San Diego State University Review (121)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Study type: language courses

San Diego State University Review (121)

First to MicroEdu: You can really call with any stupid question and everyone will give you super nice advice and support. Here’s a big compliment. You will also be informed of any other circumstances that are not related to the university. This includes, for example, completing the VISA (stick to the form, it’s really great), conditions in the country, cultural information and many other tips.
That’s how it started! From Dusseldorf via New York to San Diego. Briefly about the flight: A large suitcase is fine and you pack the remaining things in a backpack and in a piece of normal hand luggage, that’s enough then all times. I also advise you to leave a bit of space in your suitcase. It’s pretty damn cheap to buy new clothes in San Diego. A small example: A pair of Converse Chucks for $20. Please don’t buy everything at once, you’ve been in San Diego for a whole semester. I speak from experience. I had to give my father a few things so that I didn’t have to check in another suitcase.┬áSee jibin123 for best cities to study in Norway.

When you end up in San Diego, it’s a little overwhelmed at first. I first booked a hostel from Germany to have a little security. About the hostel: The banana bungalow is just fun, you immediately meet crazy people and also one or the other student. The first parties take place right on the beach, which is also where the hostel is located. The location is therefore more than good and simply super central. But what you also have to say is that the hostel is not really clean. My landlord, who we’re going to see in a moment, advised me to wash all my things because I could have caught bugs.

From the hostel I went looking for an apartment. This turned out to be really easy. But I was definitely an isolated case. There were also people who were looking for an acceptable place to stay for about 2 weeks. I found my apartment at College Student Housing! You can type this into google and then search for it. However, I found this site via I would also recommend you to look here first. I was explicitly looking for an apartment without speaking German and was so damn lucky to live with two Norwegians, who were both super nice. The Scandinavians generally speak really good English, so if you have the opportunity, strike directly.

Life in San Diego! Simply fantastic! I lived in Pacific Beach (PB). I highly recommend this to anyone over 21 (the drinking age in the US;) ). The folks who lived at the college always believed in where they lived, but always went to PB or down town to party. Mission Beach is also a cool spot, it’s right on PB.
PB is great for partying, everything is relatively cheap here and you can go anywhere you want. Shorts and a cap are fine here! In Down Town everything is a little more refined and expensive. But you can also have a lot of fun here. However, the dress code here is much finer than in PB.
Travel: I didn’t make it to San Francisco, which I deeply regret and will cost me another flight to California. But you have to look at everything else. I’ve been to LA 3 times (once is enough), 3 times to Vegas, Palm Springs, Venice, Malibu, Hawaii and of course all over San Diego. Take a tour with Aztec Adventures too! This was definitely one of the coolest rides I’ve done in my time – canoeing in Balck Canyon! Was just awesome.
The university is just like in the TUI travel catalogue, everything is new and very well maintained. The program was very good and I was able to improve my English skills a lot. It is now much easier for me to speak English than before. This was perhaps also due to the fact that I lived with two Norwegians who speak very good English. All teachers who oversee the EAP program are highly motivated and will help you everywhere. However, you not only learn English, but also, for example, presentations or speaking freely.
San Diego is expensive even if you want to save! The Americans get your money! For shopping you have to get a Vons Card or if you need more you can go to Wall Markt.
All in all: San Diego is awesome and it’s just a great decision to study there. Makes it! You will have the time of your life.

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