Maine Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Maine

Maine is divided into three distinct regions; Atlantic Ocean Coastal Lowlands, Central Highlands and Appalachian mountain ranges in the northwestern reaches of the state. The scattered Longfellow Mountains, the state’s main range, are considered an extension of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. They were named by the Maine legislature (in 1959) for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet and natural son. Mt. Katahdin, located within the boundaries of Baxter National Park, is the state’s highest point at 5,267 feet.

North central, deep water lakes, remnants of the last Ice Age, cover the land. They mingle with seemingly endless pine forests as Maine is 90% forested and remains one of the world’s leading paper producers.

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The jagged, and rockbound coastline of the Atlantic Ocean is a mixture of bays, inlets, sandy beaches and thousands of strangely shaped islands.

Significant rivers include the Androscoggin, Kennebec, Penobscot, Santa Cruz, and St. John.

Maine Famous Locals

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.

A – B

Myron Avery Appalachian Trail Creator

Christopher Daniel Barnes actor

Governor of Percival Proctor Baxter

Founder of Leon Leonwood Bean ll bob, inc. retail

Anna Belknap actress

Joan Benoit Olympic medalist

James Gillespie Blaine politician

Basketball player Cindy Blodgett

Milton Bradley board game pioneer

David Brancaxio journalist, PBS host

Owen Brewster politician

Martial Artist Amanda Buckner


Officer Joshua Chamberlain, Governor

Walter Van Tilberg Clark author, poet

William Cohen author, politician

Reuben Colburn shipbuilder

Ernest “Ernie” Coombs artist

Ricky Craven Racer

Ian Crocker Olympic medalist

Cornelia “Rod of the Fly” author Crosby, hunter

Cyrus Curtis publisher

D – F

Martial artist Marcus Davis

Singer Howie Deya, songwriter

Actor Patrick Dempsey

Dorothea Dix human rights activist

Actor Lelanda Disarte

Kevin Eastman comics artist

Chansonetta photographer Stanley Emmons

Greg Finlay II actor

James Flavin actor

Written by Lynn Flewelling

Directed by John Ford

Major General Joseph Fry Revolutionary War

Melville Fuller American Presiding Judge


  • John B. Gagnon authoritarian performer
  • Boxer Joey Gamacha
  • Scott Garland wrestler
  • Gary Gordon Medal of Honor recipient
  • Moses Greenleaf author, cartographer
  • The Chester Headphones of Greenwood’s Inventor
  • Patty Griffin singer, songwriter


  • Robert Brown Hall Composer
  • Hannibal Hamlin Vice President
  • Marsden Hartley artist, poet
  • Juliana Hatfield singer, songwriter
  • James “Chico” Hernandez athlete, wrestler
  • Oliver Otis Howard General Union, founder of Howard University


  • Sarah Orne Jewett novelist, novelist
  • David E. Kelly author, producer
  • Stephen King author
  • William King first governor
  • Matt Kinney baseball player
  • Henry Knox first US Secretary of War
  • Linda Lavigne singer, actress
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poet
  • Elijah P. Lovejoy journalist, editor, abolitionist


  • Dick McPherson football coach
  • Bob Marley comedian
  • Actress Andrea Martina, comedian
  • Inventor Hiram Stevens Maxim ‘s submachine gun weapon, the mousetrap
  • Vaughn Mider comedian, impersonator
  • Carl “Stump” Merrill baseball manager
  • Edna St. Poet. Vincent Millay, playwright, Nobel laureate
  • George J. Mitchell politician
  • Written by Ruth Moore
  • Marston Morse mathematician
  • Cheap magazines by creator Frank Munsey
  • Edward Muskie politician

N – Q

  • Judd Nelson actor, writer
  • Actress Rachel Nichols
  • Lilian Nordica operatic soprano
  • Georg Lorenzo Noes author, painter, naturalist
  • William Phips colonial governor
  • Walter Piston composer
  • Sportswriter Shirley Povich, reporter
  • Phineas Quimby philosopher, healer, scientist


  • Thomas Brackett Reed politician
  • Written by Kenneth Roberts
  • Edwin Arlington Robinson Pulitzer Prize Winner
  • Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller Vice President of the United States
  • Victoria Rowell actress, dancer


  • Tim Semple comedian
  • Politician Margaret Chase Smith
  • Samantha Smith is the youngest ambassador
  • Olympia Snow politician
  • Louis Socalexis baseball player
  • Microwave oven inventor Percy Spencer
  • Francis Edgar and inventors Freelan O. Stanley car Stanley Steamer
  • Baseball player Roberta Stanley
  • Actor Andrew St. John
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe author, abolitionist
  • Bill Swift baseball player
  • Martial artist Tim Sylvia

T – W

  • Actress Phyllis Thaxter
  • Sports announcer Gary Thorne
  • Written by Artemus Ward
  • Sam Webb politician
  • John Hay Whitney publisher, American ambassador

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