New Hampshire Geography and Famous Natives

New Hampshire geography

New Hampshire is dominated (from south to north) by the White Mountains, the northern range of the Appalachians.┬áThe main peaks of the White Mountain Range, a series of rugged mountains and narrow valleys, are found in the White Mountain National Forest. New Hampshire’s highest point, Mt. Washington at 6,288 feet is located in that forest.

It was at the top of Mt. Washington in 1934 that the world’s second highest wind speed was recorded; an incredible 231 mph.

The northernmost reaches of New Hampshire – along its Canadian border – are covered in forested lands, and home to the filing and paper industries.

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To the southeast of Concord, the Coastal Lowlands overlook their 13-mile-long Atlantic Ocean coastline.

A by-product of the Ice Age, many deep, yet small, glacier-carved lakes are found within the state; Lake Winnipesaukee is, of course, the largest of them all.

The state is drained by numerous rivers. The most significant include the Connecticut, running along its entire western border with Vermont and the Merrimack – the longest river (within) the state.

New Hampshire Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Sherman Adams politician
  • Thomas Bailey Aldrich author, editor of “Atlantic Monthly”
  • Philanthropist Brook Astor


  • Josiah Bartlett statesman, signer’s declaration of independence
  • Amy Beach composer, pianist
  • Basketball player Matthew Bonner
  • Philip Booth poet
  • Henry Bridges Styles teacher, editor, politician
  • Laura Bridgman first deaf blind child to be educated in the English, writer
  • Alice Brown author, poet, playwright
  • Author Dan Brown


  • Chris Carpenter baseball player
  • Lewis Cass officer, politician
  • Benjamin Champney artist
  • Salmon P. Chase politician, lawyer
  • Jonas Chickering piano maker
  • Joseph Seeley politician
  • Gordon Clapp actor
  • Ralph Adams Crush Architect
  • Moody attorney Currier, banker, patron of the arts


  • Charles Dana author, journalist, politician
  • Jonathan Daniels civil rights activist
  • Henry Dearborn statesman, revolutionary and War veteran of 1812
  • Ronnie James Dio singer
  • Michael Durant Army Helicopter Pilot


  • Christian Science Religion founder Mary Baker Eddy
  • William P. Fessenden politician
  • Carlton Fisk baseball player
  • Mike Flanagan baseball player
  • Labor leader Elizabeth Burley Flynn, activist, founding member American Civil Liberties Union
  • Sam Walter Foss poet
  • Daniel Chester French sculptor


  • Sculptor of August Saint-Gaudens
  • Jeff Giuliano hockey player
  • John Goff colonial soldier
  • Editor Horace Greeley, founder of the “New York Tribune”
  • Judd Gregg politician


  • Haddock “Granny Doris D” politician, activist
  • Sarah Josepha Hale author
  • Donald Hall poet
  • Randy Harrison actor
  • Isaac Hill publisher, editor, politician
  • Paul Hodes politician
  • Sam Huntington actor


  • John Irving author, screenwriter
  • Dean Kamen inventor (born New York)
  • Actress Jean Kazem
  • Benjamin Franklin Keith vaudeville theater owner
  • John King politician, founder of nh sweepstakes
  • Ray LaMontagne singer, songwriter
  • John Langdon patriot, politician
  • Lyndon Laruche economist, activist
  • Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H), professional wrestler
  • Wilhelm Loeb publisher
  • Thaddeus scientist S. K. Lowe, inventor


  • Joyce Maynard author
  • Christa McAuliffe the first teacher in space (applicant)
  • Marice “Mac” McDonald co- founded the first McDonald’s restaurant
  • Co-founder of Richard “Dick” McDonald ‘s first McDonald’s restaurant
  • Larkin Goldsmith Meade sculptor
  • Shipbuilder Nathanial Meserve
  • Written by Grace Metalies
  • Josh Meyers actor
  • Seth Meyers actor, comedian
  • Bode Miller Olympic medalist
  • Mandy Moore singer, songwriter, actress
  • Captain Jonathan Moulton, New Hampshire Militia
  • Tara Munsi Olympic medalist


  • Commodore George Washington Nutt p. barnum dwarf circus
  • Baseball player Chad Peronto
  • Princeton singer Jacob Perez
  • John Perkins activist, author
  • Franklin Pierce 14th American President
  • John S. Pillsbury politician, philanthropist
  • Penelope “Penny” Pitow Olympic medalist
  • Written by Eleanor Porter
  • Richard Potter first stage magician, hypnotist, ventriloquist


  • Charles Revson creator of revlon cosmetics (born in Canada)
  • Merilla Reeker is the first female lawyer in NH
  • Robert “Red” Rolph baseball player
  • Kevin Romijn baseball player
  • Tom Rush singer


  • Adam Sandler comedian, actor (born in New York)
  • Jean Shaheen nh’s first female governor (born in Missouri)
  • Music group Shaw Brothers
  • John Shea actor
  • Alan Shepard astronaut
  • Handy Sheridan singer, songwriter
  • Sarah Silverman actress, comedian, writer
  • David Suter lawyer
  • Bill Staines singer, songwriter
  • John Stark General Revolutionary War, “Hero of Bennington”
  • Christopher Stone actor
  • Harlan Fisk Stone, United States Attorney General, lawyer
  • John Sullivan General Revolutionary War
  • John Sununu politician


  • Bob Tewksbury baseball player
  • Celia Laigton Thaxter poet
  • Jenny Thompson Olympic medalist (born in Massachusetts)
  • Earl Tupper inventor of tupperware
  • Brian Viglion drummer


  • Meshech Weare first president
  • Daniel Webster orator, statesman
  • Benning Wentworth colonial governor
  • John Wentworth “Long” editor, politician
  • Stan Williams baseball player
  • Henry Wilson US Vice President
  • John Gilbert Wynant politician
  • Levi Woodbury politician, lawyer
  • Lexicographer of Joseph Emerson Worcester

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