Retrospective |Tips for the Bride Aand Groom

Not only the bride who stars in the wedding, is not it? The groom should also keep up on the Big Day. For this, some costume and tie tips are key
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  1. Choice of tie

Here are 6 essential steps to choosing the perfect tie for the groom and groomsmen
The elegance of the bow tie for groom and groomsmen
The first step is to know the types of ties:
Slim Necktie-5cm to 6,5cm (most modern)
Medium tie-6,5 cm to 8 cm (for those who do not want something so modern and not so traditional)
Traditional tie-8cm to 9.5cm (usually used to go to work)
Butterfly tie (modern and stripped bride and groom)

  1. a) Wedding hours

Weddings performed in the morning or in the afternoon,with the most relaxed proposal, allow neckties with more vivid colors and with different patterns, for example.

  1. b) Featured Groom

The ideal is always to search for a color or model that stands out from the others.

  1. c) Godparents with the same color

Ideally, all godparents should be in the same color.

  1. d) Physical type

More modern grooms, super slim ties can be a great choice. They value the highest and leanest biotypes and can be combined with any wedding style. For the lower and finest bride and groom, the slim or ordinary pattern ties are good choices.The larger models, with 8 cm, 8.5 cm, stand for more traditional and classic occasions.

  1. e) Shirt Collar

The style of the tie will accompany the collar of the shirt to be worn. An Italian collar, with those open ends, for example, should be combined with the wider ties. While elongated collars-American or English-ask for finer ties

  1. f) What to avoid

Avoid tie with very striking prints, avoid very strong contrasting colors-such as yellow and red, orange and yellow, for example.Avoid, too, themed and drawn ties.

  1. Lapel flower

The lapel flower is worn on the wedding day as a symbol of all the romanticism of the moment. For a long time the flower most used in the lapel was the white carnation, because the carnation has the meaning of pure love, but you can rest assured that there is no rule about choosing the flower. Nowadays, some grooms choose to wear the same flower as the bride’s bouquet, while others prefer to use creativity and get out of the traditional.
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  1. Type of suit
  2. a) Smoking

The most traditional of all costumes is the Smoking. He asks for a ceremony and Black Tie party.

  1. b) Suit

Classic and formal, the suit does not take away the elegance of the groom, godparents or fathers, and has been one of the most used options in the wedding.

  1. c) Custom

The double suit and pants are called the usual, that is the suit without the vest. It is the custom we use, in general, to go to weddings, parties and meetings.Remembering that the two pieces should be the same color, fabric-and pattern, if any.

  1. d) weak

The cuirass is that suit that has a longer coat on the back. In Brazil it is much used in the most classical and formal ceremonies, but this is not a rule, because it was created to be used in daytime events.

  1. e) Half weak

The half-fraque was born in Brazil!It was from an adaptation of the cuff with the intention of being used in less formal situations than those using the cuff.
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