Ohio Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Ohio

Scattered dunes are found across the shoreline of Lake Ohio Erie. East of Cleveland, a slightly raised clay bluff overlooks the lake.

The Bass Islands, a group of small, mostly limestone islands, are located off the northern coastline of the state. Kelleis Island, the largest US fresh water island in Lake Erie, is about 5 miles offshore. To the southwest of Sandusky, a fertile and mostly low-lying landscape, punctuated by a few isolated hills, continues on into Indiana and beyond.

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The rolling hills and valleys of the Allegheny Plateau stretch across the far south as well as the eastern half of Ohio. Another hilly region in central-east Ohio contains the state’s highest point; Campbell Hill, at 1,549 ft.

With over 300 miles of Lake Erie shoreline and thousands of miles of rivers, Ohio is truly defined by these valuable, and rewarding waterways.

The most significant river is the Ohio, as it forms its entire southern border and much of its eastern border.

Other major famous rivers include Cuyahoga, Miami, Momi, Muskingum and Scioto.

Ohio Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Photographer Berenice Abbott
  • Kurt Abbott baseball player
  • Written by Karen Ackerman
  • Stephen Adler musician
  • Lola Albright singer, actress
  • Tom Aldredge actor
  • Corey Allen filmmaker, writer, producer
  • Written by Sherwood Anderson
  • Ray Anthony jazz bandleader, trumpeter
  • W. Apple journalist, editor
  • Neil Armstrong astronaut, first man on the moon
  • Dan Auerback musician
  • Albert Euler musician, composer


  • Actress Katherine Bach
  • Jim Backus actor
  • William Jacob Baer artist, illustrator
  • Kay Ballard actress
  • Chris Bando baseball player
  • Actress Lisa Baines
  • Actress Theda Bara
  • Bobby Bare singer
  • Poet Natalie Clifford Barney
  • Actress Majel Barrett
  • Lawyer Frank J. Battisti
  • Soprano Kathleen Battle
  • Tim Belcher baseball player
  • George Bellows artist
  • Jonathan Bennett actor
  • Berry Galle model, actress
  • Ambrose Bierce journalist, writer
  • Baseball player Chad Billingsley
  • Musician Cindy Blackman
  • Nina Blackwood music journalist
  • Dave Blaney auto racer
  • Paul Boehmer actor
  • Erma Bombk Columnist
  • William “Bill” Boyd actor
  • Earl Boykins basketball player
  • Louis Bromfield author, Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Clancy Brown actor
  • Paul Brown football coach
  • Ray Brown baseball player
  • Woody Brown actor
  • Charles F. Brush inventor
  • Inventor Michelle Burke
  • Union Army Brigadier General Henry Lawrence Burnett
  • Ralph Byrd actor
  • Comedian Marion Byrom


  • Mary Katherine Campbell twice Miss America
  • Milton Caniff cartoonist
  • George Cappusello baseball player
  • Vincent J. Cardinal playwright
  • Actor Drew Carey
  • Rob Carpenter footballer
  • Clarence Eugene “Butch” Carter basketball coach
  • Chris Carter footballer
  • Drew Carter football player
  • Lionel Cartwright singer, songwriter
  • Voice actress Nancy Cartwright
  • Poet Alice Carey
  • William Case politician
  • Steve Chabot politician
  • George Chakiris actor
  • Justin Chambers actor
  • Damian Chapa actor
  • Tracey Chapman singer, songwriter
  • Charles W. Chesnutt author
  • Actress Marguerite Clark
  • Gilby Clark musician
  • Roger Clemens baseball player
  • Singer Tammy Cochran
  • David Allan Coe singer, songwriter
  • Football player Marco Coleman
  • William “Bootsy” Collins musician
  • Cris Collinsworth football player, sportscaster
  • Beam Comb television game show host
  • Earl Thomas Conley singer, composer
  • Tim Conway actor
  • Cowboy Copas Singer
  • James M. Cox politician
  • Hart Crane poet
  • Wes Craven director
  • Sylvia Croly basketball player, coach
  • Football player Larry Xonki
  • Michael Cunningham author, Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Ben Curtis golfer
  • Cavalry Commander George Custer Civil War, Indian Wars


  • Actress Beverly D’Angelo
  • Actress Dorothy Dandbridge
  • Frank Daniels actor, comedian
  • Cinematographer for William H. Daniels
  • Football player Thom Darden
  • Clarence Darrow attorney, civil rights activist
  • Charles G. Dawes US Vice President
  • Len Dawson football player, sportscaster
  • Actress Doris Day, singer
  • Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. builder, developer, “father” of American malls
  • Actress Ruby Dee, playwright, screenwriter
  • Jay DeMarcus musician
  • Michael Dewin politician
  • Comedian Phyllis Diller
  • Musician Bethany Dillon
  • Martin Dillon tenor, musician
  • Jim Dine artist
  • Talk show host Phil Donahue
  • Stephen R. Donaldson author
  • Andy Dorris football player
  • James “Buster” Douglas boxer
  • Rita Dove poet, Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Hugh Downes television announcer
  • Dave Dravecki baseball player, motivational speaker
  • Robert “Rob” Dyrdek skateboarder, actor
  • Actor Keir Dullea
  • Paul L. Dunbar poet
  • Ryan Dunn actor

Cleveland Ohio

Spreading for several miles along the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a very significant city located in Midwestern Ohio.

Cleveland ranks dying way high as one of the livable cities in the US. The city offers many cultural, educational and recreational opportunities. It is home to the world famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the world famous Cleveland Museum of Art and many other ace attractions. In short, Cleveland is a cultural opportunity for any Ohio vacation.

Bass Islands, located west of Cleveland, are one of the most popular attractions in Ohio. This series of islands in the southwest corner of Lake Erie includes Kelly Island, the largest island in the American Great Lakes. Fishing, boating and camping are popular pastimes in the islands and there are many excellent charters and suppliers in the area.

This All American city is the hometown of many famous Ohio natives, including musical artist Tracey Chapman, actor Drew Carey and Emmy Award winner Phil Donahue. Sports fans have a lot to cheer about with baseball’s Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns football franchises, both packing the stadium every week during their seasons.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
One of the major contributors to Cleveland’s renaissance, this glass-and-china pyramid is a temple dedicated to the music of Rock and Roll. Housing a multimedia collection of films, archives and exhibits that tell rock’s rich history from its blues roots all the way to the post-grunge days, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of the best things to do in Cleveland for all ages! For an unforgettable experience, visit Jimi Hendrix’s Surround Sound Theater and App, featuring amazing filmed performances, his wild costumes and handwritten lyrics.

Great Lakes Science Center
Opened in 1996, the Great Lakes Science Center is a museum housing more than 400 hands-on exhibits. Focusing on helping visitors understand science, technology and their relationship with the environment, this Cleveland Science Center offers daily live science demonstrations, an interactive 3,000-square-foot Great Lakes Environment and numerous hands-on science experiments. The impressive OMNIMAX Theatre, featuring incredible movie features rounds out this great family attraction for Cleveland

Market Cleveland’s oldest operating indoor outdoor market, Westside Market opened its gates in 1840. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places, the market attracts large crowds of both Ohio tourists and loyal locals. Many people come from all over the US to tour the market and learn about its history. Westside Market is home to a variety of tenants and vendors, including those with heritages descending from Ireland, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland and Russia, representing the cultural diversity of Cleveland and the surrounding area. For a unique Midwestern shopping experience, Westside Market is the place to go to!

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