Reunion Holidays, Events, Climate and Sightseeing

Reunion Holidays and events

Public holidays

Date Holiday
January 1 New Years Day
March April Easter Monday
1st of May Labor Day
5th of May Ascension of Christ
8th of May 1945 – Day of Peace/Day of Victory/Day of Liberation
April May Whit Monday
July 14 1789 – National Day (storming the Bastille)
15th of August Assumption Day
November 1 All Saints Day
November 11 Armistice Day 1918
25 December Christmas holiday

Source: Countryaah

Regular cultural events

In February, the Pineapple Festival is celebrated in Bois de Nèfles and Sainte-Clotilde.

In May, the Fête du Chouchou et de la Pêche takes place in Hell-Bourg and Salazie.

In June there is a full music festival across the island.

The Tour de L’Îsle – a cycling race – is celebrated in September.

In October there is a flower show in Le Tampon.

In November an International Triathlon will take place.

On December 20th, a festival commemorating the abolition of slavery in 1848 is celebrated across the island.

Sport on Reunion

On Réunion there are around 1,000 hiking trails for hour, day or multi-day tours. Due to the many white water areas, Réunion is very suitable for canoeing and white water sports. Réunion has seven mountain bike areas, all of which bear the quality mark of the French Cycling Federation. Hang gliding, paragliding, horse riding and golf are becoming increasingly popular. There are also ideal conditions for all kinds of water sports such as diving, surfing and of course swimming.

Reunion: climate

Travel times

The ideas of what is meant by a particularly favorable travel climate depend on a number of factors. Cultural travelers are sure to see the climate differently than people who come to the country as business travelers or development workers, for example. The state of health or age can also play an important role. Sun


For people who like to enjoy a lot of sun and for whom higher temperatures do not cause problems, can go to the island all year round and enjoy Réunion.

People who prefer

a temperate climate People who prefer a temperate climate and lower temperatures or who need it for health reasons should use the months of May to October for a stay on Réunion.

Climate table

The following table shows a range of climate data for the country. It should be noted that these mean values were determined over years. However, the table only says something to a limited extent for the current holiday weather.

Month Average number of rainy days Mean maximum temperatures in (°C) Mean minimum temperatures in (°C)
January 11 30 22
February 09 30 24
March 09 30 24
April 08 30 22
May 04 28 20
June 04 26 20
July 04 26 18
August 03 26 18
September 02 26 18
October 02 26 18
November 04 28 20
December 09 30 22

National customs

Réunionaisen are very open people who take great pride in their island. Accordingly, the islanders make it a real pleasure for their visitors to get to know the island. Even if you are practically on French soil, you should expect a great ethnic and cultural contrast on La Réunion and be open and respectful of the individual differences.

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