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Fishing village ye

According to topschoolsintheusa, Ye is a city in the south of the Mon State in Myanmar. The remote and rarely visited city between Mawlamyine and Dawei has about 40,000 inhabitants and is located on the picturesque bend of the Ye River. The small town’s economy, which has its own seaport, is largely based on rubber, fishery production and trade. After a huge flood in August 2011, 2,000 houses were flooded and some schools and markets had to be closed as a result.

Sights and activities

It only gets turbulent here in the morning at the fish market on the river bend, otherwise you will enjoy more tranquility during a visit. Ye has an attractive lake that is close to the city center. Along the waterfront, lined with trees and a monastery, are several teahouses and restaurants that offer visitors a beautiful view of the bend in the river.

There are also a number of fun day trips tourists can go on from Ye. Five kilometers west of Ye is the village of Duya, which can be reached on a scenic road between rice fields. Although this is the closest attraction in the region, foreigners are a rarity in Duya – visitors are greeted with curiosity and enthusiasm and can learn about the local culture.

Further south, an hour’s drive from Ye, Ka Byar Wa has the best beaches in the region for those seeking relaxation. In the bay there is a fishing village with traditional boats and at the north end there is a rocky point with a pagoda that offers great views of the mainland and the sea. There are beautiful, secluded spots for swimming and sunbathing to the north and south of the village, which has been designated as a recreational area by the government. Although hotels have not yet been built, there are a number of restaurants offering good seafood and grilled dishes.

An imposing monastery complex is located ten kilometers north of the small town of Ye in Ko Yin Lay. It has a pagoda, a reclining Buddha and a huge structure with four giant Buddhas. In the latter there are numerous religious chambers and from above you have a spectacular 360-degree view of the surrounding Tenasserim hills. Also known as Banana Mountain, the monastery is on a back road off the main road to Mawlamyine and can be reached by taxi or motorcycle taxi.

Mergui Archipelago

an Eldorado for explorers

The Mergui Archipelago, also known as the Myeik Archipelago, is one of the most fascinating travel destinations in Myanmar. Adventurous travelers will find almost completely untouched beaches here. In addition, the almost 800 islands offer bays with the finest sand, coral reefs of great extent, which are home to numerous tropical fish species and turtles. In order to protect this habitat, the visit was only released recently and only to a very limited extent.

The archipelago is located off the west coast of Myanmar in the Indian Ocean, quite far down in the south, the border with Thailand is not far away. Most of the islands, which cover a total area of ​​around 36,000 square kilometers, are inhabited by a few indigenous people – the Moken, excluded – no people. The island of Pataw Padet attracts a relatively large number of visitors, thanks to its proximity to the port city of Myeik.

Lampi Island is the tourist highlight of the Mergui Archipelago

The biggest attraction on Pataw Padet is the fifth largest Buddha of Myanmar. The reclining deity is around 16 meters high and 65 meters long. A walkway leads through the interior of the Buddha. Kadan Kyun, also called King’s Island, is the largest island in the Mergui Archipelago with an area of ​​440 square kilometers. The absolute tourist highlight is Lampi Kyun. The fantastic sandy beaches, which are up to two kilometers long, are a dream for every bathing enthusiast. The island is around 8 kilometers wide and around 90 kilometers long. The island is one of the most pristine regions in all of Southeast Asia. The island was one of the first in Myanmar to be declared a national park.

A round of golf is also possible

Thathay Island, also known as Pulau Ru, is near Kawthoung. On the island there is one of the few luxury hotels in the south of the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar. The complex includes a casino and a golf course. Speedboats bring the well-heeled tourists to the neighboring islands such as Zadetgyi Khun or Zadetgale Kyun. Salon Kyun, also known as the “sea nomad island”, has a wonderful lagoon and the finest sandy beaches. At the end of April, the locals hold a big festival here. Mwedaw Kyun is located in the very south of the Mergui archipelago. Two gold-plated stupas are the biggest tourist attraction here.

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

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