Massachusetts Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Massachusetts

The coastline of Massachusetts and its offshore islands are remnants of the last Ice Age. It’s jagged and rockbound Atlantic coastline is a mixture of bays, inlets, sandy beaches, oddly shaped islands – all ending in granite cliffs in the far north.

Cape Cod National Coast is a constantly moving mass of dunes, eroded steadily by the current of the Atlantic Ocean.

Eastern Massachusetts is mostly flat, consisting of low hills, small lakes, streams, and rivers. From the Boston area, the land rises gently into wooded, rolling country broken by the central Connecticut River Valley.

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In the far west of the Appalachians extend across the state to Vermont and New Hampshire. Berkshire Hills and Taconic Sierra are the main features. Mt. Greylock, at 3,487 ft., is the state’s highest point.

There are over 4,000 miles of rivers within Massachusetts. Major rivers include the Connecticut, (New England’s longest river) the Merrimack in the northeast corner and the Housatonic in the far west.

More than 1,000 small lakes and reservoirs are found within the state, with the largest being the Quabbin Reservoir (27,794 acres).

Massachusetts Famous Natives


  • John Adams President of the United States
  • John Quincy Adams US President
  • Samuel Adams statesman, politician, philosopher
  • Music group Aerosmith
  • Ben Affleck actor (born in CA)
  • Actor Casey Affleck
  • Jack Albertson actor
  • John Alden Pilgrim, Plymouth founder of the colony
  • Actress Jane Alexander
  • Author Horatio Alger Jr.
  • Ed Ames singer, actor
  • Hockey player Tony Amonte
  • Civil rights leader Susan B. Anthony
  • Crisp Attacks first torments the American Revolution
  • Emilia Atwater-Rhodes author


  • Jeff Bagwell baseball player
  • Francis Lee Bailey, Jr. (F. Lee) Attorney
  • Designer emoji face of Harvey Ball
  • George Bancroft historian, statesman, founder of the United States Naval Academy, Secretary of the Navy
  • Hockey player Tom Barrasso
  • Dana Barros basketball player
  • Clara Barton founder American Red Cross, humanitarian
  • Written by Catherine Lee Bates
  • Written by Edward Bellamy
  • Mark Bellhorn baseball player
  • Football player Joe Bellino, heisman trophy winner
  • Robert Benchley journalist, humorist
  • Leonard Bernstein composer, conductor
  • Travis Best basketball player
  • Actress Tracey Bingham
  • Mike Birbiglia comedian
  • Forrest M. Beard inventor
  • Poet Elizabeth Bishop
  • Frank Black singer, songwriter
  • Harold Stephen Black inventor
  • Eric Bogosian actor, playwright
  • Ray Bolger actor
  • TV Anchor Michelle Bonnet
  • Boston Music Group
  • James Bowdoin politician
  • Brewster Paget actress
  • Hockey player Andy Brickley
  • Bobby Brown singer, songwriter
  • Rachel Fuller Brown scientist, inventor
  • William Cullen Bryant poet, journalist, editor
  • Charles Bulfinch architect
  • William M. Bulger politician
  • Luther Burbank botanist, horticulturalist
  • Jer Burns actor
  • Bill Burr comedian
  • George H. W. Bush President of the United States
  • Susan Butcher dog musher


  • Comedian Mario Cantone, writer, actor
  • Chris Capuano baseball player
  • Andrew Card politician
  • Steve Carell actor, writer, producer
  • car music group
  • Actress Peggy Cass
  • John Holland Casale actor
  • Paul Cellucci politician, diplomat
  • John Cena wrestler
  • John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) Nursery worker, conservationist
  • John Cheever author
  • Michael Chiklis actor
  • Comedian Louis K.K. , writer
  • Comedian Lenny Clark
  • Mickey Cochrane baseball player
  • Paula Cole singer, songwriter
  • Baseball player Tony Conigliaro
  • Comedian Dane Cook
  • William D. Coolidge scientist, inventor
  • John Singleton Copley artist
  • Nate Corddry comedian
  • Rob Corddry comedian
  • Chick Corea pianist, composer
  • Jim Craig Olympic medalist
  • Rider of Clarence Leo “Honey” Craven
  • Actress Marcia Cross
  • E. Cummins poet
  • James Michael Curley politician
  • Actress Jane Curtin


  • Tim Daggett gymnast, Olympic medalist
  • Matt Damon actor
  • Bill Dana actor, comedian
  • Actress Bette Davis
  • Actress Geena Davis
  • Directed by Cecil B. deMille


Boston is the largest city in New England and the capital of Massachusetts. One of the most historic, influential, and oldest cities in America, Boston is an oasis of economic and cultural opportunity. ‘Bean City’ is home to many museums, historical sites and a rich variety of performing arts.

Boston witnessed the birth of America and still retains the flavor of those colonial days. Today the headquarters and banks share space on cobblestone streets, historic Faneuil Hall, street performers and ‘T’, Boston’s efficient subway system.

Founded in 1630 by Puritan colonists from England, Boston was the site of Paul Revere’s famous ride, the Boston Tea Party, and many other events that led to the founding of the United States of America. Today this home of Harvard, BU and MIT has become a center of higher education and is regarded as the unofficial “capital of New England”.

  • Spread Boston is the oldest public park in the
  • Boston University Bridge on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston is the only location on the planet where a boat can sail under a train under a car under a plane!
  • ‘T’, built in 1897, was the first subway in the United States.
  • A dedicated group of patriots play the Boston Tea Party every December 16th in Boston Harbor.

Freedom Trail
This 2.5-mile red brick walking trail leads to 16 historic landmarks of national American importance. Starting in Boston Common, it travels through downtown Boston, the North End and Charlestown, ending at the USS Constitution Museum.The Liberty Trail is an amazing collection of museums, houses of worship, burial grounds, parks and a naval vessel, including the old state house, Faneuil Hall and the Old North Church. The trail is a great way to learn about American history and an essential thing for anyone interested in the founding of our country.With exhibitions of African and Amerindian art, European painting and sculpture, impressionist and post-impressionist paintings, Japanese prints and much more, the Art Institute of Chicago offers exceptional works to inspire every taste in art.

Fenway Park
Fenway Park has served as the home ballpark for the Boston Red Sox since it opened in 1912. It is one of three remaining classic parks in Major League Baseball and it hasn’t changed much since its birthdays. The oldest baseball stadium still in use, the brick and stone structure takes its name from the surrounding Fenway area.With sold out crowds at every game, tickets must be purchased in advance. On non-game days, the Fenway Park Tour is also available. The extra high outfield wall known as the ‘Green Monster’ has been a nemesis for New York would-be hitters for almost a hundred years!

New England Aquarium in Boston
The hugely popular Boston Aquarium is always busy but designed beautifully so that it never feels crowded. The amazing centerpiece is the giant three story avenue tanks at the core of the New England Aquarium.Several species of sharks, rays, ocean fish, reef dwellers and colorful anemones and corals abound in the aquarium. Playful penguins live here, along with exotic venomous lionfish and scorpionfish.Visit the Imax theatre, hands-on exhibits and a host of ocean dwellers from the coastal waters of Alaska to the reefs of the Bahamas to the glistening Indian Ocean.

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