Nebraska Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Nebraska

The Great Plains of North America slope east from the Rocky Mountains, extending south from Canada, through Nebraska, and on into Texas. The undulating plains (hills) of eastern Nebraska (rural) are criss-crossed by numerous small rivers and streams. In the central plains, the land is more rugged and rather hilly. In western Nebraska, much of the land is covered by the Sand Hills, a large area of ​​rolling dunes ( wind shaped) and mostly vegetated. In the far northwest corner of the state stands a small area of ​​unusual sandstone and clay formations (Badlands) that then extend into South Dakota.

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Chimney Rock, a prominent column of clay and sandstone resembling a tall factory chimney, is located to the southeast of Scottsbluff.

In the elevated High Plains of western Nebraska stands the highest point of the state; it’s not a mountain, after all, but rather, an uplifted rise in pasture land. The state’s lowest point is along the Missouri River.

Nebraska’s two largest rivers are the large Missouri along its eastern borders with Iowa, Missouri, and South Dakota; and the Platte River system, a tributary of the Missouri River that flows out of much of Nebraska and the Great Plains.

Nebraska Famous Natives


  • Social worker Grace Abbott
  • Grover Cleveland Alexander baseball pitcher
  • Fred Astaire actor
  • Max Baer boxer
  • Bill Baird’s Puppeteer
  • George Beadle geneticist
  • John Beasley actor
  • Steve Borden wrestler
  • Marlon Brando actor
  • Warren Buffett investor


  • Written by Willa Cather
  • Dick Cavett artist
  • Montgomery Clift actor
  • Red Indian rights advocate Cloud, leader
  • James Coburn actor


  • Brian Deegan motocross rider
  • Actress Sandy Dennis
  • Leslie Easterbrook actress (born in CA)
  • Fragile by Eberhart
  • Harold Edgerton inventor
  • Written by Lauren Eiseley
  • Ruth Etting singer, actress


  • Steve Farris musician
  • Actor Henry Fonda
  • Gerald Rudolph Ford former American President
  • Jay W. Forrester inventor
  • Bob Gibson baseball player
  • Scream Actor Gibson
  • Music group Glaser Brothers


  • Leisha Hailey actress, musician, producer
  • Founder of Joyce Hall of Sign cards
  • Howard Hanson composer, conductor
  • Producer Leland Hayward
  • Actress Marga Helgenberger


  • David Jenssen actor
  • Actress Swoosie Kurtz
  • Francis La Flèche ethnologist
  • Artist Susette La Flesche
  • Frank W. Leahy football coach
  • Directed by Harold Lloyd


  • Malcolm X civil rights advocate
  • Irish actress McCullah
  • Dorothy McGurickress
  • Wright Morris author, photographer
  • Written by John Gneisseno Neichardt
  • Nick Nolte actor
  • Alexander Payne director, screenwriter
  • Roscoe Punda educator, legal scholar
  • Andy Roddick tennis player


  • Marie by Sandoz
  • Standing Indian rights advocate Bear, leader
  • Actress Hilary Swank
  • Actress Ingi Swenson
  • Robert Taylor actor
  • Gabrielle Union actress


  • Daniel Lawrence Whitney “Larry the Cable Guy” comedian
  • Paul Williams singer, composer, actor
  • Don Wilson announcer
  • Julie Wilson singer, actress


Originally known as Lancaster, the city was renamed Lincoln shortly after the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated. Lincoln has been the Capitol of Nebraska since the state joined the Union in 1867.

‘Star City’ is known for its expansive parks. With over a hundred individual parks scattered throughout the city, Lincoln is one of the greenest cities in the United States.

Lincoln is in the southeast corner of the state, about 50 miles southwest of Omaha. Prominent industries include the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, rail and truck transportation, medical delivery, insurance, and banking.

Downtown Lincoln is alive with rich arts and entertainment culture, including the historic State Capital Building and excellent museums for all interests.

  • Lincoln County is where the world’s largest Woolly Giant fossil was discovered.
  • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has the largest weight room in the country, covering three-quarters of an acre.
  • Airman Charles Lindbergh learned how to fly in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • The Bible Belt City of Lincoln was once called Church City due to the large number of churches located within.

Lincoln Children’s Museum
This popular Nebraska family stop is all about hands on experience. The accessible museum offers exhibits such as Prairie Dog City, The Big Splash and Aerobatics Airport, as well as places for kids to climb, tunnel and get wet. The Lincoln Children’s Museum will keep the little ones very busy in a safe, educational environment.

Lentz Center for Asian Culture
This museum showcases the diversity of Asian culture with its beautiful exhibits and unique art collections. Applications include Asian musical instruments, carvings, paintings, sculpture and more. Some of the finest examples of Vietnamese artwork, Japanese painting and China’s Ming Dynasty porcelain are here to enjoy. The museum, founded in 1986, is an extension of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Jazz Orchestra The Nebraska Jazz Orchestra has been performing for over 25 years. These musicians play many big band lineups. They have produced several recordings and compositions with over 60 original arrangements. The jazz orchestra, with a reputation for excellence throughout the US, participates in an annual series of concerts and special events. They also present workshops and classes for students at elementary and college levels.

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