Malta Sightseeing

Malta has a large number of different attractions to offer to its visitors. Visit for versatile Malta. One of the most beautiful cities in the country is Valetta. The city was founded in the mid-sixteenth century by the Grand Master of the Order of St. John, Jean Parisot de la Valette. Valetta is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Italian architect Francesco Laparelli was responsible for the design and implementation of the geometric layout of the fortification walls, as well as the right-angled street network of the city.
The city is the smallest capital in all of Europe in terms of size. Unfortunately, the historical core of Valetta was largely destroyed in World War II.

The temple of Gigantija is something special. The temple is located on the island of Gozo and, with an age of more than 5800 years, is one of the oldest free-standing buildings in the world. The complex of the temple consists of two large interconnected temples. The smaller of the two is about a hundred and fifty years younger than the other. Both temples served a religious purpose until 2500 years before Christ. The temple of Gigantija has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for several years.

Hal Saflieni’s hypogeum is impressive. The hypogeum is an underground temple that was built between 3800 and 2500 BC. The temple has an area of ​​more than five hundred square meters and is located under the city of Paola. Similar to a labyrinth, it is laid out over three levels.

When scientists explored the hypogeum for research purposes, the remains of seven thousand people were found, as well as the famous sculpture of the Sleeping Woman, which is currently on display in the Archaeological Museum of Malta. The temple has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for more than fifteen years.

An absolute must is the Black Pearl, a black ship that was built in Sweden in 1909. It is located in the Ta’Xbiex marina and can be viewed there. The Black Pearl is one of the last remaining merchant ships on earth.
After a modernization in 1973, the ship was a luxury ship in almost all parts of the world. Since it was heavily infested with worms, it sank in the Marsamxett harbor. The Black Pearl was lifted and restored after its sinking. She can also be seen in the movie Popeye.
It sank during a storm in 1981. Six years later it was recovered and restored. Since then, the interior of the ship has housed the classy Mare Nostrum restaurant.

The Grand Master’s Palace in Valetta is absolutely impressive. The largest building in Valetta has not only served as a residence for the Grand Masters of the Order of Malta since it was built. The palace was also home to other rulers in Malta’s history, such as the British governor.

The Grand Master’s Palace was built in 1571. The plans for the colossal structure were drawn up by the well-known architect Gerolamo Cassar. Not only the exterior of the Grand Master’s Palace is worth a visit because of its pomp. There is also a lot to see inside the palace, such as some valuable paintings depicting the various grand masters.

You should also have seen the archaeological museum on the island of Gozio. There are various exhibits in the museum, such as coins, jewelry and everyday objects from the Roman period. The highlight of the museum are some excavated pieces from the temple of Ggatija.

The fortifications of Valletta are well worth a visit. There are a large number of different observation and watchtowers on the fortress walls of the city. So there must have been a Phoenician tower at this point before the city was founded. Today’s towers date back to the time of the Knights of the Order of Malta.
The towers are not architecturally alike, but some basic shapes, such as ornaments, are the same. The eye symbol can also be found on almost all towers.

Other interesting sights in the country are the Castellania, Lascaris War Rooms, Manoel Theater in Valetta, etc. Malta definitely has a long list of various historical buildings and museums worth seeing. To list them all would fill a book.

Sacred buildings such as the Church of Gesu, the Carmelite Church, the cathedral in Mina etc. can also be found in large numbers in the country.

The natural beauties of Malta are impressive, so that many holidaymakers who had visited them thought of it years later.

You should definitely not miss the Blue Grotto. Even the Blue Lagoon and the Blue Window are worth a visit. In any case, you will be completely amazed by the natural phenomena that can be seen there.

Other natural beauties of Malta are the Dingli cliffs, Ghar Hasssan, the inland sea at Dweijra, Barracca Gardens etc.

The divers among the tourists of Malta should not miss the diving paradises around the islands of the country. There is the possibility of cave diving, but also of wreck diving, as some warships are aground near the coast of Malta. The underwater flora and fauna are particularly rich in species. The ideal here is that the water is particularly clear and therefore you have an excellent view.

Malta Sightseeing

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