Review Of The Calypso Pouch For Iphone 4/4s: A High Setting Range For The Iphone?

That could offer you tests of many of the protections of shell for the iPhone, we had not yet the opportunity to focus on protection type case in which we slide the iPhone.
That we will discover together is not a classical pattern realized in Asia and sold a few euros, it is indeed the high-end market by its realization, the materials used and the price!
This is the case Calypso for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
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First contact

The case is shipped in packaging that is reminiscent of a gift package. Open the case and you find a paper to tear up for access to the case. It sits at the center of the box, topped with a certificate.
It shows the origin and the type of materials used and the signature of the artisan who made the case. Indeed this is indicated as being made hand:
Side materials, this is the noble, since found leather stretched by hand on a specified metal frame as titanium (light and heavy duty), all surrounded by a silver plated lip.
The first contact with the case shows a leather with no defects, no sewing or fallback are visible, all is perfectly set up and is actually light. We note from unpacking the smell very nice and typical leather of course!
The silver outline gives a very chic look to all without as far as showy appear. For this element also, any defect in the installation, everything is clean, clear and well in place, to the millimeter.
On top, the slice is coated to appear smooth, it’s there or you will be the only default (we barely notice but we talk about it because it is a high-end product, it would have not mentioned on an entry level Holster) namely the presence of traces of this black coating on the top of the cream-coloured leather. It’s a shame, but it seems that these residual traces fade over time. In addition, the new range was 2012 has from the photos of a coated matching the color of the leather, so the problem should now be fixed.
Side colors, this one is cream on the outside and black inside. The lining is a kind of velvet, which hosts the iPhone without the risk of scratches.
There are four models in the colours in this range (that tested doesn’t seem more available following the release today of the ‘summer 2012 collection’), as well as four in another series or the rim is leather instead of metal.
The weight is 30 grams, it is very reasonable!


Now that there was the case from every angle, it’s time to use it. For this no need of manual (even if an image is included in the box), simply slide the iPhone in the case.
As expected, the case is perfectly adjusted in thickness and in width. IPhone slide in without needing to force, but so far, it does not slip if we go back. It is very important in this type of case in order to avoid the risk of inadvertently iPhone falls when you tilt the whole.
Planned cutting above can enter the machine between the fingers and get it out without any difficulty.
Note the lack of holes on the lower part which would avoid the sound is muffled, but not sure that this would have been the most beautiful effect. Will be so to sound high enough to not miss a call, you lose a little power indeed but it is not major.


The case really keeps the promises: quality materials, precision of Assembly and especially perfect fit make an elegant and practical product.
We appreciate its lightness but also stiffness which should ensure a very good performance in time. Still it is not a product for everyone, since there will be 99 euros for the model we’ve seen or 89 euros for one that features the round leather. The price of the high-end! If you are looking for a case for less-like, you will find of course, but if you are looking for a gift idea for you or a close, this should be really fun.