Re-Opens The Door to a Future Nokia Lens Carl Zeiss, But at High Ranges

Nokia takes so long in the market of mobile phones that has had time to lead it for several years. The time it has passed but the Finns had time to be associated with more than one flagship brand along the way and create lasting connections in the retina of the users. Such was the case of Carl Zeiss, whose lenses arrived in quite a few models from the manufacturer Since 2005.
Nokia N90 was the first model to assemble a Carl Zeiss lens, synonymous with the quality of photographic equipment that would come later, and one of the obvious questions after the return of the brand under the umbrella of HMD was the presence or absence of these lenses. It seemed that HMD closed the door at first, but now Re-opens the possibility again. That Yes, nothing low ranges.

Stay tuned

That has been the expression that a spokesman for HMD has employed to qualify their first statements. The initial refusal to continue the collaboration with Carl Zeiss It seemed to refer only to the ranges low and Middle market, those that are currently Nokia we saw presented at MWC in Barcelona.
Hello, our current range doesn’t have Carl Zeiss, which is what that first tweet was referring. Stay tuned for more announcements.
Thus, while it is not expected that any terminal level 3 Nokia, Nokia 5 or 6 Nokia arrive someday with Carl Zeiss lenses, the door opens for the future flagships of Finnish manufacturer. That Nokia with Snapdragon 835 which has already struck behind the scenes could, indeed, be the first to recover the beautiful custom of Mount high quality lenses.

The relative importance of eyeglasses

The problem here is that recover or not lenses Carl Zeiss for the Nokia range will not be essential to take into account for the quality of his photographs, even if lenses are some of the blame at the time of differentiating good mobile photo mobile photographic not so good. The equipment of a smartphone is composed of several parts and the lenses are only one of them.
Having Carl Zeiss lenses in the future Nokia phone will not guarantee, for example, that the sensor chosen is capable of good quality photos. Nor that software phone itself leverage to the maximum this sensor and finish not spoiling the process, perhaps with processing end, somewhere between the capture and recording of photography. Pureview technology seems to not return.
Rectification of HMD over the initial refusal to carry lenses Carl Zeiss in Nokia should rejoice, because it means that we will be able to see that union in the future. But it must be a quiet joy, not let the campaigns on the fly. Nokia was a photographic reference in its time, and Lumia 1020 showed he still had much to say, We will see what such comes its return by these jurisdictions.