Nokia 6: to Conquer an Attractive Design before Terminal Reconquest of China with World

Night moves (for Europeans) HMD, the new company after the Nokia brand, has unveiled is the first smartphone of the new era, the Nokia 6. On various occasions had pointed to with simply use a brand as legendary would not bring if sales alone, the smartphones market is saturated and must offer the user something differential to attract you.
And the truth is that the Nokia 6 has everything to succeed. Without having it still in our hands, but knowing all its edges, the new smartphone brand finlandensa has a very attractive design, made of aluminium, with that section for features and price that make it very tempting for the public at large. Now, HMD has decided to start the House by the foundations, because before you do a global launch they have decided to Nokia 6 only to be sold in China.

Nokia Android that needed

On February 11, 2011 the old Nokia made a decision that would mark his more immediate future: chose Windows Phone operating system for its smartphones, rejecting the possibility of using Android. The rest of the story is already well known, passing the mark to occupy a small corner of the market to pass into the hands of Microsoft, who also knew how to revive it.
From through, there was a small series of smartphones Nokia Android, but that was not what the market needed. Nokia Android users demanding is (or is at least very similar) to Nokia 6 today presented, a phone with a very elegant design and with features that make it candidate to deal with many pockets, although it has the best processor in the market, given its quality/price ratio.
Front camera8 megapixel camera

Nokia 6
Screen 5.5 inches FullHD
400 pixels per inch
2.5 d Crystal with Gorilla Glass protection
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430
Nuclei 1.4 GHz 8-core
GPU Adreno 505
Memory 64 GB
I Android 7.0
Rear camera 16-Megapixel, f/2.0, LED flash
Price 233 euros approximately

In the absence of details, such as the battery life or if you have pure Android, Nokia 6 has one configuration that is sufficient for the vast majority of users. The Snapdragon 430 has proven to be one processor more than enough for every day, and in addition it comes with enough storage and memory RAM for the most demanding users.
Another point to know more in detail is the performance of the camera, but the design, so the less more in love has to who write here with touches of the most high end smartphone. HMD has endeavoured in boast, ensuring that they are needed 55 minutes to build the body of a 6 Nokia, using aluminium Series 6000, which subsequently passes through two anodizing processes and at least five polished.
The metal body of the Nokia 6 is reminiscent of the high end smartphones
With a finish of high-end and cool features, Nokia 6 has all the ballots to become a serious option for many users not only already for users who waited eagerly Nokia return to the market. His 233 euros (direct conversion of their Chinese Yuan 1,699) one more than fair price for the combination of design and specifications offered by Nokia 6.

Will he leave China at some point?

The bad news is that HMD has decided to go slowly, if we can just call the Chinese market, with more than 500 million users of smartphones. The head of the Nokia brand in the world of mobile phones ensures that Nokia 6 will be available exclusively in China via the web at the beginning of this year that has just begun.
At no time HMD speaks in note press of any other market, so we can fear the worst. It wouldn’t be the first brand that launched a smartphone exclusive to China, as it is the case of the Samsung Galaxy C, although luckily internet facilitates these borders disappear. It seems that the company will opt for first test the largest global market, then launch other global smartphones.
6-Nokia is not scheduled to leave China, although internet breaking borders
Equally, the Nokia 6 leaves good feelings. It shows that the new owners of the brand have been previously working in it, and leave us hoping that their other six phones scheduled to be presented and offered for sale in 2017 will be at the height. There is no specific dates, although from HMD have ensured that there will be more news in the first half of the year and we hope to see you at MWC.