Oklahoma Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Oklahoma

The Great Plains of North America slope east from the Rocky Mountains, extending south from Canada, through Oklahoma, and on into the northern regions of Texas.

For the most part, Oklahoma is a series of flat plains dissected by rolling hills, ridges and low mountains.

The northwest corner ( known as the Panhandle) is a fertile grassland area that gently rises into rocky mesas near its western borders with Colorado and New Mexico; here stands its highest point; Black Table Mountain at 4,978 feet.

There are three mountainous regions within the state; the irregular, low granitic peaks of the Arbuckle and Wichita Mountains and the sandstone ridges of the Ouachita Mountains. Also, to the east of Tulsa, a piece of Oklahoma land rises in the Ozark Plateau, a heavily forested area of ​​small hills and mountains criss-crossed by numerous small rivers and streams.

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Three significant rivers flow from Oklahoma into the Gulf of Mexico including the Arkansas, Canadian and Red. The state’s lowest point, (289 ft.) is along the banks of the Little River, just to the south of Shawnee. The largest lakes in Oklahoma include Lake O’ Cherokee and Lake Texoma, as well as Lake Hudson, Lake Eufola, Lake Gibson, and Lake Uloga.

Oklahoma Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Art silent film star Acord
  • Carl Albert former speaker, US House
  • Actress Erica Anderson
  • Keith Anderson singer
  • Aeronaut Maxi Anderson
  • Director/actor Lou Antonio
  • Gina Autry actor, entrepreneur
  • Hoyt Axton singer, songwriter


  • Baseball player Johnny Bench
  • Jennifer Berry former Miss America (born in TX)
  • John Berryman poet
  • Delbert Black American naval officer
  • Johnny Bond artist
  • Samuel “Sam” Bradford footballer, heisman trophy winner
  • Garth Brooks singer
  • Anita Bryant artist


  • J. Cale songwriter, musician
  • Jeremy Castle singer, songwriter
  • Lon Chaney Jr actor
  • Kristin Chenoweth singer, actress
  • Col. Ernest Childers (Indian) Congressional Medal of Honor recipient
  • Iron Eyes actor Cherokee Cody
  • Astronaut Gordon Cooper


  • Baseball player Al Darka
  • Ronnie Claire Edwards actress
  • Written by Ralph Ellison
  • Ty England singer
  • Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd bank robber (born in GA)
  • Champion Lane Frost Bull Rider (Born in CO)


  • Singer Cassie Gaines
  • Gap Orchestral Music Group
  • James Garner actor
  • Owen K. Garriott astronaut
  • David Gates singer, songwriter
  • Vince Gill singer
  • Bill Goldberg wrestler, football player
  • Shopping cart inventor Sylvan Goldman
  • Mira Vanderpool Gormley columnist, author
  • ChesterGould cartoonist
  • Singer/composer Woody Guthrie


  • Hanson Music Group
  • Ladonna Harris Comanche, founder of oklahomans for Indian opportunity
  • Roy Harris composer
  • Paul Harvey announcer
  • Hay IRA Marine, the famous Ivo Jima flag collector
  • Van Heflin actor
  • Written by Tony Hillerman
  • Rance Howard actor
  • Ron Howard actor/director
  • Patrick Hurley diplomat


  • Carl Gase Jensky engineer
  • Jane Ann Jaro former Miss America
  • Norma Jean singer
  • Ben Jonson actor
  • Actress Jennifer Jones


  • Musician Toby Kita
  • Robert Kerr politician
  • Diplomat Jeane Kirkpatrick
  • Steve Larget football player, politician
  • Astronaut Shannon Lucid
  • Clara Louper civil rights leader


  • Carl C. Magee’s parking clock
  • Wilma Mankiller Cherokee Chief
  • Baseball player Mickey Mantla
  • Pepper baseball player Martina
  • Sorry for the McClanahan actress
  • Reba McIntyre singer
  • Philip K. McGraw TV host “Dr. Phil”
  • Edward (Eddie) Miller singer, songwriter
  • Roger Miller singer, songwriter
  • Shannon Miller Olympic gymnast
  • Leona Mitchell opera singer
  • Scott Momaday poet, author
  • Kenny Monday Olympic medalist, wrestler
  • Jack K. Montgomery US officer, Medal of Honor recipient
  • Bill Moyers journalist
  • Daniel Patrick Moynihan Senator
  • Bobby Mercer baseball player


  • Lauren Nelson former Miss America
  • Chuck Norris actor
  • R. “Smokie” Norful Jr. singer, musician
  • Steve Owens football player, heisman trophy winner
  • Singer Patti Page
  • Singer Sandy Patty
  • Frank Phillips founder Phillips Petroleum (born in NE)
  • Boone Pickens Entrepreneur
  • Brad Pitt actor
  • Actress Mary Kay Place
  • William R. Pogue astronaut
  • Wiley Post Airman (born in TX)
  • Susan Powell former Miss America, actress


  • Tony Randall actor
  • Playwright Lynn Riggs
  • Roberts oral evangelist
  • Dale Robertson actor
  • Will Rogers comedian
  • Jim Ross announcer, commentator
  • Dan Rowan comedian
  • Leon Russell singer, songwriter, musician


  • Will Sampson actor, artist
  • Gailard Sartain actor, comedian
  • Ted Shackleford actor
  • Blake Shelton singer
  • Football player Jeremy Shockey
  • Rodeo Cowboy by Jim Schuders
  • Norma Smallwood former Miss America
  • Leon Polk Smith artist
  • Shontel Smith former Miss America
  • Thomas P. Stafford astronaut
  • Willie Stargell baseball player
  • Wes Studi actor


  • Maria Tallchief ballerina
  • Ten heads of Bears ketahto
  • J. Thomas singer
  • Jim Thorpe athlete
  • James D. Thurman US Officer, Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Actress Jean Tripplehorn
  • Bob Tway pga champion


  • Singer Carrie Underwood
  • Football player Billy Wessels, winner of the heisman trophy
  • Sam Walton founder of wal-mart
  • Paul and baseball Hall of Famers Lloyd Waner
  • Congressman K. Watts
  • Jimmy Webb songwriter, singer
  • Wesley “Wes” Welker footballer
  • Wayne Wells Olympic medalist, wrestler
  • Football player Jason White, heisman trophy winner
  • Actress Alphra Woodard
  • Singer Shelby “Sheb” Wooley

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