Maryland Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Maryland

The eastern half of Maryland is dominated by the Chesapeake Bay, and the surrounding estuaries and coastal plain. Numerous bays, streams, salt marshes and small islands seem to be everywhere.

The Delmarva Peninsula occupies parts of three US states: Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. The peninsula is about 180 miles long and nearly 71 miles wide. It is bordered by the Chesapeake Bay on the west, and the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. The land of the peninsula is mostly flat with a few low-lying hills.

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A sandy beach fronts the Atlantic Ocean coastline along the edges of the Assateague National Seashore.

To the northwest of Annapolis, fertile land rises into the hills of the Piedmont Plateau, then on into the northern reaches Mountains of the Blue Ridge.

In the panhandle region of the west, Allegan, a significant range of the Appalachian Mountains crosses the state on its way into Pennsylvania. This heavily forested area is criss-crossed by deep river valleys. Maryland’s highest point is located there; Base Mountain at 3,360 ft.

The most significant river is the Potomac, as it forms the entire southern border of the state. To the northeast, the Susquehanna River flows into the Chesapeake Bay, and the central, empty container of the Patuxan River into the southern reaches of the bay.

The Chesapeake & Delaware Canal runs 14 miles long, 450 feet wide and 35 feet deep through Maryland and the Delaware, connecting the Delaware River to the Chesapeake Bay. It’s state-of-the-art sea level electronically controlled commercial waterway, carrying 40 percent of all ship trade in and out of the Port of Baltimore.

Maryland Famous Natives


  • Chris Adler actor
  • Spiro T. Agnew Vice President of the United States
  • John Astin actor


  • Artist Florence Rifle Bahr
  • Leonard Bahr artist
  • Harold Baines baseball player
  • John Franklin “Home Run” Baker’s baseball player
  • Ephraim Francis Baldwin architect (born in New York)
  • Benjamin Banneker mathematician
  • Ken Bannister basketball player
  • Steve Barber baseball player
  • John Bart author
  • Clara Barton founder American Red Cross (born in MA)
  • Lonnie Baxter basketball player
  • Henry Blair inventor
  • Euby Blake pianist, composer
  • Boy musician Blakeslee
  • Photographer Aubrey Bodine
  • Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues basketball player
  • Charles Joseph Bonaparte US Attorney General, founder of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Edwin Booth actor
  • John Wilkes Booth actor, assassin
  • Actress Julie Bowen
  • Charles Bradley basketball player
  • Basketball player Dudley Bradley
  • Written by Ann Brashares
  • Toni Braxton singer, songwriter
  • Troy Brohon baseball player
  • Actress Kimberly J. Brown
  • Francis X actor. bushman


  • James M. Cain author, journalist
  • Bill Callahan singer, songwriter
  • Ciatsilius Calvert 2nd Baron Baltimore, first proprietor of the Colony of Maryland (born in England)
  • Revolutionary War leader Charles Carroll
  • John Carroll first bishop, archbishop in the United States.
  • Neurosurgeon Benjamin “Ben” Carson, Sr., Medal of Liberty Recipient (born in MI)
  • Albert Kassel architect
  • Sam Cassell basketball player
  • Josh Charles actor
  • Samuel Chase US Supreme Court Justice
  • Author Tom Clancy
  • Martha Clark choreographer, director
  • Kevin Clash’s puppeteer
  • Hans Conried actor, voice actor
  • Colonel Thomas Cresap pioneer, settler, founder of Oldtown (born in England)
  • Thomas Cromwell’s corner painter
  • Robert Curbeam astronaut


  • Albert Preston Daly musician, pianist
  • Basketball player Quintina Daly
  • Dominic Dove Olympic medalist
  • Stephen Decatur naval war hero 1812
  • Alexis Denizof actor
  • John Dickinson statesman
  • Guess the actor, singer
  • Juan Dixon basketball player
  • Frederick Douglass social reformer
  • Matt Drudge journalist, radio show host
  • Actress Mildred Dunnock
  • Charles S. Dutton actor, director


  • Michael Ealy actor
  • Robert L. “Bob” Ehrlich Jr. politician
  • Singer Cass “Moms” Elliot
  • Middleton Evans photographer


  • John Fahey musician, composer
  • Anna Faris actress
  • Composer Mark Faks
  • Wayne Federman comedian, actor
  • Duane Farrell basketball player
  • Basketball player Danny Ferry
  • Douglas “Doug” Fluty football player, philanthropist
  • Jimmy Fox baseball player
  • Steve Francis basketball player
  • Jane Frank sculptor, artist


  • Artist Li Gacha
  • Rudy Gay basketball player
  • Television host Kathy Lee Gifford, singer (born in Paris)
  • Christopher Gist explorer
  • Glass Radio IRA, television host
  • Poet Jesse Glass
  • Philip Glass composer
  • John Glover actor
  • Robert Gordon singer
  • Alfred Gow screenwriter, producer
  • Tamira Gray actress, singer
  • Jeff Green basketball player
  • Michael D. Griffin physicist, space engineer
  • Robert Moses “Lefty” Grove baseball player


  • Jeff Halpern hockey player
  • Actress Linda Hamilton
  • Elaine Hamilton-O’Neill artist
  • Written by Dashiell Hammett
  • John Hanson first president elected under the Articles of Confederation
  • Actress Linda Harrison
  • David Hasselhoff actor
  • Sean Hatosy actor
  • Photographer Emily Spencer Hayden
  • Robert Hayes actor
  • Matthew Hanson Researcher
  • Written by Karen Hesse
  • Calvin Hill football player
  • Billie Holiday singer, songwriter
  • Johns Hopkins salesman, philanthropist


  • Mo’Nique Imes actress, comedian
  • Jarrett Jack basketball player
  • Basketball player Tracy Jackson
  • Thomas Jane actor
  • Reverdy Johnson statesman, lawyer
  • Rian Johnson writer, director
  • Thomas Johnson first elected governor of Maryland
  • Hugh Bolton Jones artist
  • Spike Jonze director, producer


Maryland Capitol of Annapolis is home to approximately 35,000 residents, many of whom work for the US government or the Naval Academy. The city sits on the shores of Baltimore ‘s south Chesapeake Bay and is only 30 miles east of Washington, DC. Annapolis is known for its many impressive historical achievements.

Named to honor the future Queen Anne, “The City of Anne” was granted its charter in 1708. The Maryland State House is the oldest legislative building still in use in the United States. The Treaty of Paris was ratified at the Houses of Parliament, formally ending the American Revolutionary War and making Annapolis the first peacetime Capitol.

Home of the United States Navel Academy, this Atlantic seaport city has over 500 miles of beach. Walking and cruise tours are available to explore the coastline. City Dock is located in the heart of the historic district and bustle with pleasure boating, fishing boats and the Market House. Maryland‘s beautiful coastline is popular with boat motorists and sailors. Annapolis is home to a thriving theater community. Theaters put on a wide variety of shows all year round, many of which can be viewed outdoors and free of charge.

  • The nation’s largest collection of 18th-century architecture resides in Annapolis.
  • Four of Maryland’s signers of the Declaration of Independence lived in Annapolis.
  • Annapolis was the temporary United States Capitol from 1783-1784 and was the site of George Washington’s retirement.
  • Annapolis is battling Newport, Rhode Island for the title of America’s Sailing Capitol.

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