San Diego State University Review (104)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Civil Engineering

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (104)

At the beginning of my review, I would like to give a big compliment to the organization, MicroEdu. The employees really do exceptional work. My professor from the USA would probably say now; “They are doing a great job.” MicroEdu makes it really easy and very stress-free for applicants. The condition is, of course, that you apply early. MicroEdu is at your disposal at any time and for all questions. Before you start asking endless questions, please look around in the testimonials for information. You just have to imagine that everyone would do it. Nevertheless, the MicroEdu employees are always there for you. See iamaccepted for 7 myths about PHD abroad.
My conclusion: I would recommend again and again to everyone to organize their stay abroad via MicroEdu.

San Diego is called “The Finest City In The US” in the USA, and San Diego (SD) rightly bears this name. San Diego is the second largest city in California and the eighth-ninth largest city in the United States. SD is characterized by its diversity compared to other cities. Alongside Coronado Beach, it has the best-chosen beach in the USA. The variety of beaches (Coronado Beach, Mission Beach, etc.) is enormous. Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Safari Park, Hillcrest, Little Italy, …. are must-sees in SD.

San Diego State University

San Diego State University is a wonderful university, it has its own charm. The State University alone won me over with its architectural and idyllic style. In addition to countless sports and event options, the campus also offers small corners to retreat to. Beautiful little oases with relaxed rippling water. The university has so much to offer that you might even miss to visit everything for more than one semester.

Courses at the university

I majored in Civil Engineering at State. But if you really want to study civil engineering and also want to learn something, you have to go to UCSD, which of course has higher requirements in terms of difficulty. I did the courses at State relatively well with an average workload. Courses included; Design Light Framed Structures, Design of Temporary Structures, Traffic Engineering Design.

Course materials (books)

I can tell you one thing, the books are incredibly expensive. For example, a book cost me $400. Books usually start between $100 -…. on. You have to create a bug for that. A friend of mine looked for these books online at the right time and ordered them. He got some books for a bargain. So be creative. But some are also available online for a lot of money. You’ll have to take care of it relatively quickly. Sometimes the Americans are a little smart and have a digital version of the books. It is therefore advisable to send a circular email to all course participants via the portal, which you will get to know later. The university library is very good for studying and relaxing, but not really suitable for borrowing literature. The service we know from Germany You can forget about getting any literature from the library over there. The Americans want to make money.

Print at the State

Printing at the State is slightly more expensive compared to Germany. But up on College Ave (tell you more during your stay) you’ll find a copy shop that’s a penny cheaper. Well, with more than a thousand sheets, it makes a little difference.

Access to the library

In order to be able to use the media in the library and anywhere on campus, you must ask for access data at the library counter.

Computers on premises

There are computers in almost every building for the students, so you’ll have to find them yourself when you get a chance. You can use almost all of them.


Take the opportunity and go to a basketball game, baseball game, etc. . Admission is free for SDSU students. But beware, only while stocks last. As a rule, after each matchday you can already get the ticket for the next matchday in a week. You have to, otherwise you’ll be looking at the stadium from the outside.

Surfing in California

I was in a surf school where you could even do a surf course for units (credits). I also attended this course, but did not register for the course. The course cost around €160 for all participants. However, you can go as often as you like as long as there are places in the courses. Even if courses were full, you had the opportunity to take part in the course in between due to a lack of people. The best course times are therefore quickly sold out, because the course participants are limited according to the supervisors.


Is actually a must in the US and synonymous in SD. Being mobile in the USA is a luxury that demands a lot of money from you. But one thing I can tell you, forget that dirt cheap rental bird. A scammer on a full level. The insurance he’s selling you with is shit. It only hedges $30,000. Just for comparison, in Germany liability insurance covers 100 million. If you are involved in a traffic accident involving several cars, you are at the end. That can happen very quickly, because the Americans overtake from the left, from the right and from everywhere. I once asked him about this sum, why is it so low, he replied, nothing has ever happened, that’s why the sum is so low. Well, what else can I say to that. You come across situations like this quite often, the Americans are just not the brightest. I’ll tell you one thing, if you cause an accident with such bad insurance and the accident is worth millions, the Americans will book you in. Until the foreign office has bought you free.
A car saves you a lot of time, because public transport takes three to five times as much time. I rented my car from Sunny-cars, they have the highest coverage in the US at 7 million, you can’t get any higher. That was worth my money, because the cars were awesome.


One thing has to be clear to you, you can’t deal with them like you can in Germany. They don’t know a joke, they’ll book you in immediately or shoot you.

Recommendation for a semester abroad

I can only recommend one thing, try never to do your semester abroad with friends, that usually goes wrong. I tried it too… Nevertheless, we made the best of it.

Traveling through the USA

You have to think about this before you start planning, because after that you can book your flight. I booked a flight to SD and my return flight was from Miami back to Germany. Everything was perfectly organized and it was great. But if you’re more spontaneous, that’s okay too. Many travel to the places worth seeing during the semester and form carpools. To save costs. So it’s up to each individual. The university usually also offers trips to Los Angeles or Las Vegas for foreign students. Costs are ok but not cheap.

Pay attention to the speeds when driving a car
It’s not Germany, high speeds threaten jail. So I would recommend no more than five miles an hour.

Money for everything and always

In the USA you definitely have to be prepared for one thing, they charge money for everything and always. They want to keep as much money in the USA as they can from the exchange students. So don’t tighten your wallet too much. At the end of your studies you will think, oh the time is over, I’ll slap the money on your head, but be careful, the university still knows how and for what they can ask you money. In the end they even blackmail you with your diploma if you refuse to pay outstanding bills. They don’t give it to you beforehand until you’ve settled all the bills. The Americans like the money from other countries…

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