey Cardinale singer

Kitty Carlyle singer, actress

James Carville political consultant

Wayne Cosey baseball player

seasonings tony’s founder Tony Chacher

Jean Pierre Chouteau fur trader, politician, slave owner

Fur trader René Auguste Chouteau, politician, founder of St. Louis, Missouri

Jimmy Clanton singer

William “Will” Clark baseball player

Actress Patricia Clarkson

Van Cliburn concert pianist

Vincent Coleman actor

Harry Connick Jr. musician, actor


Ronald Glen Davis “Big Kid” basketball player

James “Jimmy” Davis singer, politician

William “Willie” Davis football player

Michael DeBakey physician, inventor

Actress Ellen DeGeneres

Jockey Edward “Eddie” Delahousse

Jake Delhomme football player

David Dellucci baseball player

Jockey Kenta Desormo


Alvin Ralph Darke baseball player, manager

Antoine “Fat” Domino musician, singer, songwriter

Donna Douglas actress

Clyde Drexler basketball player

Joe Dumars basketball player

Warrick Dunn footballer

Mark Duper football player

Edwin Edwards politician


Kevin Faulk footballer

Marshall Faulk footballer

Trev Folka football player

David Filo co-founder yahoo

Sean Patrick Flanery actor

Written by Mary Alice Fontenot

Actress Faith Ford

Pete Funtain musician

Edward Garvin FuchEddie Raven” singer, songwriter


  • Ernest Gaines author
  • Written by Tim Gauthro
  • Mickey Gilli musician, singer
  • Pianist Louis Moreau Gottschalk
  • Written by Shirley Ann Gro
  • Actress Valeka Gray
  • Tom Gresham author, radio talk show host, editor
  • Andy Griggs singer
  • Ronald Guidry baseball player
  • Bryant Gumbel television announcer
  • Greg Gumbel television sportscaster
  • George “Buddy” Guy singer, musician


  • Windsor Harmon actor
  • Actress Dannyla Harris
  • Alvin Hayes basketball player
  • Hunter Hayes singer, songwriter
  • Bobby Joseph Hebert Jr. sportscaster, football player
  • Kyle Henry Hebert voice actor
  • Princess Alice Hayne of Monaco
  • Playwright Lillian Hellman
  • George Herriman cartoonist
  • Actor Louis Hertuma
  • Musician Al Hirta
  • Artist Clementine Hunter

Baton Rouge

Founded in 1699, Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and a major, petrochemical, industrial and port center. Located in the southeastern part of the state along the Mississippi River, 75 miles northwest of New Orleans, the city is a mixture of Louisiana southern charm, culture and of course, Cajun food.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy hot, muggy summers and mild winters. Baton Rouge has a wealth of places to visit and fun things to do. In addition to being home to Louisiana State University (LSU), the city has an expanding visual arts scene, lively festivals and great museums, all forming the basis for Baton Rouge’s motto: “Authentic Louisiana at every turn.”

  • Baton Rouge’s biggest industry is ‘Big Oil’ and the petrochemicals that come from it. BASF, Standard Oil and Dow Chemical maintain offices in this Louisiana
  • Baton Rouge was the site of the first bus boycott of the early 1960s by the US civil rights movement.
  • The port of Baton Rouge is the ninth largest in the US in terms of gross tonnage handled annually.

See our Baton Rouge Map to help you spot these amazing things to do in Baton Rouge:

Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge
Riverboat Hollywood Casino is located across from the Capitol on the banks of the Mississippi River in downtown Baton Rouge.

The Hollywood Baton Rouge Casino features three floors with over 1,100 seats to offer its guests, including Blackjack, Double Lucky 7’s, Double Diamond and Wheel of Fortune among many others. Whenever Lady Luck takes a break, you can always grab some great food at one of the three restaurants on board!

Magnolia Mound Composition
A true testament to vernacular architecture influenced by early settlers from France and the West Indies, Magnolia Mound Plantation is one of the earliest structures built in Baton Rouge.

A kind, immaculately preserved historic site, Magnolia Mound has long been a Baton Rouge historical landmark. Known for its age and quality of preservation, the building also exemplifies a wealth of furnishings and decorative art collections from the antebellum South and outbuildings on the property, including an open hearth kitchen and a quarter house.

Louisiana Old State Capital
One of the most outstanding examples of Gothic architecture in the US, Louisiana, the Old Capitol is a magnificent building that has witnessed history unfolding, fire, debate and failure. For more than 150 years, the Old Capitol remained in use until 1932, when the new Capitol Building took its place.

Restored in 1990, the Old Capitol now houses the Museum of Political History and deals with Baton Rouge’s historic preservation projects, exhibitions and tours.

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