New Jersey Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of New Jersey

The island barrier fronts much of the Coastal Plain, a wide area of ​​lowland, swamps and miles of white sand beaches running almost the entire length of the state. From there, the land rises into several scattered rolling hills, southwest and central.

The Pine Barrens, also known as the Pinelands, are a protected area of ​​forests, swamps, and swamps; it contains a huge reservoir ( trillions of gallons) of some of the purest water on the planet.

In the far northwest corner the forested Kittatinny Range is part of the Appalachians – extends through the state. There stands the state’s highest point, aptly named High Point, at 1,803 feet.

Over many centuries, the Delaware River has cut through the Kittatinny Range, forming a wide, deep-water gap or gap called the Delaware Water Gap.

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Those mountains then slope southeast into the rolling hills of the Piedmont Plateau, a wide area of ​​small lakes, rivers, streams and narrow valleys.

The main feature of the Highlands is a series of flat-topped and chiselled ridges that continue the border into Pennsylvania and New York. It is also the site of numerous small lakes, rivers and streams.

The most significant rivers in New Jersey are the Delaware and the Hudson. Delaware forms the state’s entire western border with Pennsylvania and much of its border with Delaware. The Hudson is the natural border between northeastern New Jersey and New York.

Other important rivers include the Great Egg Harbor, Maurice, Mullica, Muscanetcong, Passaic and Toms. Hopatcong Lake is the largest freshwater lake in New Jersey. Delaware Bay is a large rosette of the mouth of the Delaware River. It is approximately 782 sq. miles in the area and its water blends for many miles with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

New Jersey Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Bud Abbott actor, comedian
  • Joseph Alexander Adams is the first electrotyper in the US.
  • Charles Addams cartoonist
  • Edwin “Ghoole” Aldrin astronaut
  • Jason Alexander actor
  • Lawyer for Samuel Alito
  • James Avery actor


  • Amiri Baraka poet, essayist
  • Actress Priscilla Barnes
  • James J. Barry Jr. politician
  • “Count” William Basie big band leader
  • William “Bill” Bellamy actor, comedian
  • Actress Joan Bennett
  • Jason Biggs actor
  • Clint Black singer, songwriter
  • Written by Judy Bloom
  • Zach Braff actor
  • Phil Bredesen politician
  • Lawyer for William J. Brennan, Jr.
  • Aaron Burr US Vice President, Revolutionary War hero


  • Mary Chapin Carpenter singer, songwriter
  • Rubin Carter boxer
  • Grover Cleveland US President
  • Lloyd H. Conover inventor
  • James Fenimore Cooper novelist
  • Comedian Lou Costello, actor
  • Stephen Crane author


  • Sandra Dee actress
  • Actor Danny DeVito
  • Michael Kirk Douglas actor
  • Jim Dowd hockey player
  • Derek Drymon cartoonist
  • Actress Kirsten Dunst
  • Music group Duprees
  • Andrea Dworkin author, activist


  • Jeff Edwards actor, radio personality
  • Aleko Iskandaryan footballer
  • Donald Fagen musician, songwriter
  • Bradford“Brad” Faxon golfer
  • Actress Susan Flannery
  • Singer Connie Francis
  • Actress Helen Gahagan, politician
  • James Gandolfini actor
  • Gloria Gaynor singer
  • Allen Ginsberg poet
  • Glover Savion actor, dancer, choreographer


  • Admiral William F. Halsey Jr. US Navy
  • Chelsea Stacker comedian, actress, author
  • John Harkes football player
  • Lauryn Hill singer, musician
  • Donald Fletcher Holmes inventor
  • Wil Horneff actor
  • Singer Whitney Houston


  • Ice T rap artist
  • Derek Jeter baseball player
  • James P. Johnson pianist, composer
  • Livandra Johnson boxer
  • Music group Jonas Brothers
  • Ben Jorgensen musician, singer
  • Jon Bon Jovi musician, singer


  • Joyce Kilmer author, poet
  • Alfred Kinsey “father of sexology”, researcher, biologist, author
  • Ernie Kovacs comedian
  • Actress Jane Krakowski


  • Nathan Lane actor
  • Artie Lang actor, comedian
  • Dorothea Lang photographer, photojournalist
  • Frank Langella actor
  • Queen Latifah actress
  • Actress Nicole Leash
  • Ambassador Artur Lenk
  • Donna Leon author
  • Jerry Lewis actor, comedian
  • Written by Ann Morrow Lindbergh
  • Ray Liotta actor


  • Norman Mailer novelist
  • James W. Marshall started the California gold rush
  • Written by Ann Martin
  • Ballerina Patricia McBride
  • Tony Meola footballer
  • Jason Mewes actor
  • Jay Mohr actor
  • Daniel Morgan pioneer, soldier, politician
  • Actor Frankie Muniz
  • Eger inventor Murfri


  • Ozzy Nelson musician, radio/television host
  • Ricky Nelson singer, actor
  • Shaquille O’Neal basketball player
  • Tommy Page singer
  • Actor Joe Pantoliano
  • Bill Parcells football coach
  • Poet Dorothy Parker
  • Suffragette leader Alice Paul
  • Jim Perry Television Host
  • Actor Joe Pesci
  • Thomas R. Pickering Ambassador
  • Pike Zebulon soldier, explorer
  • Joe Piscopo actor, comedian
  • Laura Prepon actress


  • Eddie Rabbitt singer (born in New York)
  • Actress Tara Reid
  • Football player Claudio Reina
  • Television host Kelly Ripa, actress
  • Paul Robeson actor, singer
  • Dennis Rodman basketball player
  • Edward Y. Rosinsky inventor
  • Footballer Giuseppe Rossi
  • Philip Roth author


  • Actress Saint Eva Marie
  • Richard Stephen Sambora musician
  • Actress Laura San Hyakomoi
  • Antonin Scalia US Supreme Court Justice
  • Roy Scheider actor
  • Sherwood Schwartz television producer
  • Norman Schwarzkopf US Army General
  • Music group Shirelles
  • Singer Amy Shoremount-Obrai
  • Paul Simon musician
  • Frank Sinatra actor, singer
  • Justin Smith “Just Sparkles” Music Producer
  • Kevin Smith screenwriter, director
  • Soraya musician
  • Kevin Spacey actor
  • Bruce Springsteen singer, musician
  • Ruth St. Denis dancer, choreographer
  • Richard Sterban singer
  • Martha Stewart entrepreneur, television host
  • Photographer Alfred Stieglitz
  • Actress Meryl Streep


  • Albert Payson Terhune author
  • Joseph Robert “Joe” Theisman football player, announcer
  • Wendy’s Burgers founder David “Dave” Thomas, philanthropist
  • Actress Ashley Tisdale
  • John Travolta actor
  • Martin Truex Jr. racing driver


  • Musician Frankie Valli
  • Actor Lee Van Cleef
  • William Henry Vanderbilt financier
  • Sarah Vaughn singer


  • Patrick Warburton actor
  • Singer Dion Warwick
  • Gerard Way musician
  • D. Williams actor
  • William Carlos Williams poet
  • Bruce Willis actor (born in Germany)
  • Clarow “The Snap” Wilson, Jr. actor, comedian
  • Edmund Wilson author
  • Musician Zakk Wylde
  • Pia Zadora actress, singer

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