San Diego State University Review (111)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: mechanical engineering

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (111)


Before I could throw myself into the semester in San Diego, I booked the outward flight via New York and stayed there for about five days. I would recommend this option to everyone, as some flew over in the middle of the semester or for Thanksgiving and thus had increased travel expenses. Needless to say, New York is one of the most beautiful metropolises. In addition, the accommodation must be expensive if you arrive with several, but register two guests “also a typical trick in Vegas”.
Arriving in San Diego, the colorful student life began. See iamaccepted for Brazil higher education.

Lived in an apartment complex (dorm) for students “Villa Alvarado”. Theoretically, this is on campus, so you just have to cross the street and you’re there. The apartment includes two bedrooms and a large kitchen living room with a kitchenette. Very American-like, practical and comfortable. The bedrooms are occupied by two men each ($525 per month), so you practically live in a four-person flat share. However, you can apply for a room in another dorm like Piedra del Sol and add about $200 more. Personally I didn’t think it was necessary as I didn’t go to America to have my privacy but to meet as many people as possible. Of course, there is a bit of luck to get with a nice roommate, but it can be endured;),
I would recommend such a dorm to everyone, as there were a lot of students in one place, from all over the world including Americans, and we only had parties for the first two months. You get to know people right away. International students from other countries are very important because firstly you do NOT speak German with them and secondly they share the same interests as you do (travelling, partying, etc). Americans often have to be persuaded to party, i.e. to go to clubs, since they are more into house parties.
In short: there is always something going on in the dorm, there is always a party in some apartment and there are always nice people;)
Some friends of mine lived together on the beach. I find it cool, but then you have to accept that you always speak German. Everyone must know for themselves.


San Diego State is truly the best university I have ever seen. The university really has it all. A pool, sports center, tennis courts, football, basically anything you can imagine. My main activities besides the courses, or between the courses, were chilling by the pool and pumping (MukkiBude). Squash (called racquetball there) is also often played. The best devices, the best equipment!
Also surfed almost every day, but you need a car for that, otherwise it takes too long to get to the beach (car: 15 minutes and public transport: 1 hour).
The courses themselves are very simple. I’m studying mechanical engineering and had few problems passing the courses and also got an A (1.0) in one. With the other I didn’t do anything but celebrated more. But you have such a nice life there that the courses are somehow secondary. Otherwise you can only take four courses and that’s not many either. A tip: if you get a slightly worse grade in a course, only have the credits in Germany counted and not the grade!


As briefly mentioned before, a car is essential in San Diego!!! Of course, some managed without one, but were then always dependent on others and were not so free in their daily activities. It’s things like going to the beach (surfing, partying) or grocery shopping (carrying a lot) where a car is your best friend.
I think the best thing is to find a partner, only one with the same interests, and to share the costs. Otherwise there will be discrepancies and unnecessary trouble. I opted for the loan option. Mid-range at for $500 a month. Shared with a Norwegian who used to be there before my “best” buddy and we did almost everything together. Important: if you share a car, you must have the same interests. Otherwise, as I said: Trouble inevitable!
You can also buy a car, but you have to live with the risk that something could break and you will be left with the repair costs. Already seen everything.


What I can say about the trips is: go away as often as you can!!! Everything is accessible by car. Here are the places I’ve been and would recommend:
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
Santa Barbara
San Francisco (better to take a cheap flight)
Yosemite National Park (highly recommended!!! Especially for a change)
Grand Canyon (not at the end of the year- bad weather-no view)
I haven’t been to Mexico personally, but I didn’t have the urge either. Except for Cancun, but that would be on the Gulf and connected with a flight. I decided on the Hawaii option – at the end of the semester!!! Anyone who has some money left should definitely go there. The most beautiful beaches! 1.5 weeks stay = 1000 euros expenditure including flight and hotel


As far as the organization is concerned, I am completely satisfied. I could always call the nice Aline and she always had advice and answers. The team prepared me well for my stay abroad. If you have any questions about the courses, they may have the so-called. Syllabus (overview of course flow – brief description). You can then compare and choose.

Do’s & Don’ts

What you definitely shouldn’t do in the States is drink alcohol on the street or even walk around with an open one (in the bag). A friend was fined $250. Furthermore, you should always inform yourself about concerts: always go there. For example, I was with Usher OMG. You can always get tickets somewhere. Even so, they are not too expensive.

All in all I only say one thing: as long as you are young you should definitely go to San Diego! Money always comes back in life, but you cannot replace the experiences you have with money. Best Time Everrrr!!!

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