San Diego State University Review (133)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: computer science

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (133)

Studying in the United States of America for a semester or a year is the dream of many German students. Once you have arrived, you will be surprised to see how many people have already made this dream come true. A stay abroad in the USA is therefore feasible for many – one more reason to make your dream come true.┬áSee jibin123 for IELTS academic vs IELTS general training.

San Diego State University is ideal for this and is regularly the destination of many students from all over the world, especially from Germany. Good study opportunities, relatively cheap tuition fees, the city of San Diego and last but not least the Californian weather are good reasons to explore life and study in the USA at SDSU.

The organization of such a project is quite feasible, but you have to start early enough and accept some effort. In addition to the choice of university, it is the financing of things that requires the most advance notice. Possible scholarships (or student loans) can be found on the Internet, but in addition to various requirements, some have very early application deadlines. MicroEdu is very helpful when applying to SDSU. The application process and communication with the university (more precisely with the American Language Institute ALI) is significantly simplified and open questions are answered quickly and friendly. For students, the mediation is free, risk-free and has no disadvantages.

There are two main areas in which to live in San Diego: near the campus or near the beach. For example, while on Pacific Beach you are only a few steps away from the beach during the day and in the immediate vicinity of bars and pubs at night, living on campus has other advantages. You get to see more of campus life and college activities, make better use of time between classes, and take advantage of the on-campus public transportation hub. Similar shared flats can be found in both areas in terms of price. Most people had no trouble finding a place to live locally, but of course bad luck can never be ruled out. Alternatively, you can also get a place in various dormitories directly on campus via the ALI in advance. that works fine

Studying at SDSU is interesting and varied. The college offers tons of courses to enroll in. With the General Courses program, you can choose courses from all departments, regardless of whether they are Bachelor’s or Master’s courses. The specified course requirements are rarely checked and in some cases relevant previous knowledge is refreshed by the professor during the lecture period. However, if one chooses, for example, a master’s level course in advanced child psychology specializing in early childhood, even though one has never heard of psychology, even the patient professor is likely to be a little resentful.
The level and structure of the courses depend heavily on the respective professor. Especially bachelor and entry-level courses should be quite easy, while specialized master’s courses are usually more demanding. However, there is no need to worry about passing. Nevertheless, there are almost always many charges that can take a lot of time. Since you attend many potentially interesting courses in the first few weeks due to course crashing, you get a pretty good impression of the lectures at SDSU. Course crashing puts you at a disadvantage compared to American students when choosing a course and you cannot take part in some courses due to overcrowding. Nevertheless, interesting courses can still be found thanks to the extensive range of courses, especially since the professors usually try to

Furthermore, the university offers sports and adventure courses, which you can also take or complete as an officially recognized course for one credit (instead of three to four for normal courses). The list of selectable courses is again long and ranges from various water sports and bowling to hiking and camping. There is also a well-equipped fitness centre, a sports hall and a swimming pool. Those who haven’t had enough can join theater and music groups, join fraternities, or try to get onto the semi-professional football, basketball, or soccer team.

You can of course spend your free time differently. San Diego is not a tourist magnet on the same level as Los Angeles or Las Vegas, but has its own charm and everything you need for a successful day/night. The Californian sun can be enjoyed on beaches, cliffs and in parks, you can blow money in tourist areas and shopping malls, experience culture with museums and concerts and beat the nights out in bars, clubs and restaurants. In addition, due to its location, San Diego is a good starting point for road trips through California and to national parks. Excursions to Mexico are also not a problem, although it is better to travel there as a group.

In addition to your passport, you should always have the I-20 and SEVIS forms with you when you travel. Normally, the passport (usually any ID) is sufficient, but formally the visa is only valid with the additional documents. When re-entering the USA – especially from Mexico – the border control insists on the complete documents.

All in all, studying at SDSU is an impressive experience and can be
recommended without reservation. You can gain an insight into real life in the USA, make many contacts, experience American university culture up close and, above all, collect unforgettable experiences.

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